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Disposable Vape Kits

Interested in vaping but are hesitant to take the plunge on a new kit and e-liquid? Then look no further than our marvellous range of disposable vape pens! Designed for a totally fuss-free experience, you simply take them out of the packaging and start puffing! A disposable vape pen allows you to sample the full vaping experience without making any commitments, and they're the perfect way to explore your curiosity about smokeless nicotine solutions and see what it's like to be a vape user.

Designed to replicate the cigarette experience, you can see what it's like to get your nicotine hit accompanied by a variety of fun and tasty flavours, from sharp menthols to tangy fruits to sumptuous creams! Or, if you're looking for the taste of traditional cigarettes there are plenty of tobacco flavoured disposable vapes to try! And you need not worry about committing to a single flavour; our mix and match disposable vape deals mean you can grab a selection of finely flavoured disposables and sample a smorgasbord of tastes and strengths!

Frequently Asked Questions

A disposable vape is a single-use vape pen that's designed to be vaped until the battery/e-liquid runs out and then discarded. Disposables are skyrocketing in popularity, as they allow people to engage fully in the vape experience without having to commit to investing in a vape kit.

Newbies aren't the only people who are interested in disposables either; many seasoned vapers will grab a disposable for when they need a nicotine solution for the day but don't want to worry about recharging, refilling and changing the coils on their beloved vape kit. In terms of construction, a disposable is usually a stick or thin bar which houses a single-use battery and up to 2mls of e-liquid.

Disposable vape kits are evolving by the day, and many companies are doing their best to provide totally recyclable disposable vapes to offset any concerns you have about plastic and battery waste.

There are many to choose from, and we’ve done our best to showcase some of the best disposable vapes available.

For more information on this type of vape, read our What Are Disposable Vapes guide. 

This really comes down to your personal requirements. Some people can get by on a few puffs a day, whereas other smokers with heavier habits may find they deplete a disposable pen in a single day.

Disposable vapes aren’t intended to be a solution to a smoking habit, they’re a temporary nicotine delivery method intended to give you a sample of the vaping lifestyle, and also double as handy vapes for days when you can’t be wasting time with refills, charges and coil changes.

This really comes down to personal preference! Perhaps you enjoy the tart and tongue-twisting flavours of Nasty Fix, or maybe you prefer the more subtle taste of the Elf Bar range?

This is why we recommend taking advantage of our multi-buy deals on disposable pens so that you can taste a broad selection and get a real idea of where your tastes lie.

Much like for the rest of vaping, there is no One Size Fits All solution. It’s a personal journey, and there are many flavour options and brands to choose from! You may enjoy a Peach Ice Meloso Mini, or perhaps a Triple Mango Lost Mary BM600 might be more to your liking.

That’s why we recommend people take advantage of our multi-buy deals on disposable vape devices, so you can sample a wide range of popular flavours and get a real sense of where your flavour preference lies.

The majority of disposable vape devices use nicotine salts, as nic salt content provides a smooth throat hit regardless of nicotine strength.

The average disposable vape pen comes in 20mg strength, which is the legal limit in the UK due to TPB restrictions. However, if that seems a little strong many brands do offer 10mg versions as well.

In our opinion, if you’d describe yourself as a ‘social smoker’ we’d recommend you vape disposables at 10mg, as 20mg can be very strong for those who aren’t frequent smokers

A disposable e-cigarette cannot be refilled. Even if you found a way to force new liquid into the disposable pen, the internal coil used to atomise the vape liquid would eventually spoil, and this cannot be replaced.

The Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit is a middle ground; all the flavours of a disposable e-cigarette, but the vape itself is rechargeable and you only dispose of the Elfa flavour pods, which are disposable vape pods.