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CBD Vape Juice

Homebrews and booster shots aren’t for everyone. For a faster way to administer your CBD vape dose take a gander at our pre-mixed CBD vape liquids! These ready-to-vape liquids are some of the best CBD vape juices we’ve encountered, just pour them into your CBD vape pen and start puffing!

Our huge range of CBD/CBG juices is growing by the day; from the MIST CBD in-house juices to the marvellous offerings of CBDfx, there’s a legal cannabinoid juice for all vapers in need of a herbal solution!

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD E-liquid is a vape juice which has been infused with cannabidiol, a safe and 100% legal extract from the cannabis plant which many believe carries various anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat a number of personal issues. Like ordinary e liquid, CBD vape liquid is mixed with vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, harmless chemicals frequently used in food production.

CBD vape e-liquid is often separated into two varieties; CBD isolates and broad / full-spectrum. Isolate extraction takes only a very specific amount of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, which means the dose is always identical and it's easy to track your daily dosage when seeking the beneficial effects of the compound. Full / broad-spectrum takes as much as is legally permitted from the plant, so as to provide the maximum possible amount of pain relief and medical benefits permitted by law.

CBD oils and tinctures have been around for a long time now, however many are coming to see the health benefits of vaping CBD. Ingesting CBD oil orally can result in a slow or uneven absorption, whereas vaping CBD vape liquid leads to an almost immediate onset of effect. Vaping CBD can also be very pleasant, as many of the best CBD juices are mixed with fantastic vape flavours.

There are many ways to vape CBD! The aforementioned pre-mixed CBD liquids are a convenient choice; just pour them into your CBD vape device and start puffing away! In

Those who want to brew their own CBD vape liquids can do so with the help of CBD booster shots. Simply add a few drops to your tank or homebrew bottle and that’s it; you’ve got CBD juice!

And for those who are curious about CBD vaping but aren’t yet ready to invest in a vape kit for it, you can get the full experience with a disposable CBD vape pen! Just take it out of the packaging, puff away and then dispose of it when it’s depleted.

This depends on your personal requirements. We recommend that you speak with your GP about CBD and how you feel it could help you. Generally, we advise that you administer CBD as and when you begin to feel your symptoms flaring up.

If you’re wondering how much booster shot you should add to your e liquid for a consistent daily dose, we have a helpful CBE E-liquid Calculator to assist you!

Pre-mixed CBD vape juice will never contain nicotine, as many CBD users aren’t interested in nicotine and would rather avoid the substance altogether.

If you would like both CBD and nicotine in the same juice, it’s best to purchase a CBD booster shot vape additive and add it to your traditional e-liquids.

While effects do vary between people, generally CBD has a soothing effect on your muscles and body joints. It’s primarily anti-inflammatory, so inflammation issues will be where you see the most noticeable effect.

There are studies currently being conducted into CBD’s effectiveness at improving appetite, assisting sleep disorders and issues with epilepsy.

One thing we can assure you; CBD will not leave you feeling ‘stoned’ or ‘high’. CBD has all the psychoactive effects of the hemp plant stripped out, so you can safely go about your day without any unwanted mental effects.