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Box Mods

MIST stocks the latest and greatest box mods so, if you want convenience coupled with more power than you can possibly imagine, you’re in the right place! You could go for one of the toughest box mods on the market, the Geekvape Aegis Solo Mod, which has incredible versatility. Or maybe you’d like to opt for Voopoo’s absurdly powerful Argus Gt II Mod, fitted with the ground-breaking Gene Chip which affords myriad power protections. There are more amazing box mods to choose from so get that motor running!

What is a Vape Mod?

A vape mod or box mod is the bottom portion of a vape device that houses electrical components like the chipset and the battery. Depending on the brand and model, vape mods can have a host of features. For instance, popular Geekvape mods are shockproof, waterproof, and dust-resistant, while Innokin box mods are equipped with Refresh mode, which sends a jolt of electricity to the coil, loosening gunk build-up and ultimately refreshing your coils for longer use

What to Know Before Buying A Vape Mod? 

Before buying a vape mod, it is crucial that you should check whether it operates using an internal or external battery. If it’s the latter, this means you will need to purchase an 18650 / 21700 battery. Mods do not have an included battery out of the box.

Regardless of what you prefer, do know that most modern vape mod boxes are equipped with safety features like cut-off protection. 

In addition to the battery, you should also consider the maximum wattage output of the box mod. Sub-ohm box mods, for instance, have a higher wattage capacity to accommodate direct-to-lung vaping. MTL box mods typically fall up to 50W. 

Extra features like temperature control and screen display will depend on your personal preferences, vaping experience, and budget. 

What is the Best Vape Mod that I Can Get Today? 

Deciding what the best vape mod for you is will depend on several factors, such as vape experience, vape style, and budget. We suggest reading our best vape mods guide, in which we test the latest box mods available today. 

Can I Use Any Tank for Any Box Mod? 

If your tank has a 510 threaded pin, then yes, you can use any tank for any box mod. In general, the tanks found in pod vape kits are not compatible with box mods. You can check by removing the pod tank. If it is flat and doesn't have a protruding threaded pin, then you can't use it with a box mod.


And, although you can use any 510-threaded vape tank with box mods, keep in mind since box mods are available in different wattage ranges, you should only use tanks that are appropriate for the box mod. 


For instance, if you have a sub-ohm tank, you should look for a high-wattage vape mod that is also intended for sub-ohm vaping. If you pair an MTL vape mod with a sub-ohm tank, you will notice that the battery depletes faster. 

If you need recommendations, we suggest reading our best vape tanks review. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For vape mods that use an external battery, it is not included and is sold separately. As for box mods with built-in batteries, you don't need to get an 18650 / 21700 battery. Most internal battery-powered vape mods come with a charging cable out of the box, but we highly suggest reviewing the contents first. If it doesn't have one, we have a charging cable for vape mods and vape kits. 

Yes, you will need to buy a vape tank aside from the battery. Vape tanks attach on top of the box mod, and without it, you cannot use the mod and start vaping. There are a lot of vape tanks to suit your needs. There are MTL vape tanks, sub-ohm vape tanks, and rebuildable atomizers. If you are a beginner and prefer a cigarette-like style of vaping, we suggest picking up an MTL tank. But if you consider yourself a cloud-chaster, a sub-ohm vape tank is better for you. And, if you already have experience building coils, RDA/RTA tanks are more suitable.