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Tobacco Vape Juice

Tobacco e-liquids offer a relaxing, smoky flavour profile, making them one of the most popular vape juice flavours. At MIST, we have something for every kind of smoker, whether you prefer rich cigars or gentle rollies with some delicious vanilla and cream blends. Browse our huge selection of tobacco vape juices below or our check choices for the best tobacco vape juice

Photo showing the best tobacco vape juices on a table.

8 Best Tobacco E-liquids For 2023 (UK)

You’ve looked into various vape juice flavours but you just can’t quite let go of your fondness for the taste of tobacco. We understand; MIST was founded by smokers looking for a better alternative. But fret not. With over ten years of vaping experience, we’re confident that our selection of the best tobacco flavour vapes…