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Love customising every single aspect of your vape experience? Then RDA and RTAs are your thing! Short for rebuildable dripping atomiser, RDAs let you drip the e-liquid directly onto the wick. This gives you the freedom to build your own coils and enjoy precise control. RTAs (rebuildable dripping tank atomisers) are expert devices that heat your vape juices to turn into vapour. Both RDAs and RTAs are popular for their ability to create the purest flavour experience and bigger, thicker clouds.

These devices are compatible with mechanical mods and if you’re an experienced veteran taking your vaping to the next level, these devices are a perfect match for you. MIST has some of the latest and best-selling RDAs and RTAs in the market from Innokin, Geekvape, Hellvape and lots more, so why not dig in and find your next adventure?