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Innokin Cool Fire 4 Series – Cool Fire IV Review

16th June 2017

WELCOME TO THE INNOKIN COOL FIRE IV The Innokin Cool Fire IV series (sometimes written as CoolFire 4) has become a classic in the vaping world; a very popular box mod that has seen many iterations from Innokin as they continue to tweak their designs to keep up to date with vaping trends. These consistent updates to the hardware have kept the Cool Fire 4 series in the forefront of vaping technology. Here we’ll take a closer look at the ….

Aspire Cleito EXO Review

13th June 2017

Cleito EXO: EXO-SKELETON With the TPD regulations coming into full force now a lot of manufacturers who are unable to sell their old tanks over 2ml in capacity have started releasing small, TPD compliant 2ml adaptations of their tanks. While many manufacturers simply release a smaller version, Aspire have taken the opportunity to make a few changes to their Cleito tanks, and release something more than just a smaller version. They give us the Cleito EXO; redesigned with more protection, ….

Innokin Endura T20 Review

8th June 2017

THE LATEST STARTER KIT FROM INNOKIN: The Innokin Endura T20 The Innokin Endura series needs no introduction to most vapers; one of the most popular starter kits – and for good reason – the T18 and T22 models proved to be very capable devices. They were incredibly easy to use while retaining surprising durability and performance for their price. Now, more than two years on from their release, Innokin have decided to improve on the winning design with the new ….

what is vaping?
What Are The Side Effects of Vaping?

2nd May 2017

What really are the side effects of vaping? There’s a lot of scaremongering in the media, with click bait about vaping coming up regularly, most of which highlights the supposed ‘bad side effects of vaping.’ Misinformation is common on the internet, and vaping is no different. Some studies are unreliable as they don’t compare vaping to smoking, and others are just badly interpreted by the media reporting it. Now, I’m no scientist, nor am I journalist, what I am is a ….

Vaping While Pregnant
What Are The Effects of Vaping While Pregnant?

25th April 2017

So, what are the effects of vaping while pregnant? It’s common knowledge that smoking while pregnant can harm the unborn child and cause a myriad of health issues, many of which can be permanent for the poor baby and have adverse effects for his or her entire life. Vaping is touted as a safer alternative to smoking, so many may be wondering how safe it is for expectant mothers. Quitting smoking is notoriously difficult so many mothers-to-be may wonder if ….

12 Quick Tips For Better Vaping

20th March 2017

First off congratulations on taking the first step to ditching the ciggies! I’m sure I don’t need to reiterate all the health and financial benefits of the decision you’ve made, but I will say welcome to the community! Every vaper took their first step at one point, and there’s a few things I know now that I wish someone had told me back then. So that’s what this post is going to be – a few tips and bits of ….

Innokin Coolfire Pebble & Nautilus 2 – Reviewed

14th March 2017

Innokin Coolfire Pebble & Nautilus 2 – Reviewed Well the vaping world has had quite an exciting 2017 so far, with several new products coming to Mist to get excited about! Two of these are of interest right now: Aspire’s Nautilus 2 tank, and Innokin’s Coolfire Pebble mod.  So let’s take a closer look at them, and how well they go together! The Innokin Coolfire Pebble First off, let’s take a closer look at the Innokin Coolfire Pebble. ….

#NationalNoSmokingDay – How Vaping Saved The Day

8th March 2017

Vaping Meets National No Smoking Day Wednesday 8th March 2017 is No Smoking Day. Every year since 1984 an annual Public health awareness day takes place to help smokers who want to quit smoking. This year the message being sent to smokers is Ditch or Switch – give yourself a pay rise. No doubt meaning the high cost of smoking but also maybe pointing to the Chancellors Phillip Hammond’s budget which will increase the cost of smoking to at least ….

A New Release from Aspire – The Nautilus 2

10th February 2017

Aspire, one of the bigger names in the vaping industry, have announced an update to the very popular Nautilus tanks, the Aspire Nautilus 2, with the tagline “the legend never ends”. The original Nautilus was one of Aspire’s most successful products to date, and very widely regarded as the best mouth to lung tank on the market. While the design itself was never a favourite of mine personally (that bell shaped tank was quite exposed), the performance ….

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