The 12 Best Vape Pens in 2022

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Vape pens, e-cigs, e-pens, vape kits and vaporizer pens are all used interchangeably in the vaping community. Regardless of what you like to call them, they refer to a type of e-cigarette that includes the following basic components.

  • A battery
  • A tank or cartridge
  • An atomizer or heating chamber
  • A charger
  • A mouthpiece

As JUUL took the USA by storm, the popularity of vape pens continues to grow. Vapers are now more spoilt for choice than ever before. Part of the reason for this is the use of vape pens and other types of e-cigarettes as an effective smoking cessation method.

Medical experts estimate that vaping is approximately 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

But with so many great options available, finding the right vape pen for your specific needs can become a little more complicated than expected.

That’s why we’ve put together this UK market guide of the top 12 vape pens available on the market for 2022.

Best Vape Pen Overall: SMOK RPM4

While all of these units have different aspects that might make them the ideal vape pen for you, we had to go with the RPM4 from SMOK in the end, due to it’s impressive versatility, easy of use and wide range of power output settings that they somehow fit into a relatively snug chassis.

best vape pens rpm 4

The 12 Best Vape Pens for 2022 are:

  1. SMOK RPM 4
  2. Uwell G Caliburn
  3. Aspire Pockex
  4. Innokin T18 II
  5. Geekvape Wenax K1
  6. Aspire Vilter
  7. Voopoo Doric 20
  8. Eleaf Iore Lite Pod Kit
  9. SMOK Stick N18
  10. Aspire Flexus Q Pod Kit
  11. FreeMax Marvos T Kit
  12. SMOK RPM40

Note: The vape pens below are listed in no particular order

1. Best Vape Pen Overall: SMOK RPM 4

Score – 10/10

The latest iteration of the RPM series further expands upon what pod vapes are capable of, and now features Type C charging.


  • Large battery
  • Wide wattage range
  • Powerful yet portable


  • Hard edges can be slightly uncomfortable for some

SMOK’s RPM series has been a natural evolution from their Nord units, with more of a focus placed upon DTL vaping. The RPM 4 further explores the capabilities of pod vapes while also providing RDL functionality.

Now fitted with a 1650mAh battery and boasting a wattage range of 5-60W, the RPM 4 is rapidly charged via its Type C port and now features fully adjustable airflow control.

The SMOK RPM 4 comes with two pods included, a LP2 pod fitted with a 0.23ohm coil for intense cloud production and a standard RPM pod fitted with a 0.4ohm coil for RDL action.

The RPM 4 is a fantastic pod device for the sub-ohmer on the move, and is sure to provide you with satisfaction as powerful as it’s plumes!

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2. Best Vape Pen for Travel: Uwell G Caliburn

Score – 8.5/10

Uwell’s Caliburn series has been a surprising excursion from their usual trade of producing powerful sub-ohm tanks like the Nunchaku and the Valyrian, and it’s a move they’ve made with stunning confidence.


  • Auto-draw
  • Replaceable coils


  • Lid of pod can be a little stiff to remove

Uwell – having blown us all away with their JUUL-smashing Caliburn pod vape system – are ready to excite us all over again with the new Caliburn G pod kit!

The Caliburn G feels familiar to the old Caliburn, and lovers of the old device are sure to appreciate the new ridged design and prominent yet understated optional firing button. But it’s the changes to the battery and pod design which is going to make this your new go-to pod vape.

The internal battery capacity has risen to a far more substantial 690mAh, finally doing away with that pesky lunchtime charge the old Caliburn needed if you had evening plans. In the event you do find your device needs a charge you’ll be very pleased to find that Uwell have done away with the old micro-USB port and switched over to the far quicker and sturdier USB Type C, same as you find on many leading laptops.

The pods have been redesigned as well with a welcome new features; replaceable coils meaning less plastic waste and more savings for you.

Overall, the Caliburn G is a marvelous pod kit, loaded with a 690mAh battery and featuring auto-draw functionality, which allows you to use the unit without pressing the firing button. The Caliburn G was the first in the series to introduce replaceable coils, which works out cheaper than buying new disposable pods every few weeks.

The Caliburn G is sleek, stylish and extremely pocket-friendly, with enough power to get you through a working day.

