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12 Best Vape Juice Brands 2023 [For all Vapers]

One of the best parts of switching from tobacco to vape juice is getting the chance to sample hundreds of vape juice flavours. But what are the best vape juice brands? 

MIST has been trading in vape juice since 2011. We’ve followed all the big names since they were small, plucky companies. And, of course, we’ve seen some manufacturers fail. So we’re in the position to showcase some brands producing what we feel is the best vape juice around right now.So if you’re keen to know who are the best vape liquid brands today, read on!

The Best E-liquid Brands:

  1. MIST
  2. Riot Squad
  3. Frugi
  4. ZAP!
  5. Wick Liquor
  6. Dispergo
  7. Elf Bar
  8. IVG
  9. Orange County CBD
  10. YOGI
  11. Doozy Vape Co.
  12. Drifter


Score: 10/10

The MIST range has something for everyone. Sweets, sours, baccy and bakery, we cover all angles with more flavours, nicotine strengths and VG/PG ratios than nearly any other company out there, produced by dedicated manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

Picture of MIST originals menthol, the best-selling vape juice flavour


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Great for MTL and DTL vaping
  • Massive range of nicotine strengths


  • No shortfills of the Originals range
  • No 0mg Sweet Thief options

Features We Love

  • MTL DTL FTW: VG/PG ratios to suit all coil resistances 
  • Session Style: Simple flavours that are perfect for chain-vaping 
  • Pick A Nic: Nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg 

The MIST Originals range launched way back in 2011 at the dawn of the vape age, and since then, our liquid lines have only expanded to meet the growing demand for low-cost top-quality e-liquid.

At a time when juices are still experimenting with far-flung flavours, the MIST Originals line offered simple and effective tastes that you could puff on all day without frustration, with massive emphasis put on customisation; big clouds or low vapour? High strength or zero nic? It’s your vape; why shouldn’t it be perfect for you specifically?

Since then, the range has grown to include the MTL Shortfills range and the Sweet Thief series, always with thought given to our customer’s wide array of flavour, thickness, and nicotine preferences.

MIST has something for everyone. We’re the best e-liquid brand in the UK, and we’re certain we’ve got exactly the juice you need to stay smoke-free at a low price.

Most Popular: MIST Originals – Virginia
Price Range: £3.50 – £19.99

Riot Squad

Score: 8/10

Riot Squad have built up a cult following with their zesty blends and stylish bottle designs. They also have innovated both the nicotine salt and disposable vape sectors.

Photo of Wild Root's Gold Dust Peach & Goji Berry Vape juice


  • Laudable efforts towards eco-sustainable production
  • Unique hybrid nicotine formula for measured throat hit
  • Ultra-stylish packaging aesthetic


  • Not a great choice for fans of simple tobacco vapes
  • No MTL shortfills

Features We Love

  • Vibrant Sweets: Luscious fruit and beverage vape selection 
  • Sustainable: Real effort towards sustainable materials and recycling practices 
  • Hybrid Heaven: Unique blend of freebase and salt nicotine

Riot Squad are primarily known for their rich and fruity vape juice blends, often daring to try flavours that other manufacturers shy away from. Quickly developing a cult following in their native UK, their bottles now decorate the shelves of almost every vape retailer.

And what bottles they are! In a world of identical 10mls, there’s something very striking about the ‘bullet’ design of their packaging. Of course, that’s only impressive if the flavour within is up to scratch, and luckily for Riot, their fruity and beverage blends are some of the most vibrantly flavoursome we’ve ever tried.

Riot are also keen to innovate, with their Hybrid Salt range mixing freebase from standard e-liquid and salted nicotines to provide a smoother yet punchy puff with a moderate throat hit. They’ve also brought an uncommon conscience regarding sustainability to manufacturing, having several excellent disposable vapes with biodegradable corn-starch casings, making it clear that Riot, one of the best e-juice brands, have a keen eye trained on the vapers of tomorrow.

