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Shopping With MIST Using Sales Promotions

Here at MIST we think you should always be rewarded for putting your faith in our e-liquid products and purchasing larger quantities, as a result MIST offers a range of permanent sales promotions for you to take advantage of. However as with any online discounts we do have some simple terms and conditions that help us to continue providing you with discounts without damaging our business. 

Can I use my coupon AND my sales promotion together?

Unfortunately in the majority of cases no. For example if you have a coupon code for 20% off your entire purchase and one of our sales promotions active in your basket, the sales promotion would automatically be removed and your coupon would be applied. 

In some cases your coupon code may actually work out to be a better offer than your sales promotion! So keep an eye on your basket total to see which discount provides you with the most value on your specific basket contents.  

Can I have multiple Sales Promotions active in my basket at one time?

Yes, for example if you wanted to have a 5 FOR 4 on our 10x10ml packs and also a 5 for £12.50 on MIST Editions in the same basket this will work as intended. Just remember a coupon code cannot be used with these.

Can I use my Drops AND my sales promotions together?

YES we consider Drops to be a reward for your loyalty, so we will allow you to use your drops alongside an existing sales promotion, coupons and specially priced items! 

Can I use a sales promotion with products that are already on a special discount?

In the vast majority of cases unfortunately not. Sales promotions are specifically designed to give you a discount off full priced items. If an item is on clearance, or very specific markdown, we cannot offer a multi-buy sales promotion on the discounted price. Specially priced items can be identified with the red strike-through price on them.

Where can I find MIST’s Sales Promotions?

On our main e-liquid page you can filter products by which have a multi-buy sales promotion active on them, these can also be seen on the product cards themselves just below the image.

I'm stuck and need further assistance?

If you are still having trouble with a discount or promotion, please speak to one of our agents on live chat, give us a call on 01273 681138 or email us at: