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e-liquid flavour pairings
Flavour Chart: DIY E-liquid Flavour Pairing Guide

21st June 2018

One of the benefits of vaping is the opportunity to have a DIY experience with e-liquids. DIY e-liquids are definitely a trend in the vaping industry – you can save money, control the flavour strength and nicotine ratio, and be creative by playing with different flavour combinations to make your own e-liquid. Perhaps you can even invent a new taste! Flavour is a valuable experience for foodies and vapers alike – that’s why the most important step in ….

how does an rda work
How Does an RDA Work?

20th June 2018

An RDA – ‘Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser’ – is an advanced piece of vaping gear. If you’re a fan of electronic cigarettes you may already know about coils and how to swap the old ones for new. A vaping RDA is quite a simple item, really: it’s a tank for which you construct your own coils out of cotton and wire. A lot of users, while expressing interest, are rather apprehensive about engaging with rebuilds. If you’re not familiar with constructing ….

vaping tricks
Top Vaping Tricks and How To Do Them

13th June 2018

Electronic cigarettes have provided a great number of smokers with an option to manage their nicotine addiction in a way which is not harmful to them or those around them. While smoke reduction is obviously the most important aspect of vaping, it has presented its user-base with a whole new avenue for creative expression: vaping tricks! Check out our list below of some of our favourite vape tricks and how to do them. Top 6 Vaping Tricks: 1. Ghosting While ….

vaping vs smoking
Vaping Vs. Smoking

8th June 2018

It may seem like it was only yesterday that the first pen-style e-cigs hit our shores, but we’ve been vaping in this country for several years now. We’ve seen the initial mistrust and misinformation give way, inevitably, to the facts of improved health and an unparalleled level of addiction-management. However, there are still holdouts in the great debate over vaping vs. smoking, and we would like to highlight some of the key differences in both methods of nicotine intake. You ….

What is CBD E Liquid, and can it help?

30th May 2018

For years legal battles have been fought over researching the cannabis plant in order to produce medicines and relief to common ailments. While years of study have supported a myriad of health benefits to cannabis, the plant’s legal status has proved something of a roadblock to researchers, and on top of this, whilst many patients have enjoyed the varied anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of cannabis, some have found the psychoactive effects of the substance to be discomforting and a source ….

a woman vaping
A Guide to Vaping Indoors

23rd May 2018

As more and more people take up vaping, the need for clear guidelines on where and when people can vape is becoming more urgent. Although the vast majority of vapers are considerate of company policies, official regulations and the people around them, having clear and universal guidelines would help to ensure that everyone knows exactly where they stand. In the meantime, it’s up to vapers themselves to get their heads around the often confusing rules and regulations that govern vaping ….

cloud chasing
The Expert Guide to Cloud Chasing

23rd March 2018

A vaping sport – we’re down for that. Cloud Chasing has been storming through the industry in recent months and now there’s even fully-fledged competitions with prizes ranging from free gear to hard cash. If you’re looking to improve your cloud chasing methods or just want the lowdown on one of the hottest activities around, then you’ve come to right place as we’ve created the ultimate guide on how to be an expert cloud chaser.   What is cloud chasing? ….

Is Vaping Bad for Your Teeth?

18th July 2017

Is Vaping Bad for Your Teeth? With more and more people choosing to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes there is understandably a lot of questions about vaping and oral health. Although there haven’t been that many studies carried out on the effects of vaping, there is tons of research into smoking and tobacco. Hopefully by comparing what we know about the differences between smoking and vaping we can get a rough idea of what’s going on in ….

Harsh Vape Fix – How to Get a Smooth Vape

3rd July 2017

In this video, we explain how to fix a harsh vape and get a smoother vape. We often get asked questions about how to fix a harsh vape and there are plenty tips and tricks online to help you achieve a smoother vape. But we decided to make you an informative video giving our advice. We hope you find it useful! Why is my E-Cigarette Too Harsh? There are four main reasons why your e-cigarette can be too harsh. And, ….

How to Fix E-Cigarette Leaking

27th June 2017

Welcome to another instalment of the Mist E Liquid video blog. Today we’re looking at something that annoys all vapers at some point. E cigarette leaking. It’s a common problem and we looked at a few of the main reasons for this bane of the vaping world. The first reason your e cig could be leaking is because you haven’t put it together properly. If you find it leaking then it’s a good idea to take apart your kit. That ….

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