Most Popular: Qbar Nicotine Salt Disposable Vape
Price Range: £3.49 – £12.95


Score: 7/10

Founded to provide PG-intolerant vapers with the means to keep puffing, Frugi’s 100% vegetable glycerin juices also serve as perfect cloud fuel.

A bottle of Ohm Boy's Rhubarb, Raspberry and Orange Blossom


  • Perfect for those with PG intolerances
  • Gigantic cloud potential from high VG e liquids
  • Zero PG to interact negatively with antibiotics


  • Lack of PG mutes the flavour slightly
  • Thicker consistency impossible to use with MTL coils

Features We Love

  • PG-Free: 100% Vegetable glycerine helps propylene glycol-intolerant vapers 
  • Cloudy King: Massive VG content results in unmatchable cloud production 
  • Keep It Simple: Plain fruit flavours that are easy to session-vape 

Frugi began their journey when their founder – a keen vaper – discovered that he had a PG-intolerance that made traditional juices irritating to puff on.

With a touch of that innovation that’s so essential to the vaping world, Frugi was launched as a range of shortfill juices blended with a 100% vegetable glycerin ratio. No PG means no discomfort for anyone who can’t process propylene glycol comfortably, and that maximum vegetable glycerine content has the pleasant side-benefit of being perfect for the generation of competition-level clouds.

With a small but select range of delicious fruity juices, Frugi have firmly positioned themselves as a vape juice brand that’s committed to ensuring everyone has the chance to puff on some magnificently large plumes of vapour.

Most Popular: Frugi Mixed Berries
Price Range:


Score: 9/10

The many ZAP! lines of fruity and pudding juices are enhanced by their deep understanding of nicotine salts.

Ohm Brew's Cappuccino Nic Salt Vape juice


  • Helped popularise nicotine salts
  • Exotic fruit flavour selection
  • Expanding AISU Tokyo range


  • Only two tobacco blends
  • 10ml nicotine salt range is limited

Features We Love

  • Salt Shakers: Shortfills come with free ZAP! Nic Salt Shot 
  • Exotica: Unique tropical fruits such as lychee, dragon fruit and cucumber 
  • Cuppa Joe: Delicious Mokasmo range of latte coffee vapes 

ZAP! were one of the very first brands to see the potential of nicotine salts. They quickly gained positive acclaim by pairing their best vape juice shortfills with free ZAP! nicotine salt shots, widely considered to be some of the best in the industry and used to great effect in their nicotine salt 50/50 e-liquids.

ZAP! have always been bold with their flavours, and their Lychee Lemonade and Melonade shortfills were some of the best fruit vape juice e-liquids we’ve ever stocked.

In the time since their 2016 beginning, ZAP! have expanded their range to include the AISU line of mentholated fruit vapes, the Mokasmo line of rich and creamy latte blends and the new AISU Tokyo Series, which expands into new flavour territories such as Menthol Tobacco and Banana Cake.

We’ll always have a place in our hearts for ZAP!, one of the best e-liquid brands that helped thousands of early vaping adopters see just how much flavour potential there are.

Most Popular: AISU – Blue Raspberry 50ml
Price range:
£1.99 – £13.95

Wick Liquor

Score: 8/10

Wick Liquor’s fanciful flavour combinations continue to grace sub-ohm coils worldwide with a delicious range that keeps expanding.

Doozy Legend's Golden Elixir vape juice


  • Brilliant selection of fruit, beverage and bakery tastes
  • Uniquely sweet citrus flavours
  • Serendipity range provides pudding pleasure


  • Only Serendipity range available as nicotine salts
  • 150ml juggernaut bottles can be hard to travel with

Features We Love

  • Stateside Style: Flavours that take inspiration from the United States 
  • Citrus Bliss: Contra is one of the most popular citrus vapes we’ve encountered 
  • New Dawn: Serendipity and Solstice lines hugely increase flavour selection 

Wick Liquor are a UK brand with worldwide ambitions. Their initial line of 80% VG e-liquids revealed an attractive US-style aesthetic and flavour inspirations, such as the state-fair churro taste of Carnival 150ml and the New Orleans fruit-punch fusion of Boulevard 50ml.

