8 Best Vape Brands & Manufacturers For 2022

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Hello and welcome back to another exciting MIST roundup! This time we’re going to take a step back and, rather than focussing on specific vapes and vape juices, we’re instead going to examine and celebrate some of our very favourite vape brands and manufacturers whose products are a testament to the innovation and ease-of-use which has made vaping so popular here and abroad!

There are vape brands known for excellent starter kits, brands known for style and panache and brands known for stonking huge clouds. While they may vary wildly they’re all unified by their collective contribution to the greater cause of vaping worldwide. Today we salute these companies for their innovative designs and ground-breaking releases!

The 10 Best Vape Brands & Manufacturers are:

  1. Voopoo
  2. Geekvape
  3. JUUL
  4. SMOK
  5. Innokin
  6. Vaporesso
  7. Aspire
  8. Uwell

1. Voopoo – Most Innovative

Company History: Voopoo began in 2015 as a medical technology organisation before purchasing the US-based Woody Vapes company. Shortly after this they partnered with the GENE chip company and quickly used their technological mastery and resources to propel themselves to the very apex of vaping research and development.

Voopoo came out of nowhere and stunned us all with both big chunky box mods like the DRAG 3 and unbelievably sophisticated pod vape systems like the DRAG S and Argus series.

One thing that unites all their recent endeavours however is the GENE chip system, featured in almost every device they’ve released in the last few years.

The GENE chip provides a vast amount of protection to your vape, preventing burnouts and ensuring the fastest ramp-up times possible. The GENE chipset is also constantly being tinkered with and improved upon, so each new Voopoo device is more sophisticated than the last.

Voopoo also helped make draw-activation a standard feature in many pod vapes, allowing the user to simply puff to activate their unit rather than press the fire button, further expanding the boundary of what we can expect from vaping devices.

2. Geekvape – Most Durable

Company History: GeekVape began in 2015, pursuing the idea that vaping makes a smoker’s life healthier and that innovation in design was the key to creating a vaping brand that would stand out from the rest, with durable construction being a key facet of their design ethos.

When we first encountered Geekvape they already had a reputation for building vape kits that were bizarrely durable.

So we did the only sensible thing; ordered several Aegis Boos Pros and chucked them at the ground as hard as we could. Friends, you can believe the hype.

A favourite of those working in the trades, Geekvape’s L200 Aegis Legend 2 mod is shockproof, rainproof and particle proof, able to withstand almost any environment while delivering almighty puffs from whichever sub-ohm tank you crown it with.

And it only got better over time! The Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro goes so far as to promise military grade IP67 environmental protections, and claims to be able to withstand being submerged in water to a meter depth for a full 30 minutes while retaining functionality. A brand for Tier One Operators and pebbledashers alike.

3. JUUL – Most Convenient

Company History: JUUL began from surprising but understandable origins; originally a creation of Pax Labs, designers of cutting-edge herbal vaporizers, the JUUL was released to tremendous fanfare in 2015 and saw such success that Pax Labs eventually founded Juul Labs in 2017 to focus on this incredibly popular electronic cigarette alternative.

Ah Juul. Whether or not you love them you absolutely know who they are.

Perhaps the vape company with the strongest household name-brand recognition, Juul got where they are today by offering something few others were able to; absolute convenience.

Vaping generally encourages a degree of personalisation with your choice of device and vape juice. MTL or DTL? 50/50 or high-VG? Wattage? Ohmage? Mesh coil tank or hand-wound Clapton coil RDA?

For a number of people vaping is for one simple goal; smoke reduction. For everyone who gets rather into the nitty gritty aspects of vaping there’s someone else who doesn’t want a foundation degree in electrical engineering, they just want to quit smoking with as little hassle as possible.

Juul exists to serve this base. You don’t need to learn anything; just plug in your pod and puff.

With a selection of different flavours in high strengths, Juul looks set to continue dominating the casual vaping scene and we’re glad to have them with us.

4. SMOK – Most Versatile

Company History: SMOK are one of the most old-school vape companies around today. Starting out way back in 2010, SMOK initially saw middling success in the unknown frontier of vaping until 2015, which saw the release of their TFV4 tank. At a time when other companies were just getting to grips with cotton coils, SMOK released the first triple and quad-core coils for sub-ohm vaping, a massive technological breakthrough which saw them ascend to the flagship company we know them as today.

SMOK made it clear that old dogs don’t just learn new tricks, they teach those tricks to others and lead by example.

SMOK have come a long, long way. Initially grabbing everyone’s attention with their big boxy sub-ohm kits like the AL85 and the Alien 220, both of which helped popularise sub-ohm vaping worldwide, they then stunned us all by leading the charge in the pod vape uprising, releasing the insanely popular Nord series and more recently the RPM 4 and Acro units.

