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Pod Vape Kits

Had enough of fussing around with finicky vape components? Time to breathe a sigh of relief! Pod vapes, pod vape systems, pod e-cigarettes—whatever term you use there’s no denying that this is the wave of the future. Pod systems are distinct from traditional vape pens by virtue of requiring far less messy maintenance—simply pop in a pod and start vaping! Many pod vapes don’t require you to select between and change coils, and those that do, like the Aspire GoTeK X, offer a far simpler process with minimal likelihood of leaks. MIST has some of the newest and best Pod Kits on the market, so why not take a trip down easy street and pick one up today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Pod kits are super-compact and user-friendly vape devices that are designed for MTL, or mouth-to-lung vaping. Pod vape kits mimic the sensation of smoking a cigarette - making them perfect for beginners or people looking to shift from smoking to vaping. 

Thanks to their compact size, pod vape kits are ideal for discreet yet crave-busting vaping on-the-go. There are two types of pod systems - open/refillable and closed vape pods. While closed vape pods use pre-filled e-liquid pod cartridges, refillable vape pods give you the freedom to refill your pod cartridges with your desired vape juice flavours.

To know more about this vape device, we have a detailed guide on what are vape pod kits

Pod kits’ ultra-compact size and low vapour production make them perfect for vaping discreetly anytime, anywhere. Secondly, pod vape kits are much more powerful and durable than disposable e-cigarettes.  Since pod vape kits mimic the feeling of smoking cigarettes, all you need to do is draw on the mouthpiece to vape, giving you that familiar throat hit. Finally, since pod vape kits don’t run on too much power, their battery life ends up being pretty long.

There are certain benefits of pod vape systems vis a vis other types of e-cigarettes, though eventually, it all boils down to personal taste: 

  • Compact: Pod vape kits are more compact and lightweight compared to other bulky vape devices like box mods. 
  • Beginner-Friendly: They are ideal for beginners, thanks to their extremely simple operation, since newbies may not have enough knowledge to tinker around with complex tanks and building coils for RDA devices.
  • Discreet Yet Powerful Hit: Pod vape kits offer a solid throat hit and intense flavour, without producing a tonne of vapour that might draw attention to you.

MIST has a carefully curated collection of top-rated pod vape kits from the most well-established pod kit manufacturers in the market. Right from SMOK’s collection comes the legendary SMOK Nord 2. The ever-popular Geekvape pod devices and Voopoo Drag S kit are also top favourites amongst beginners and MTL vapers, while the sleek Uwell Caliburn G kit makes for a great portable option.