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Shop Vape Juice Flavours

From menthol and fruity to sweets and candy e-liquids, vape juice has come a long way to deliver a tasty vaping experience that will help you stay smoke-free. And with MIST’s vape juice flavour page, shopping for e-liquids is more effortless than ever.

Nine expertly curated flavour profiles with their own sub-flavours are neatly organized on one page, allowing you to browse and select vape juice flavours on the fly. You can discover best-selling vape juice flavours or try new vape flavour combinations.

Whatever your vape juice needs are, you’ll find it here at MIST. Browse a huge selection of different vape juice flavours in a wide variety of strengths and VG/PG ratios below.

MIST UK's best custard vape juice featured image.

11 Best Custard E-liquids For 2023 (UK)

Here at MIST, we’re lucky enough to sample nearly every custard vape juice that gets released, so we’re well equipped to let you know which are the very best choices available to you. The mouthwatering taste of custard is one of the most versatile vape juice flavours, working well with almost any sweet accompaniment. From…


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions please contact us. We will gladly answer.

Our most popular e-liquid flavours are simple staples within the MIST originals range, such as our rich tobacco blends, vibrantly sweet fruits, and our impressive range of menthol vape juices.

Many of our customers are also big fans of the many custard and dessert e-liquids available from the MIST online store. You can check our recently updated Best Vape Juice Flavours guide to help you figure out exactly what vape juice flavour best suits your tastebuds. 

You can mix e-liquids to discover entirely new frontiers of flavour. Ensure that you mix e-liquids with similar VG/PG ratios that work well for your vape coils, and try to experiment with flavours that work well together, such as fruit and menthol pairings. For more information, check our Flavour Chart: DIY E-liquid Flavour Pairing Guide.

E-liquids that use nicotine salts often taste better than those which use freebase nicotine solution. This is due to the higher alkaline content of nic salts, which have less impact on the flavour concentrates used to produce e-liquids. If you are new to nic salts, we have an in-depth guide discussing what nic salts are and how it compares to freebase nicotine.

PG and VG content has a minor effect on the flavour of e-liquids. Vegetable glycerine (VG) has a naturally high sugar content, whereas propylene glycol (PG) is flavourless and carries flavour concentrates batter. As a result, liquids with a higher PG ratio often have richer flavours with a clear taste profile. To know more about PG/VG, read our PG vs. VG guide.