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Age Verification


The products that we sell on our website are highly regulated and age-restricted. We are required and committed to preventing sales to anyone under the legal purchasing age. We will only send you communications that encourage or facilitate a purchase of our products after you have certified that:

1) You are of legal purchasing age for the product you intend to purchase

2)  You would like to receive product updates and permitted advertising from a regulated company; and

3)  You understand that providing false information may constitute a violation of the law.

4)  Before you can make a purchase from our website,  we will verify your age through a non-affiliated third party company to perform an age and identity verification check in order to comply with our obligations to only sell our products to those at or over the legal purchasing age. We utilise these trusted verification services to verify the information that you provide and ensure that you qualify to access and purchase products from our website. Where your data is shared with a third-party company in order to perform an age and identity verification check such data sharing shall always be done by us in accordance with our privacy policy. We do not store data for longer than is necessary for our trusted verification service providers to provide their services, or in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. To ensure that age and identity verification is required only once, MIST ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES will securely store data (e.g. ID number), customer data (e.g. name, date of birth). We will not share this information outside of MIST or our third-party identity service provider or use it for marketing without your explicit permission, or in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

5) During the age verification process details are checked against certain credit databases our trusted third-party provider do not need to run a credit check in order to verify your age and may also keep a copy of any basic information that we pass on to them. You may receive an alert on your credit profile that a request of some of your information has been made, however this is NOT a credit check. 



  • Passport / Driving License (Please use full names including, middle or double-barrelled surnames)
  • Correct Date of Birth 
  • Correct and up-to-date address information (For example information that is currently held on file with your credit card or mortgage provider)

At times, the age verification check may fail or be referred. In these scenarios, there may be a slight difference between the information you are providing to our website and the information that exists against the relevant database we use to verify your identity. 

If you are experiencing difficulties please get in contact after your first attempt at a purchase with our customer service team on:

  • tel: 01273 681 138
  • email: