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What Are the Different Types of Vapes?

All vape kits are designed as an alternative to smoking, but did you know that there are different types of vapes? In general, you’ll come across six types of vapes: pod vapes, starter kits, vape pens, MTL vapes, sub-ohm vapes, and disposable vapes. However, keep in mind that each type can have a different variation. For instance, with pod vapes it can be prefilled, semi-disposable, and refillable.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the different types of vape devices available in the market today.

Different Types of Vapes Comparison Table 

If you don’t have time to waste on reading, we’ve prepared a little ‘tl;dr’ table for you to explain the different types of vapes in the simplest terms.

Vape TypePriceBest ForProsCons
Pod Vapes£-££NoviceConvenient
Low-maintenance (coils/tank can be replaced)
Lot of options to choose from
Limited airflow adjustment
Limited user features (typically only has wattage control built-in)
Starter Kits£BeginnerSimple and easy to use
Lack of advanced features (You will eventually upgrade to pod vapes)
Lower battery capacity
No wattage adjustment
Vape Pens £-££NoviceEasier to grip thanks to its shape
Minimal power adjustment
Limited user features (typically only has wattage control built-in)
MTL Vape£-££NoviceCigarette-like vaping experience
Flavourful puffs
Limited wattage capacity
Limited airflow adjustment
Sub-Ohm Vape£££ExpertHigher wattage capacity
Larger batteries
Different user modes
Built with extra features (ex., dust-resistant)
510 thread pin allows pairing with different vape tanks (RDA/RTA)
Disposable Vape£BeginnerEasiest to use
Different flavours to choose from
Flavourful puffs
Costly for long-term use
No advanced features
No customisation
Limited to two nic strength options

Pod Vapes 

A collage showing different models of vape pod kits, a type of vape device.

Also known as: Pod kits, pod pens, and pod mods
Best for: Novice
Price range: £-££

Pod vapes use acrylic ‘pods’ or cartridges that are inserted into the vape mod. Some pod kit vaping devices allow you to install replaceable coils, whereas others use disposable pods with pre-installed coils. Other pod vapes will utilise closed, pre-filled pods that are disposed of once depleted of vape juice.

This vape device is simple, convenient to use, and portable. The downside is that a pod vape system usually has less airflow adjustment and fewer coil resistance options than traditional tank & battery vape kits.

Starter Kits 

A collage showing different vape starter kits, a type of vape device.

Also known as: Starter vapes
Best for: Beginners
Price range: £

Vape starter kits, as the name implies, are designed for total beginners looking for their first vape kit. Though they may have some advanced features buried in the menus on the vape mod and usually offer variable wattage for their power output, they’re primarily intended for simple use and, as such, are easy to master.

Starter kits can vary quite a bit, often presented as either pod vape devices or traditional vape mod devices. Ordinarily, starter vaping devices are intended for MTL use; however, they may provide enough battery life and wattage adjustment to permit some RDL or even DTL use.

Vape Pens 

A photo collage showing different vape pens, a type of vape device.

Also known as: E-cig pens
Best for: Novice
Price range: £-££

Vape pens are a traditional form of vaping device that provides a simple way to enjoy e-liquid. While pod systems have somewhat replaced vape pen kits in terms of design, vape pens are still available for those who dislike pod mods and acrylic vape pods.

Vape pen kits will usually have cylindrical or lozenge-shaped battery units with very little in the way of extra features beyond some airflow adjustment and minimal power customisation. User-friendly and cost-effective vape pens are great kits for casual vaping styles, though they usually have smaller battery capacities due to more compact designs.

MTL Vape Kits 

A photo collage showing different MTL vape kit models, a type of vape device.

Also known as: Mouth-to-lung kits and mouth-to-lung vapes
Best for: Novice
Price range: £-££

MTL vape kits are the most popular variety of vaping devices. Intended to replace cigarettes, MTL e-cigarettes usually match reliable battery life with moderate power outputs, as MTL vape coils never require high wattage settings.

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MTL vape kits are traditionally tank & battery setups that can be recharged through a USB port. They ordinarily have larger mods than most vape pens that allow for power adjustment, often with menus offering different user modes and settings.

Sub-Ohm Vapes 

A photo collage showing different sub-ohm vape kits, a type of vape device.

Also known as: Sub-ohm mod vape, sub-ohm kit, and DTL vape
Best for: Expert
Price range: £££

Sub-ohm vapes are unique among the device categories listed here. Sub-ohm kits are designed to produce vast vapour or clouds and feature longer battery life to power their high-wattage outputs.

They suit the more bombastic vaping style of direct-to-lung vaping, and their box mods often feature modes for experienced vapers, such as temperature control for those who make their own coils.

Sub-ohm kits get their name from the low-resistance coils used by sub-ohm devices, ordinarily lower than 0.8ohms.

A sub-ohm device with high battery power, low sub-ohm coil resistance, and e-liquid with a high VG content results in big cloud production. Many eschew sub-ohm cloud production as it usually costs more and isn’t as effective for those who wish to quit smoking.

Disposable Vape 

A photo collage showing different disposable vapes from different brands, a type of vape device.

Also known as: Puff bars, disposable pens, disposable kits, and disposables
Best for: Beginner
Price range: £

Disposable vapes are a convenient, if inefficient, way to start vaping. There’s no maintenance to disposable devices at all; you just remove the packaging and start puffing! While streamlined and built for instant, simple use, disposables have a handful of downsides.

Regularly buying disposable vapes is an expensive vaping style with a similar financial cost to tobacco cigarettes. What’s more, there is little strength choice available, making it harder to lower your nicotine intake over time than you can with all other vape kits that can be refilled with nicotine salt e-liquid.

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However, disposable vapes are a popular personal preference for a reason, and if you need a 1-2 day vape loaded with the notably rich flavours that disposable vapes are often praised for, then it’s a great way to try vaping an e-cigarette.

Need More Help?

We hope this primer on the different types of vape kits has been useful and informative. If you feel informed enough to make a decision on your new vape devices, then don’t hesitate to visit the MIST online vape shop today. Remember, choosing the right vape type can jumpstart your vaping journey, make your vaping experience more enjoyable, and ultimately, help you finally ditch those nasty cigarettes for good.

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