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3. Best for E Liquid: Aspire Pockex

Score – 9/10

The Aspire Pockex is a true classic. It’s been with us for years but consistently proves itself one of the most sought-after vape pens on the market to this day.


  • Versatile
  • Easily replaced glass


  • No wattage or airflow control options

Loaded up with a 1500mAh battery, the Aspire Pockex is very much an all-day device, and despite its ostensibly simple design it has a couple of genius features that have stood the test of time.

The Pockex is an All In One device (AIO), meaning it doesn’t have a separate tank that you unscrew and remove but rather a juice catchment area surrounded by steel and glass. If your glass ever breaks – and let’s be honest, glass is the first thing to break if you drop your vape – the glass is easily replaced and spare Pockex glass is sold by almost every retailer who stocks the unit itself.

But the true secret weapon of the Pockex lies in its airflow. The airflow is based on the top of the unit, rather than on the bottom of the tank like usual. This simple bit of design turns the Aspire Pockex into a far more versatile machine than first believed. The Pockex comes with 0.6ohm coils included, making it very much a DTL thick-juice machine. However, ordinarily the problem with using thin juice in a sub-ohm tank is that the liquid will often leak through the coil and out the airflow. Not a problem with the Pockex – top based airflow means the thinner juice has nowhere to run to!

So while the Pockex is intended as a cloud chasing machine, it also serves as a seriously powerful MTL device that gives a heckuva kick on every puff!

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4. Best Vape Pen for Beginners: Innokin T18 II

Score – 10/10

Innokin has long been a true darling of the industry. Once known for their sub-ohm tanks like the iSub VE series, they’ve spent years building up a reputation as manufacturers of some of the best beginner and starter kits around.


  • User-friendly
  • Widely available coils


  • No option for DTL use

The Endura T18 II is the most robust and reliable vape pen Innokin has ever released. Simple and user-friendly, this elegant vape pen has a 1300mAh battery crammed into it’s relatively small and compact frame. The new features of the vape include a small degree of power adjustment between 10.5W and 13.5W and a magnetic dust cap which is attached to the mouthpiece and also the undercarriage when the vape pen is in use. Topping all this innovation off is a newly added airflow control ring at the top of the battery.

The T18 II continues to utilise Innokin’s much beloved T18E coil series, one of the most popular coil sets in the world. You will NEVER go into a vape shop in the UK or Europe that doesn’t sell them, we can almost guarantee it.

The Innokin T18 II is a fantastically reliable vape pen for both beginners and seasoned vapers alike, delivering tasty tight puffs with every press of the firing button. We can’t wait to see what the next iteration of the Endura series will be!

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5. Best Vape Pen for Discretion: Geekvape Wenax K1

Score – 7.5/10

GeekVape are best known for both their incredibly durable units like the Aegis series as well as their brilliant line of disposable vapes, the Geek Bar series.


  • Slimline
  • Auto-draw functionality


  • Not the largest battery

However, sat comfortably in the middle of those is the Wenax K1, an unbelievably slimline and elegantly designed vape pen that’s perfect for on-the-go use.

The Geekvape Wenax K1 is a marvelous little disposable pod vape with a surprising kick. The unit boasts a surprisingly ample power output of 16W, with a 600mAh battery capacity. Not the largest, but VERY rapidly charged via the Type C USB port – you can go from empty to fully charged in less than an hour!

The device will also switch itself into standby after 10 seconds of non-use, helping conserve your battery.

It also features auto-draw functionality, meaning the firing button on the front is entirely optional as you can just puff to use the unit.

The Wenax K1 features disposable pods with pre-installed coils, available in 1.2 and 0.8ohms, so there’s no messy coil swapping to be done, making this the ideal vape pen for the vaper who doesn’t want a bunch of oil all over their fingers every time the coil dies.

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6. Best Vape Pen for Cigarette Simulation: Aspire Vilter

Score – 8/10

The Aspire Vilter is a very unique vape pen, unlike anything we’ve seen before! Draw-activated by default and featuring USB-C charging for it’s 450mAh battery, it is at first glance simply a very well built vape pen.


  • Cigarette-like
  • Auto-draw


  • Battery not very large

But looking in the box you’ll notice that in addition to the plastic mouthpiece, the kit comes with two ‘paper’ mouthpieces that perfectly replicate the mouth feel of a cigarette filter!

