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100ml Vape Juice / E-liquid

While vape liquids are usually made from a varying ratio of VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol), there are some vapers who find they do not enjoy the PG content of their vape liquids. There are some people who have an intolerance to PG when it is inhaled which can lead to nausea. While this is a very low number of people, we are committed to helping people make the move away from smoking, and are therefore proud to be able to offer 100% VG liquids to those who require them.

The Frugi line of vape liquids, for instance, was developed by a vaper with a PG intolerance who wanted to continue vaping in comfort and found that a 100% VG composition eliminated the discomfort they were experiencing, allowing them to enjoy the wide range of sweet fruits on offer from the Frugi line. Frugi liquids all come in shortfill bottles with a complimentary nicotine shot, allowing you to attain a nicotine strength of 3mg, standard nicotine levels for a high VG vape liquid.

Whether you suffer from a PG intolerance or simply wish to experience the supreme clouds that 100% VG juices can deliver, we’ve got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

You may wish to try a 100% VG e-liquid if you find traditional vape liquids ‘harsh’ or dislike the ‘throat hit’ or ‘chest kick’ often associated with vaping. These effects are generally due to the PG content, and while many vapers enjoy the intense hit there are still some who would rather vape without any discomfort.

Some are put off of vaping due to suffering from an intolerance to propylene glycol (PG), and we would recommend these vapers try a 100% VG e-liquid before giving up on vaping.

While all vape liquids are generally considered to have a sweet taste, you're likely to find 100% VG e-liquid very sweet as vegetable glycerine is itself a kind of naturally sourced sugar, so 100% VG juice will have a noticeable richness of taste.

Those interested in learning more about the differences between VG and PG can check the link to find out more.

You will generally find that 100% VG e-liquids are thicker than traditional vape juice. The thickness of a vape liquid is usually determined by its VG content, and you’ll find that e-liquids with a 50/50 ratio or a higher percentage of PG than VG are quite thin and watery, whereas high VG e-liquid is thicker and more viscous.

We would strongly recommend that you try using 100% VG e-liquids in a sub-ohm vape kit that can utilise sub-ohm coils with a resistance of less than 0.8ohms, as the coils these vapes take are specifically designed to absorb a thicker e-liquid.

A sub-ohm kit such as the Lost Vape Thelema Quest Kit would be more than capable of handling 100% VG vape juice.

MTL kits (vape kits that use coils with resistances of 0.8ohms and higher) are meant to atomise thinner vape liquids, and you’ll find that high resistance coils clog up and burn out very quickly when trying to use them with 100% VG e-liquid.