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Vape Batteries, Mods & Chargers

For any vape kit, the battery or mod you use is crucial for its seamless performance, durability, and to enjoy a smooth vaping experience. The right vape battery fires up your coil with the just the right amount of power needed to safely heat up your vape juice, turning it into vapor. Also make sure you’re picking the right charger for your battery’s power requirements. 

Our range of vape batteries and chargers offer you everything from spare 186500 mAh batteries, ego-style batteries to USB battery chargers. Scroll down to explore our collection and find the perfect match for your budget and requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of your vape battery depends on how powerful the battery is, and how often you’re using your device - whether you’re a light or a heavy vaper. For example, A fully charged 900 mAh battery would last for about 800 puffs and 650 mAh batteries for approximately 400 puffs. 1100 mAh batteries, on the other hand, would last for around 1,000 puffs - before they need to be plugged in and charged again.

There’s no strict schedule of when to replace your vape batteries. It mostly depends on whether you vape heavy or light, and at high or low power levels. But these warnings signs are a good way to know that it’s high time to replace them:

  • Your battery rapidly loses charge even when not in use, or with light use.
  • The battery starts to heat up more than normal when charging or discharging.
  • It takes way longer than usual to charge.
  • You notice a deformation or cracks in your battery. 

However, we recommend you don’t wait for such end-of-life signs to replace your vape battery - it’s a good idea to replace them after about 1 year of use. Replacing your battery at the right time will not only extend the life of your vape device but also ensure an uninterrupted and smooth vaping experience.

The ideal charger depends on the type of vape device you have - always check the user manual to find out which type of charger would work best for your device. Primarily, there are three types of vape chargers available:

  • USB charger: USB chargers are easy to use, budget-friendly, and commonly used vape chargers. These chargers have a USB input on one end and have a connector on the other end that plugs into your vape battery. You'll have to plug in your battery on one end and connect the charging cable to a USB port or a USB mains adapter. These typically take 2 to 4 hours to fully charge your battery. 
  • Micro-USB charger: These cables have a battery connector on one end and a micro-USB input on the other. Since micro USB chargers are compatible with several vape devices, these are a popular choice amongst vapers. 
  • External charging unit: These chargers look similar to the charging units used for rechargeable AA batteries. External chargers are ideal for charging heavy duty batteries like 18650s since they are fast-charging and also have a host of safety features to prevent overcharging or short-circuiting.