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Bar Salts

Bar Salts seek to provide the unique depths of flavour offered by popular disposables such as Elf Bars and Geek Bars to those using refillable kits. Featuring the same high strengths and smooth nicotine salts as those used in disposable vapes, Bar Salts make switching from single-use pens to refillable kits simple, tasty, and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bar Salts are e-liquids that you can use with a refillable vape kit. They boast a more pronounced flavour similar to disposable vapes due to their flavoring concentration. This allows disposable vapers to finally switch to refillable vape kits and still enjoy the flavour intensity disposables are known for. For more information about bar salts, read our what are bar salts guide

The difference between bar salts (also called bar juice) and nic salts is that bar salts have a more pronounced flavor, which is because of the amount of flavorings used in the blend. By doing so, bar salts can deliver the same flavour strength as disposable.