Two new lines of dazzlingly sweet vape juice have since hit our shelves; the sub-ohm specific Solstice range which pairs unusual and oftentimes contrasting flavours to great effect and the Serendipity e-liquid range of moreish and indulgent pudding and dessert blends available in high-VG and nic-salt e-juice variants.

Though they may be a little too sweet for some, Wick Liquor simply do not do subtlety in their flavour blends. It’s great to see them expanding into nic-salts so that an even wider audience can enjoy their luscious flavour combinations. They are the best vape juice brand for fans of sweet citrus.

Most Popular: Boulevard 150ml
Price range:
£3.99 – £25


Score: 10/10

Dispergo’s wide range of e-liquid lines suited to varied tastes have made them a popular favourite with e-juice to suit a huge array of different sweet toothed vapers.

Photo of Dispergo's Fugly But Sweet vape juice.


  • Fugly But Sweet e-juices are some of the sweetest we’ve ever tried
  • Holy Cow range of milkshake vapes features unique flavour combos
  • Sweet flavours to suit every taste preference


  • Notable lack of menthol or ice e-juice
  • Shortfills slightly tricky to add nic to

Features We Love

  • Master of All: Different ranges for fruits, candy, desserts and creams 
  • Ohmage Options: Almost every e-liquid available in DTL and MTL forms 
  • Rogues Gallery: Ranges are distinct from each other to prevent brand confusion 

You may not have heard of Dispergo by name, but as one of the top vape juice brands, their e-liquid is some of the most popular in the UK at this time. Keen to keep their various e-liquids distinct within ranges, they’ve nonetheless won several awards for their incredibly tasty e-juice.

Fans of tart fruity vapes will adore the exotic fruits featured in their Unreal e-liquids, while pudding fans have plenty to play with thanks to the Fugly But Sweet line which pairs ludicrously indulgent desserts together for long, sweet pudding-vape sessions.

For fans of candy and less-tart fruit vapes can also get in on the action thanks to the Japan-inspired Okay Orange! Range. Dispergo have more plates spinning than most other e-liquid manufacturers, and the confidence they’ve shown us so far indicates that they’ve got plenty left in store for us all.

Most Popular: Unreal 2 – Pineapple & Passionfruit 100ml
Price Range:
£3.95 – £14.99

Elf Bar

Score: 8/10

Elf Bar are the undisputed kings of disposable vapes with uniquely flavoursome vapes that make the move away from smoking simple and satisfying.

Just Juice Blood Orange Citrus & Guava Nic Salt


  • Incredibly easy-to-use disposable vapes
  • Renowned for their intensely flavoured e-juice
  • Elfliq range brings Elf Bar flavour to your refillable pod or tank


  • Can be tricky to recycle the disposable pens
  • Less emphasis given to tobacco and other grounded flavours

Features We Love

  • Disposable Kings: Unopposed champions of the disposable vape market 
  • Make The Switch: Elf Bars make quitting smoking more convenient than ever 
  • Fill ‘Er Up: New Elfliq range brings Elf Bar flavour to refillable nicotine salts 

Elf Bar are the most renowned name featured here today. Even people with only a fringe awareness of Elf Bar know the name, and those who’ve sampled their massively popular line of disposable vapes can attest to their uniquely awesome flavours.

Almost solely responsible for the rise of a new single-use-vape market, Elf Bar have also branched into refillables with their Elfliq range of nicotine salt e-liquids, made with the same treasured flavourings that give the devices such as the Lost Mary BM600 and Elf Bar NC600 such a memorably taste profile.