Lots of vapes try to match the cigarette experience, but nothing has ever come closer than the Aspire Vilter when equipped with the paper mouthpiece, which is made from PET plastics and food-grade paper.

The paper tips do degrade over time as vape juice soaks into them, but you can buy a whole pack of 10 replacement tips for just £2.99!

Featuring a 450mAh internal battery which charges rapidly thanks to the inclusion of Type C charging, the Vilter is a draw-activated vape, meaning you can simply puff it to begin your vaping experience.

If the draw-activation wasn’t enough, the Vilter also features optional paper tips which perfectly replicate the mouth feel of a cigarette filter, providing the closest approximation to smoking a cigarette ever achieved by a vaping device!

Equipped with 1.0ohm coils, the Vilter pods emmit the perfect amount of vapour for those seeking an old pleasure with none of the health detriments!

For any out there who’ve tried vaping but just can’t quite let go of cigarettes, we beg you to try the Aspire Vilter; it’s a whole new world in a familiar package!

Do not knock it until you’ve tried it; what might seem like a gimmick may in fact be the long sought-after key to satisfying all the past cravings left behind by cigarettes.

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7. Best Vape Pen for Coils: Voopoo Doric 20

Score – 8.5/10

The Voopoo Doric 20 is an exciting new vape pen from Voopoo, who’ve already wowed us with their transition to powerful pod vapes such as the DRAG and Argus series.

A picture of Voopoo's Doric 20 vape pen


  • Surprisingly large battery
  • Excellent mesh coils


  • MTL only
  • Less versatile than other Voopoo pod devices

The Doric 20 is a far more simplified device; a 1500mAh battery sits comfortably in it’s sleek, lightweight frame and has three distinct power settings spanning the range of 8-18W, and the power is rapidly recharged thanks to the USB-C port and included cable.

The tight airflow and availability of 1.0ohm and 1.2ohm coils make this a decidedly MTL device, intended for short sharp shocks of low-cloud nicotine satisfaction, a little different from Voopoo’s other, more sub-ohm versatile pod vapes.

The Voopoo Doric 20 is the perfect device for someone who wants a comfortably sized and unexpectedly powerful vape pen, as at home in the office as it is outside the bar.

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8. Best Vape Pen for Convenience: Eleaf Iore Lite Pod Kit

Score – 7.5/10

Eleaf are a bit of an odd duck at times. Refusing classification, we love them for both their generally MTL GS Air 2 tank and their ludicrously powerful iStick Power mod series.

The most value budget vape is the Eleaf IORE Lite Pod Kit


  • Slimline and lightweight


  • Very small battery

However, the Eleaf Iore Lite Pod Kit is a mindblowing effective pod vape system, revealing Eleaf’s incredible design versatility. The Iore has a relatively small 350mAh battery, but it charges from empty to full in just 40 minutes thanks to the USB-C charging port. The device is extremely slimline and pocket-friendly, weighing only 25g.

The Iore has an output of 12W, with disposable pods featuring pre-installed coils registering at 1.2ohms, making it a definitively MTL device. Each pod claims to offer up to 3000 puffs before the end of life, making them extremely efficient.

The Iore also features no firing button and is therefore entirely draw-activated, which helps serve the cigarette associations in your mind. An excellent pockable vape pen that’s as easy to use as it is stylish!

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9. Best Vape Pen for Versatile Vaping: SMOK Stick N18

Score – 10/10

Back with a vengeance from their stunning foray into pod vaping, which revolutionised how we look at pod systems thanks to the success of the Nord and RPM lines, SMOK are back to producing vape pens and we couldn’t be happier!

The SMOK Stick N18 is the most powerful budget vape


  • Extremely versatile
  • Massive battery
  • Lightweight


  • Proprietary tank means no tank swapping

The SMOK Stick N18 takes some inspiration from SMOK’s pod ranges by utilising their coils; the N18 is an AIO (all-in-one) vape with a proprietary tank that can be fitted with any of the Nord or RPM coils!

The N18 features a surprisingly large battery, 1300mAh crammed into an otherwise slimline vape pen that charges rapidly thanks to the USB-C port. The pen has 5 different levels of power output, ranging from 9W to 30W, making this an extremely versatile device that can handle either kind of vaping, providing you install the correct coil.

