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E-Liquid Flavour Concentrates

While pre-mixed vape juices are the norm for most people, vaping is a scene which rewards and celebrates innovation, and there’s no better way to showcase your creativity than with DIY e-liquid mixing! All of the best flavour concentrates such as the classic MIST Originals flavours and more, from delicious brands such as Vampire Vape, IVG and Ohm-Boy to help you craft your own favourite vape juice!

Frequently Asked Questions

E-liquid concentrates are simple flavourings which can be used to create vape flavours of your own design! Similar to food flavourings, e-liquid concentrates aren’t meant to be vapes by themselves but used in DIY e-liquid mixing. One way in which vape concentrates differ however is that they undergo far more rigorous testing than food flavourings, as not all food additives are safe to aerosolise and inhale. So you can rest assured that the vape concentrates you’re using have undergone strict toxicity testing before arriving on the shelves.

E-Liquid concentrates are made by mixing highly tested flavour bases and sweeteners with propylene glycol, as not all flavour concentrates are water-soluble. Some vape concentrates, such as tobacco-based ones, are made using the actual substance in question, and are referred to as ‘essences’.

Making your own e-liquid is a surprisingly simple process, though you’ll need to grab some essentials first before you start DIY e-liquid mixing. In order to start whipping up your own vape concoctions, you’ll need:

With these in hand, you’ve got what you need to get cracking! All you need to do now is mix the VG and PG base mixes, add some e-liquid concentrate and some nicotine shots, if you want nicotine strength in your vape juice, give it a good shake and you’re now the proud owner of your own homemade vape juice!

If you’re trying to brew around 100ml of vape juice, try to make the concentrate content about 10-20% of the total bottle volume depending on just how intense you want the flavour to be. Remember; there’s nothing stopping you from mixing e-liquid concentrates! Just use your flavour sense for flavour combinations - Mango and Strawberry will go well together, but Tobacco and Raspberry might be a strange combination of flavourings!

Absolutely, though how much depends on the kind of e-liquid you want to create in your DIY e-liquid mixing project. If you want a thin and punchy MTL juice then go with a 50/50 ratio, however, if you’re looking for big cloud action you’re going to want to increase the VG content and maybe use a ratio of 70VG/30PG or higher.

Though this depends on how flavoursome you want the liquid to be, and how much room you want to leave for nicotine shots, you’ll probably want to use 10-20ml of e-liquid concentrate. Luckily, because vape concentrates contain no nicotine they aren’t subject to the same TPB bottle size restrictions as regular vape juices, so you’ll find many e-liquid concentrates in bottles of 30-50ml in size.