Flavour Chart: DIY E-liquid Flavour Pairing Guide

One of the benefits of vaping is the opportunity to have a DIY experience with e-liquids. DIY e-liquids are definitely a trend in the vaping industry – you can save money, control the flavour strength and nicotine ratio, and be creative by playing with different flavour combinations to make your own e-liquid. Perhaps you can even invent a new taste!

Flavour is a valuable experience for foodies and vapers alike – that’s why the most important step in making your own e-liquid is to pick the flavour concentrates you want to combine. Before you start your DIY e-liquid experience, you need to know the basics about flavour pairing. That’s why we put together this guide with a helpful e-liquid flavour pairing chart to make it easier for you. If you know exactly which flavours blend well together, you’ll be tasting your new favourite e-liquid in no time!

e-liquid flavour pairings

We know every vaper has a different taste when it comes to e-juice, so we put the best flavour pairing options for 32 base flavours in one colourful chart. You can see that gingercinnamon and orange are the easiest to use as base, since they pair well with over 10 different flavours! But the sky’s the limit, really.

When you’re experimenting with your own blends, you can take different flavour pairing routes to create the e-liquid that best suits your liking. The question is: what do you feel like tasting? You might want a creamy e-liquid, with a simple pairing of flavours like milk and ice cream; or you might be craving a bakery e-liquid with more complex pairings and texture to satisfy your sweet tooth; or even just a good old fruity e-liquid. You can also experiment with sweet and savoury flavours, to get a balanced e-liquid with an interesting taste, or give a fun twist to a fruity base by pairing it with salty or spicy flavours.

popular e-liquid flavour pairings
experimental e-liquid flavour pairings

Just be creative, and remember to share this DIY e-liquid flavour pairing chart with fellow vapers! And be sure to check our what is DIY eliquid guide if it’s your first time to make homemade e-liquids.

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