And there’s no reason to skip safety tech just because it’s a vape pen; the N18 is equipped with an 8-second power cutoff, atomiser recognition, protection from low-voltage and short-circuits as well as lithium battery protection!

The kit comes with a 0.6ohm coil and a 1.4ohm coil, allowing you to experience both distinct kinds of vaping so you can decide which avenue you’d like to pursue.

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10. Best Vape Pen for Fast Charging: Aspire Flexus Q Pod Kit

Score – 9/10

The Flexus Q Pod Kit from Aspire is the latest pod vape we’ve had the chance to look at, and it’s a pretty impressive little monster! With two coils available in ohmages of 0.6 and 1.0ohms respectively, it straddles the line between MTL and RDL very confidently.

Aspire Flexus Q vape pen


  • Extremely versatile
  • Massive battery
  • Lightweight


  • Proprietary tank means no tank swapping

The device is extremely slimline and lightweight, weighing in at only 57g and sitting very comfortably in the pocket.

The Flexus Q features three distinct levels of power output, and features a revolutionary charging method by which your battery will rapidly attain 80% of its total charge in just 10 minutes! That’s shockingly fast, even for USB-C, and we sincerely hope that this becomes an industry standard!

The Aspire Flexus Q can also be used by button activation and draw-activation, giving you the choice of how you vape. This is a frankly stunning device by Aspire and a brilliant foray into pod vape pens for them, and we’re extremely excited to see if this indicates a shift in Aspire’s design philosophy!

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11. Best Vape Pen for Battery: FreeMax Marvos T Kit

Score – 9.5/10

Now finally something a little different. While some of the units listed above feature a restricted amount of Direct To Lung use (RDL), they all generally lean heavily toward MTL, cigarette-style vaping.

A picture of vape pen FreeMax Marvos T Kit


  • Spitback control
  • Huge battery


  • Not good for MTL use

Well not this one! The FreeMax Marvos T vape pen is absolutely a DTL kit, make no mistake! With a whopping 3000mAh of battery and 80W of power output, there’s absolutely no confusing this for anything other than a dedicated cloud-chasing machine!

The Marvos T comes with two coils, one 0.15ohm and the other 0.25ohm, so either way you’re on the way to plume county! The tank features dual airflow, meaning you get total control of how large your clouds are.

And finally, a much sought-after design aspect that has finally been delivered on – spitback prevention! The Marvos T kit features a specially designed driptip that’s intended to eliminate hot vape juice making its way up the chimney, a common issue that many have said they’d like to be addressed.

FreeMax first came to our attention with sub-ohm tanks, and it’s really great to see them release such a powerful vape that also falls comfortably within the vape pen category.

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12. Best Vape Pen for Durability: SMOK RPM40

Score – 10/10

The SMOK RPM40 is a larger mod-style vape pen that contains a powerful 1500mAh battery.

*Note: The RPM40 has now been discontinued and replaced by the new and improved RPM4

Its design features a full colour screen that displays wattage, volts, battery level, resistance, and puffs – accompanied by two navigation buttons.

The SMOK RPM40 has a rapid response time that allows you to start vaping in an instant. It uses high capacity 4.3ml RPM pods or 4.5ml Nord pods that effortlessly provide many hours of vaping.

Each pod doubles up as a mouthpiece with two air holes that come in both direct-to-lung (DTL) and mouth-to-lung (MTL) variants. Additionally, the output wattage on the device can be adjusted between 1 and 40W for ultimate control.

Unfortunately, the RPM40 is already discontinued.

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How We Chose the Best Vape Pens in 2022

While each of these vapes stands out as one of the best vape pens currently available, we had to be selective when putting this list together. We drew data from customer reviews, attitudes and opinions while also utilising our own insights into the vaping industry in order to highlight vape pens that had features and functions which we felt would provide the most satisfaction to today’s vapers.

Need More Help?

We’ve tried and tested countless vape pens, since our arrival on the vaping scene back in 2010. In the process, we’ve established ourselves as industry experts and watched the market grow over the years.

We are now committed to using this extensive knowledge and experience to help vapers at all levels on their respective vaping journeys. Please feel free to reach out to us using the chat box below if you have any questions.

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