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Sub Ohm Kits

Welcome to the forefront of vape technology! MIST are extremely proud to introduce our custom range of MIST Cloud Kits (Sub Ohm Vape Kits). Designed for those looking for a shortcut to cloud 9, our sub ohm kits create plumes of delicious vapour, taking your vaping experience to a whole new level. Using sub-ohm technology, the low resistance coil heads really get the most out of your vape juice. If you’ve ever been tantalised by these hypnotic clouds, and have yet to try it out for yourself, then why not give it go? We strongly recommend using our higher VG vape juice in order to get the best experience from these cloud kits—and when you do, you'll soon be creating cumulonimbi from the comfort of your living room!

Frequently Asked Questions

A sub ohm kit is basically a vape kit that is designed especially for sub-ohm vaping or DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping. Sub-ohm kits use low-resistance coils that have less than 1 ohm resistance. Sub-ohm kits are usually bulkier and work on higher power and wattage than pen or pod kits.

Sub-ohm kits are extremely popular with cloud chasers and experienced vapers, thanks to their customizability as well as their large cloud production and richer, smoother flavour experience.

Sub-ohm kits save you the hassle of finding compatible sub-ohm tanks and coils with the right vape mod - they already include all the components that will work perfectly together for a superior sub-ohm vaping experience. 

A sub-ohm kit is made up of a personal vape mod that is powered by either 18650 or 21700 batteries, and has a refillable sub-ohm tank that's designed to work with higher wattage and temperatures. These kits use coils that have a sub-ohm, or less than 1-ohm resistance. 

Sub-ohm vape devices have a higher power output than pen or pod devices, as well as advanced chipsets that allow for more personalization of your vape experience. 

Sub-ohm kits use e-liquids with a high VG/PG ratio of at least 60%, with 70 VG/ 30 PG e-liquids being the most popular. This is because high VG liquids give you a much higher cloud production as well as a smoother, more intense flavour.

If you’re someone who loves vaping massive clouds and wants to enjoy a smoother,richer flavour, then sub-ohm vaping may be just the thing for you! 

  • Massive Cloud Production: The high-powered sub-ohm vape devices and high VG liquids is a dream for cloud-chasers - allowing tonnes of thick clouds. 
  • Smoother, Intense Flavour: The high-VG e-liquids used in sub-ohm kits unlock a much smoother, intense and delicious flavour experience for vapers. 
  • Customizability: Since many sub-ohm kits offer features such as adjustable airflow, wattage and voltage, it gives the user a great degree of control over their vaping experience. 
  • More Satisfying Lung Hit: Sub-ohm vaping is great for vapers looking for a satisfying, deep-lung hit that takes the vapor straight into your lungs.

Sub-ohm kits come in various models and brands - each with different power outputs and user features for you to choose from, so pick one that perfectly fits your vaping style. Sub-ohm kits such as the Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro, the  Voopoo Drag S, and the Vaporesso GEN 200 are top picks that you should explore. 

DTL, or direct-to-mouth vaping, is a style of inhalation that is typically seen with sub-ohm vaping. In DTL vaping, the user inhales the vapor from the vape device and pulls it straight into their lungs. On the other hand, MTL, or mouth-to-lung vaping involves you first drawing the vapor into your mouth, and then inhaling it into the lungs.