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Established in 2011, Innokin has gone on to become a byword for trust and quality amongst new and experienced vapers alike. Operating out of a massive 10,000 sq. m facility in China, the brand delivers their vape pods, kits and tanks across the world, and has brought out some of the most value for money vape devices and accessories in our book. Along with having several patents for innovative products and technology under their belt, Innokin puts safety first by strictly adhering to global standards. While their entire catalogue is worthy of praise, their starter kits deserve a special mention for their world-class quality, budget-friendly price and sheer ease of use.

Innokin: A Brand at the Forefront Vaping Technology

Since 2011, Innokin have been pushing the envelope of e-cigarette design, creating some of the best loved vapes around. The impressive amount of patents they hold is a testament to their technological expertise, contributing to their trustworthy reputation for manufacturing robust, reliable, high-functioning products. Today, they are one of the most popular vape brands in the world, and we believe one of the best when it comes to starter kits that help smokers transition to vaping. 

We stock a wide variety of Innokin vape products, from vape kits, to tanks, to coils so, whether you’re after a bit of sub-ohm action or want to ditch the cigarettes, MIST has the Innokin vape for you!

Innokin Tanks

Innokin has produced a wide variety of different tanks over the years, and today you’re more than likely to find one perfectly suited to your needs. With airflow control and a magnetic hygiene vap, the Endura T18 II Tank is sold separately from the kits, in case you need a replacement or have another suitable mod.

The Innokin Zlide Tank, allows you to use a variety of different mouthpieces, and comes with a new coil from Innokin—the Z-PLEX3D 0.48ohm mesh coil—that’s designed for an enhanced sub ohming experience.

Giving the eminent Nautilus a run for its money, the Innokin Zenith Tank may be one of the best MTL tanks ever made.

This is one of those few cases where you can judge a book by it’s cover—the Zenith Tank looks as good as it works. Utilising a sliding top-filling system that lessens the chance of leaks, and containing a 5-hole air-flow system that gives you total control over your vapour, the Zenith tank alone is proof of Innokin’s mastery over MTL vape tanks.

Innokin Coils

Innokin’s streamlined, innovative approach to design is also evidenced by their range of vape coils. For the company that got 3 picks in our top 8 starter kits, it would stand to reason that the coils for the T18 and T22E would contribute to their high placing.


Lasting between 1 and a half to 2 weeks, these robust little guys absorb vape juice wonderfully, and deliver buckets of flavour. 


Specifically for the Zlide Tank, the Zlide Coils feature the aforementioned PLEX3D design tech, providing a larger surface area and significantly lowering the chances of burnout. Also, at a resistance of 0.48ohm, these babies allow for more vapour production than you would usually get from an MTL tank.


MIST stocks plenty more Innokin coils so you’re sure to find the replacement coil you’re looking for.

History of Innokin

With a whopping 71 Design Patents, 61 Processing Patents and 40 Patents for Utility Models, it’s easy to see how Innokin is one of the leaders of e-cigarette innovation.

Responsible for one of the earliest and most successful clearomizers, the iClear 16 paved the way for numerous improvements on its design, and gained a loyal following among vapers.

From their celebrated Itaste range, the MVP series of mods afforded vapers more freedom over their vaping experience, with variable wattage or voltage settings and a huge battery life.

One of their most celebrated successes, as well as being one of the most popular vape kits of all time, was the Cool Fire IV. It contained an ingenious chip that allowed the device to fire sub ohm coils, a long-lasting battery and an intuitive menu system.

While this is only a small glimpse into Innokin's achievements, their track record proves that they understand the intricacies of vaping better than most, and always goes the extra mile to ensure their customers remain satisfied.


Innokin Kits

As we’ve already mentioned, Innokin and innovation are pretty much interchangeable—their wide array of vape kits are a testament to this.

After the huge success of one of their best known vape kits, the Cool Fire IV, Innokin wasn’t going to rest on its laurels, digging deep to produce a true wonder of vape kit design, the Coolfire Z80.

This incredibly stylish, sturdy device uses 4th Gen Vaping Technology, which employs an Alternating Current Mode, allowing vapers to not only adjust the power, but select different waveforms to extract the most flavour out of their vape juice.

And, amongst many other technological ingenuities, it gives you the choice to choose either DTL or MTL vaping—the future is now!

When it comes to starter kits, it’s difficult to say which vape brand reigns supreme, but Innokin certainly has a pretty good claim to the throne.

Affordable, long-lasting and easy to use, the T22 Endura, is one of the best kits for smokers transitioning to vaping—no surprise that many of the MIST team have used the T22 at one point or another, and it remains one of our most popular devices.

Another truly excellent starter kit from Innokin is the Endura T18 II. Sleek, ergonomic, deceptively simple—this vape pen has successfully helped thousands quit smoking with it's well-thought out design.

It’s easy to see how it banked second place in the Ecigclick awards for best vape kit for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many stellar options to choose from, it’s hard to settle on one vape kit from Innokin. But if we had to choose we would go with the T18 II. We’ve seen for ourselves how this affordable and simple kit has helped many of our customers transition from smoking to vaping. So, considerings our mission statement, we have to give credit where it’s due!

For a vaping brand with such a staggering number of patents, it’s clear Innokin has a knack for innovation. Not only this, but, given the success and carefully considered design of their vape products, Innokin have gone a long way in ensuring vaping is made accessible for beginners. Not that they can’t get a bit beastly on occasion but, for us, they will always be unrivalled when it comes to mouth-to-lung vaping.

Most vaping brands that have been around as long as Innokin know not to put all their eggs in one basket. Innokin are not alone when it comes to giving vapers the freedom to customise their vaping experience, or switch between vaping styles. This being said, when MIST thinks of Innokin we think of a dominating range of MTL kits that are suitable for veterans and entry-level vapers alike. Innokin is undoubtedly one of the best brands for those looking to start vaping.

If you haven’t quite got the message yet—yes, yes they are! As we previously mentioned, Innokin has 3 kits in our top 8 starter kits for beginners, so take our word for it—their incredibly easy to use and durable starter kits are some of the best choices for ex-smokers.

Innokin produces some of the sturdiest vape devices on the market. A decade of experience has enabled them to fine-tune their products to specifically limit damage and malfunction. One of our team members even has a T22 that’s 5 years old and, apart from a few odd scratches, it’s in perfect working order!

In the event of malfunctions or material defects that arise during normal use, Innokin products include a 90 day warranty period. Innokin will repair your item but you must pay for shipping to their repair centre. The warranty does not cover the consumable parts of your tank system vaporizer (clearomizers/atomizers etc.).