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8 Best ELUX Flavours in 2024

ELUX have produced some of the best disposable vapes, but being less of a household name than Elf Bar means you aren’t as familiar with their flavours. So, what are the best ELUX Legend flavours? We think a roundup of what we feel are the best choices would help liberate you from making a difficult decision.

With potential bans on disposable vapes on the horizon, many disposable vape manufacturers like ELUX have started producing bottled e-liquids for refillable vapes. So rest assured, if any of these disposables are snatched off the shelves, you’ll still be able to enjoy them as salt nicotine e-liquids. For this review, I’ll use testing units from the ELUX Legend Mini II Nic Salt Disposable Vape range, the most recent line of ELUX disposable vapes.

Photo of Elux Legend Mini 2's Blue Razz Lemonade

The Best ELUX Flavour Overall is: Blue Razz Lemonade 

Out of all the best ELUX flavours covered here, Blue Razz Lemonade made the biggest impression on me. The marriage of tangy berries with sparkling lemon citrus is made in heaven, with an ultimately refreshing profile that doesn’t stress the tongue with lingering sour notes.

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The 8 Best Elux Flavours Are:

  1. Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  2. Blueberry Raspberry 
  3. Fresh Mint
  4. Unicorn Shake 
  5. Peach Mango 
  6. Blueberry Cherry Cranberry 
  7. Apple Peach Pear 
  8. Blue Razz Lemonade 

Blueberry Sour Raspberry 

Score: 8/10

The first taste is of a delightful perfumed blueberry aroma. It’s notably powerful and unorthodox for what is usually the subtlest of fruity vape flavours but a welcome addition here.

Photo of the SMOK RPM 5 pod kit in brown leather


  • Powerful blueberry taste 
  • Refreshing icy notes
  • Good for session vaping


  • Sour notes are too restrained 
  • Ice could be a bit stronger

The sour raspberry is relatively restrained, offering a hint of strained tartness that never threatens to overwhelm the dominant blueberry notes.

There’s also what tastes like the gentlest addition of ice, just enough to make each exhale and refreshing. 

Blueberry Raspberry 

Score: 7/10

Interestingly, the blueberry is less intense in this flavour when compared to the blueberry sour raspberry I tasted above.

Photo of the SMOK RPM 5 pod kit in brown leather


  • Pure fruit pleasure
  • No distracting ice or sourness
  • Strong sweet raspberry flavour


  • The less intense blueberry taste 
  • Lack of ice causes lingering sweetness

The raspberry has more character in this one, a vibrancy that dazzles in a sugary way but avoids any tart notes.

I don’t detect the same icy refreshment in this flavour, allowing the fruit to take centre stage in what feels like a more ‘pure’ fruity vape flavour.

The subtle blueberry and lack of sourness make Blueberry Raspberry excellent for session vaping. 

Fresh Mint

Score: 9/10

This was a delightful surprise for me. Generally speaking, I find pure, fresh mint flavours a bit too botanical, but Fresh Mint has just the right level of sweetness to give it a touch of confectionary character.

Photo of the SMOK RPM 5 pod kit in brown leather


  • Herbal botanical fresh mint leaf flavour 
  • Perfect balance of additional sweet flavours
  • It tastes like a pack of refreshing mint candies


  • Not as much cooling sensation as anticipated 
  • Unexciting compared to standard disposable vapes

The fresh mint flavour has a leafy and luscious herbal profile, packed full of naturally booming, cool flavour.

The sweet flavour notes give Fresh Mint a lovely crunchy mint taste, making this ELUX unit perfect for breath freshening and flavour chasing. 

Unicorn Shake

Score: 8/10

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a name like ‘Unicorn Shake’ beyond a potentially dairy profile. I was right about that, as the flavour has a deep and rich creamy taste and some gentle fruit flavour.

Photo of the SMOK RPM 5 pod kit in brown leather


  • A perfect pairing of cream and banana for great flavour notes 
  • Strawberry notes meld into dairy well
  • Sumptuous and indulgent tasting notes


  • The apple flavour is mostly absent 
  • Strawberry at risk of being overwhelmed by banana

Juicy strawberries lend a zesty note, with a light touch of crisp apple juice backing it up. The banana taste is more prominent, which mixes excellently with the creamy milk for an amazing flavour blend.