Beloved worldwide, Elf Bar are very much here to stay, and we can’t wait to see their next new range of disposable vape pens. We’re very excited by their recent forays into refillable kits such as the FB1000 Pod Kit.

Most Popular: Lost Mary BM600 Nicotine Salt Disposable Vape
Price Range: £3.49 – £18.99


Score: 7/10

 IVG’s fast-expanding range of fruity and candy e-liquid and concentrates makes them a darling of both the MTL and DIY vaping scenes

Punx Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry Hybrid Salt


  • Dazzlingly sweet fruity vapes
  • Delicate use of ice across several flavours
  • New Bar Favourites range focuses on delivering disposable flavour levels


  • Too sweet for some
  • Energy Drink liquids have a noticeable liquorice note

Features We Love

  • Fruit Fans: Huge selection of zesty fruit vape juice 
  • Pick & Mix: Great candy vapes with measured sweeteners 
  • Concentrate: Brilliant selection of vape flavourings for making your own DIY e-liquid 

IVG – short for “I Vape Great” – have spent years building on a huge range of fruity vape juices with a number of candy and beverage tastes mixed into the batch.

While many e-liquid producers seek to diversify and experiment, IVG stick to what they know best; dazzlingly sweet and fruity flavours primarily intended for MTL vaping. Their new Bar Favourites range sought to bring the uniquely sweet taste of disposable pens to regular vapers, while the Beyond range of nicotine salts and shortfills has given sub-ohm vapers a chance to grapple with IVG’s full-on flavour.

IVG are also one of the flagship suppliers of e-liquid flavour concentrates, helping you to produce your own unique homemade e-liquids and carve out your own flavour legend.

Most Popular: Beyond E-Liquid Cherry Apple Crush
Price Range:
£3.95 – £12.99

Orange County CBD

Score: 8/10

Orange County’s broad-spectrum CBD e-liquids are packed full of rich cannabinoids and flavoured with the natural terpenes of the plant.

Vampire Vape Heisenberg 10ml


  • Natural cannabis flavours
  • Strong CBD contents
  • Simple-to-use CBD disposable pen available


  • Terpene flavourings will make area smell of cannabis
  • Former leak issues, though new packaging has improved this

Features We Love

  • U.S.Yay: Made with cannabis sourced in Northern California 
  • Broadside: Broad-Spectrum extraction gives you everything legally permissible 
  • Hit The Pen: New and very popular disposable CBD pen available 

Orange County hail all the way from their namesake in the United States, and have now spent years supplying herb-friendly vapers with the very best CBD e-liquids available.

Sourcing their cannabis crops from legal farms in Northern California, the Orange County CBD E-liquid line utilises Broad-Spectrum extraction, meaning that everything legally permissible is taken from the plant, including flavour.

Classic weed flavours such as Pineapple Express and Super Lemon Haze deliver CBD benefits along with an authentic taste that helps your body process the cannabinoid ‘entourage effect,’ allowing you to enjoy the benefits and flavour of popular cannabis strains 100% legally.

Most Popular: Pineapple Express – CBD 50ml 1500mg
Price Range:
£9.99 – £29.99


Score: 7/10

YOGI’s numerous ‘breakfast’ themed e-liquids are all infused with the rich and unique taste of honey-toasted oats.

Frugi - Watermelon Menthol 50ml


  • Sweet breakfast flavours
  • Fruits, creams and beverages to choose from
  • Low cost


  • If you don’t like granola then look elsewhere
  • Could use a 5mg version for those reducing their nicotine intake

Features We Love

  • AM Puffs: Moreish ‘breakfast’ style flavours 
  • Groovy Granola: Honey-oats base flavour works well with numerous additions 
  • Java Juice: Produce one of the better coffee-flavoured vapes 

The YOGI nicotine salt range finds its strength in specialising in a single base granola flavour that can be added in a huge variety of ways.

