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Vapcell T30 21700 3000mAh Battery

You can use the Vapcell T30 21700 Battery for a wide range vape mods and boxes.
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  • £7.99

The Vapcell T30 21700 is a vaper’s dream come true! This long-lasting beast is capable of handling intensive outputs and can go several hours before requiring a charge! Built to deliver all-day vaping, this flat-top battery is only compatible with vape mods that require an external 21700 battery. 

A high-performance launch from the trusted house of Vapcell, the Vapcell T30 has a high 35A continuous discharge current and 3000mAh capacity, making it more than capable of handling frequent high-stress levels.


Battery size: 21700
Nominal Capacity: 3000mAh
Chemistry: INR
Voltage: 3.6V
Flat-top design
Max Continuous Discharge Current: 35A
Discharge Temperature Range Between: -10°C - 60°C


1x Vapcell T30 21700 3000mAh Battery

Since 2013 Vapcell have been building a strong reputation for solidly built and reliable batteries which manage to achieve a fine balance between battery charge capacity and high-stress amperage.

Here at MIST we’re proud to offer Vapcell’s incredible 21700 batteries to vapers who need high-wattage outputs for their external battery vapes but don’t want to sacrifice all-day charge to achieve it, and products like the Vapcell T30 are absolutely up the the job of supercharging your vape with powerful puffs!

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