While the apple is a little too laid back, it allows the strawberry and banana to get a groove with the milky base note, resulting in a very sumptuous milkshake flavour combo.

Peach Mango 

Score: 9/10

Now, this was a luscious kick of fruity goodness! Peach and mango flavour seemed like a no-brainer winning combo to me, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Photo of the SMOK RPM 5 pod kit in brown leather


  • Tropical and local fruit crossover 
  • Luscious and unmistakable peach flavour
  • No distracting ice to dampen the flavour


  • The flavours fight for dominance a bit 
  • This could have been an excellent flavour to add apples to

The mango and peach play equally in this flavour, with the juicy tropical mango juices blending perfectly with the classic mellow yet playful profile of peach pressings.

There’s no noticeable ice, which is a nice change for mango. Many manufacturers try to enhance it with ice, but ELUX bars let the fruit do the talking here.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry 

Score: 7/10

Cranberry and cherry are my favourite fruit juice flavours, so I was very hyped for this.

Photo of the SMOK RPM 5 pod kit in brown leather


  • Intense and aromatic blueberry flavour 
  • Dryness from the cranberry
  • Playful mix of tastes


  • Cranberry and cherry are too muted
  • I expected more of a sour profile

Annoyingly, this flavour laser-focused on the blueberry aspect, to the detriment of the other flavours, in my opinion. The taste is sweet and playful, certainly. And the cranberry does add a note of dryness to the overall profile.

I feel this combination of fruity flavours should have had a more sour edge. If you enjoy blueberry vapes, however, try this one, as the red fruits provide a degree of enhancement.

Apple Peach Pear

Score: 9/10

Many disposable vapes focus on berry mixes, so I was excited to try a mixed-fruit vape that stuck to orchard fruits.

Photo of the SMOK RPM 5 pod kit in brown leather


  • Delicious orchard fruit combination 
  • Delectably dry and sweet pear taste
  • Bold peach flavour takes centre stage


  • Apple is once again too weak
  • Potentially too sweet for some

The peach flavour is magnificent: robust, aromatic and bold. Pear plays along very well with it, providing a dryer and more grounded edge to the heavenly peach juice.

Once again, like in the case of Unicorn Shake, the apple taste is a bit too restrained, and I’d have liked to see it unfurl in this pen, but the combination of peach and pear is delectable on its own.

Blue Razz Lemonade 

Score: 10/10

I was interested in seeing ELUX’s sour raspberry flavour when unchaperoned by blueberry, and the resulting berry lemonade flavour is delightful!

Photo of the SMOK RPM 5 pod kit in brown leather


  • Sour and distinct fruity flavours 
  • Tangy lemon beverage flavour
  • Vibrant raspberry notes


  • It could stand to be a bit colder 
  • Those with subtle taste preferences may wish to avoid

Blue Razz Lemonade amps up the tartness and sour qualities. The primary fruity flavour is the lemonade, with a cool cascade of citrus zest flowing beautifully across your taste buds.

The sour blue raspberry notes are clear and crisp, with an aching tartness that works well with the citrus beverage backnote—a must-have for anyone who loves sour fruit vapes.


Is Elux Better Than Elf Bars?

For anyone asking what are Elf Bars; they’re the dominant disposable devices in the vaping industry. ELUX rival them well, and though they may have slightly fewer flavour combinations on offer and don’t offer the same 10mg variants you sometimes find with Elf Bars, they tend to have more comfortable mouthtips. Both ranges will provide up to 600 puffs per unit.

Are Elux Legends Good?

ELUX bar flavours are excellent and one of the more popular ranges of disposable vape pens. Their exciting flavour range has a juicy taste that’s so popular, ELUX even offers a bottled version of many of their e-liquids, allowing you to enjoy them through a refillable vape kit. For more info on ELUX and other disposable vape ranges, check out our disposable vapes guide.

Need More Help? 

We hope this roundup of the best ELUX Legend flavours has left you salivating! If you’re ready to get ahold of some ELUX vapes, like the sound of these flavours and want to see if they’re available in bottled form, visit the MIST online store today.

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