Granola blends cereal, bakery, and pudding flavours while also working well when accompanied by coffee, fruit, citrus and cream additions, each one conveying a delicious ‘breakfast’ profile that allows ex-smokers and those currently trying to quit with the chance to savour that morning cigarette satisfaction all over again but without the health detriments association with smoking.

YOGI are one of the newer brands on our list, but one we’re very excited by and keen to see what they have up their sleeves next.

Most Popular: YOGI Blueberry Granola Bar
Price Range: £2.99

Doozy Vape Co.

Score: 9/10

Doozy Vape Co. have one of the largest e-liquid ranges in the world, with great selections for both MTL and DTL vapers produced in their Yorkshire facilities.

Lychee Lemonade 50ml


  • Gigantic selection of e-juices
  • Particularly excellent sweet tobacco flavours
  • New Mix Salts range experiments with wild taste pairings


  • Wide shortfill bottles are hard to transport
  • Sweet aftertastes can be slightly cloying

Features We Love

  • Vaping Vault: Mindblowingly huge selection of lines and liquids 
  • Back To Base: One of the last brands still making freebase nic blends 
  • Serious Savings: Low-price ‘Seriously’ ranges let you vape on a budget

The Yorkshire-based UK locals at Doozy Vape Co. certainly know their way around the flavour carousel. With one of the largest e-liquid selections in the world, they’ve carved out comfortable footholds in all taste territories.

Vapers on a budget can enjoy their Seriously ranges covering fruits, and donuts, and taste disposable-style nicotine salts. Freebase fans will love the old-school Fifty 50 range, while salty dogs can sample their new Doozy Mix Salts combos. And it doesn’t stop there, with the Doozy Temptations and Doozy Legends shortfills providing unique and indulgent flavour blends to suit any sweet tooth.

The Doozy Vape Co is one of Britain’s greatest e-liquid brands, and we’re very confident in saying that they are here to stay.

Most Popular: Seriously Fruity – Blue Razz Berry 100ml
Price Range:
£2.95 – £14.99


Score: 8/10

Drifter bring disposable pen flavours to the table in the form of nic salts and shortfills with some of the best value in the vaping landscape.

Dr. Vapes - Black Panther Shortfill 100ml


  • Great value prices
  • 100ml 50/50 shortfill bottles
  • Particularly good use of ice for refreshing afternotes


  • No cream or pudding flavours
  • No tobacco blends

Features We Love

  • Bar Style: Succeeds at bringing disposable bar taste to refillable kits
  • Large MTL: Value-priced 100ml shortfills blended at 50/50 ratio 
  • Sweet Selection: Vibrantly sugary selection of fruit, ice and beverage flavours 

One of the newer additions to our roster, UK-based Drifter are spreading the bar salts buzz with their e-liquids which are brewed to capture that characteristic ‘disposable’ taste depth.

Drifter’s juices are aimed at an MTL audience due to their 50 VG / 50 PG mix ratio, but their 100ml bottle sizes are altogether more ambitious and are priced very generously, making Drifter a great choice for vapers who are watching their wallets.

Primarily focussed on fruity flavours with the occasional dash of ice for a measure of refreshment, Drifter’s vape liquids are available both as 10ml nicotine salts and 100ml shortfills with zero nicotine e-liquid, which let you decide whether you want to infuse the juice with freebase, nicotine salts or just leave it nic free for pure flavour pleasure.

Most Popular:  Drifter Bar Salts Pink Lemonade
Price Range:
£3.99 – £11.99

Need More Help?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of the best e-liquid brands and that it’s left you with a better appreciation for just how much e-liquid and vape juice there is on offer now.

If you’re more interested in learning about who makes the best vape kits then check out our roundup of the best vape brands.

And be sure to check out and subscribe to the MIST Youtube channel for frequently uploaded videos covering vaping tech, the best e-liquids and the ins and outs of how to use a vape device, both sub-ohm kits and traditional e-cigarettes!

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