The Nord continues to be one of the most popular pod vaping systems available, while supremely powerful mods such as the Rigel prove that they aren’t letting go of old traditions. SMOK have been around as long as I’ve been vaping, and I’ve no doubt they’ll be here for years to come.

5. Innokin – Best For New Vapers

Company History: Innokin started back in 2011 and initially saw success with their early sub-ohm tanks and have rapidly grown into an international powerhouse, with factories and installations in both China and California.

Innokin stands strong as perhaps the greatest and most popular manufacturer of solid, simple and supremely effective starter kits.

Initially getting our attention with their early sub-ohm devices like the iSub VE tank, the release of the Endura T18E sent shockwaves out across the vaping landscape, cementing Innokin’s reputation as starter kit masters almost overnight.

And since then it’s been a series of roaring successes; increasing the internal battery capacity with the T22E, updating the design of the T18E with the T18-II and now we stand in the wake of the T22 Pro’s release, a device that we do not hesitate to call the best and most robust starter kit available, featuring a stunning 3000mAh battery and wattage adjustment while retaining the ever-popular T18E coil series.

If you’re looking to get off cigarettes and begin vaping, we cannot recommend an Innokin device highly enough, it is absolutely what you’re looking for.

6. Vaporesso – Best Value

Company History: Vaporesso was a 2015 creation of Chinese technology research and development company SMOORE, founded all the way back in 2006. With a vast wealth of technological genius and mastery of the R&D sector, SMOORE were keen to become involved in the emerging vape market and Vaporesso is the result of their efforts.

Vaporesso managed to straddle that line between MTL and DTL with supreme confidence, and one thing that always stands out about their high quality tech is its affordability.

The Orca Solo, for instance, is an excellent choice of inexpensive MTL starter kit that generally sells for less than £20 and has been an invaluable tool for thousands looking to reduce or eliminate smoke from their lives.

And on the other end of the spectrum we have devices like the sub-ohming Veco tank, able to produce thick and tasty plumes for less than £20 and coming fitted for the EUC coil system, an eco-friendly design which uses less building materials and retails for far less than most sub-ohm coils while never scrimping on quality.

Vaporesso are able to manufacture fantastic vaping tech without giving in to greed, and we salute them for that.

7. Aspire – Most Stylish

Company History: Aspire got their start in 2013 and mostly concerned themselves with CE5-style clearomizers until 2014 saw the release of the Nautilus tank. A true game-changer, the Nautilus brought Aspire to everyone’s attention and the Nautilus coil series is still one of the most popular sold worldwide.

The first thing that comes to mind with Aspire is “eye-catching.” Their designs have always stood out and served a chic elegance at times when other companies were more tied to brash and edgy designs.

Take the K3 and Cleito tanks for instance; sleek polished steel encasing a lengthy glass window. Or the Pockex, which takes the sub-ohm function, usually relegated to big chunky box units, and instead fits it into a svelte and ergonomic stick accessory.

Aspire manage to comfortably achieve both MTL and DTL excellence without ever once sacrificing their unique aesthetic of polished steel and wide glass windows, showcased once again on delightful units such as the Nautilus 2S and Athos tanks. If you’re looking for a vape that eschews the often brutal stylings of many companies then Aspire are an excellent choice for a vape that’s as graceful as it is satisfying.

8. Uwell – Most User Friendly

Company History: Uwell began in 2015 with a vision to produce the best flavour possible from a vaping device, something they achieved with great style in the release of the Uwell Nunchaku sub ohm tank. Since then they’ve seen incredible success in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Uwell came out of nowhere, stunning us all initially with the Nunchaku tank; a fantastic sub-ohm tank with a ground-breaking refill method that many others would quickly adopt.

Rather than fully unscrewing the top section you merely had to rotate it 90 degrees to reveal a neat refill port. This user-friendly design would influence their later pod vape offerings such as the Caliburn and it’s upgrade, the Caliburn G.

The Caliburn G is a stunningly simple to use pod vape, featuring easy refills, changeable coils, optional draw activation and unbelievably rapid charging thanks to the USB Type C charger included.

The Caliburn G may be one of the most popular pod vapes we’ve ever seen, and it’s all due to the simplicity and user-friendly design which never stands between you and satisfying puffs. We just love the elegance and simplicity of Uwell’s products and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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Thank you for checking out our roundup of some of the very best vape brands currently showcasing all kinds of unique and characterising aspects to their design philosophies.

Vaping is a varied landscape, and that’s why we aren’t crowning any of our favourites as the winner in this list. Each of these manufacturers values a different aspect of design and none of them are right or wrong; it’s simply a matter of which aligns best with your needs, requirements and values. Come on down to one of our stores to check out the ranges and discuss which brand of vape is most likely to keep you off the cigarettes. It’s a personal choice, and one we’re happy to help you make.

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