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With over 30 million worldwide users across 200 countries, VooPoo is an award-winning e-cigarette manufacturer that’s highly respected for their cutting edge products and constant innovation. Voopoo devices are fitted with the brand’s proprietary ’gene chip’ technology that offers its users an impressive degree of power and control over features such as temperature, mode switching and many others. Voopoo e-cigarettes such as the DRAG and VINCI series have been known to have some of the fastest firing speeds, while also being durable with user-friendly interfaces. The brand takes product research very seriously, and continues to evolve their vaping experience with each new offering.

Voopoo: Voted Best Vape Brand in 2021

With over 30 million customers in over 200 countries, Voopoo really needs no introduction. The global high-tech vape brand is driven by two core components—innovation and customer service. Even though they are a relatively young company, shortly after they entered the market they caused a storm in the vaping community with their revolutionary Drag mod. Voopoo has consistently produced stylish, high functioning vape products and, justifiably, the award-winning brand has skyrocketed in popularity.

Mist stocks a variety of Voopoo products, from vape kits to vape tanks to coils, so you’re sure to find something for you!

Voopoo Tanks

Being known mainly for beastly mods doesn’t mean Voopoo is a slouch when it comes to tanks.


After all, their tanks are a key component to their all-in-one kits, and their efficiently designed vape tanks come with features like adjustable airflow and a magnetic suction pod for easy filling.


Compatible with the Drag X Plus and Drag 3 kit, the Voopoo TPP Pod Tank, the Voopoo TPP Pod allows for superior atomization and rapid heat-up, providing a smooth, rich, flavorful vape. It also employs a bottom-fill design which means less spillage!


We also stock replacement PnP MTL pods for the Voopoo PnP TR1 coils. These little guys are incredibly easy to install and well suited to MTL vaping.


For the Drag X, Drag S, and Drag MAX, and compatible with all Voopoo PnP coils, Voopoo PnP Replacement Pods have 2ml refillable juice capacity, a bottom-coil design and are as economical as they are durable.


Furthermore, their magnetic pod connection means swapping pods has never been easier.

Voopoo Coils

When you look at a Voopoo coil it’s like you’re looking at concept art for a sci-fi film—stylish, futuristic and, most importantly, amazingly effective.

Specifically designed for the Voopoo Drag 2 kit or Voopoo UForce Sub-ohm tank, Voopoo Drag 2 U2 Coils are a fitting example of this. With a dual 0.04ohm resistance, and specially wicked with organic cotton, these bad boys ensure you'll get massive amounts of smooth vapour and flavour.

Their PnP coil series are perfect for cloud-chasing with high vg e-liquid, offering unparalleled flavour and performance, as well as being incredibly easy to install.

They come in a range of resistances depending on your style and are built with internal mesh and ceramic components, making them durable and high-performing.

If you’re looking for more vape coils from Voopoo, be sure to check out what we have on offer.

History of Voopoo

Voopoo exploded onto the vaping scene in 2017 with, among other excellent products, the aforementioned Drag Mod. Being one of the younger vape companies hasn’t stopped them from delivering ingenious designs and state-of-the-art technology that’d make you think they'd been here since the beginning.



When it comes to Sub Ohming, few companies can compare to Voopoo. Arguably, what separates them from their competition is the circuit board wizardry known as the “GENE Chip.”


This little gem packs a powerful punch, allowing for efficient customisation and a faster ramp up time that rapidly powers your atomizer and vapourises your vape juice.


Their newest edition to their Drag series is the Drag 4—astoundingly versatile, powerful and tailor-made for cloud-chasers, it’s set a new, unparalleled standard for Sub Ohm kits—and it's just one of Voopoo’s vape kits you can find in MIST’s selection. 


Voopoo Kits

When it comes to sub ohming, few vape brands can equal Voopoo. Their recent releases have successfully blended sub ohm and pod technology, and their Drag series has become the stuff of vaping legend.


The extremely popular Voopoo DRAG 4 Kit is a marvel of vape technology. Providing a rapid firing speed of 0.01s, the new-gen GENE.TT 2.0 Chip guarantees stable output and powerful performance.


What also makes the Drag 4 so groundbreaking is how customizable it is, as it is equipped with multiple vaping modes to suit your style. Unlike the 3rd generation, the Drag 4 also features 5V/3A charging technology for faster charging. 


Other editions from unrivalled DRAG series include the Voopoo Drag S Kit—a pod kit that won best Vape Kit for Beginners at the Ecigclick Awards, and blends bundles of power with sleakly designed compatibility and ease of use.


There’s also the Voopoo Argus Pod Vape Kit, which is another great pod kit that showcases Voopoo’s draw-activation technology, and has a respectable internal battery capacity of 15000 mAh.


If all this technical talk is making your head spin, have no fear! The compact, ergonomic Voopoo Vinci Pod Kit takes fuss-free MTL vaping to the next level. With an 800mh battery and utilising the proprietary Gene Chip tech, the Voopoo Vinci also sees Voopoo introducing their ITO vapour technology—ensuring you get a smooth, intense vape that draws out all the subtle flavours of your vape juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

While they have produced many amazing kits in the last few years, we’re going to have to go with the fans and opt for the Drag 3. Refining everything that made the previous iterations in the Drag series so successful, the powerful, versatile Drag 3 is a true wonder of the vaping world.

Despite Voopoo being such a young company, they have already established themselves as one of the best vape brands around (they were voted best vape brand in 2020 at the Ecigclick awards). Simply put, they are known for excellent and consistently high-performing mods.

Most associate Voopoo devices with intermediate to advanced vapers, but the Voopoo Drag S didn’t win the best vape for beginners award for no reason! And with their portable and easy-to-use Vinci series, Voopoo appears to be excelling at designing vapes for beginners as well as pros.

Yes indeed. They wouldn’t have a string of recent awards under their belt if their devices constantly broke down!. Designed in a very efficient, sturdy manner—with built in safety measures that prevent leaks and malfunctions—Voopoo devices are as reliable as they come.

Yes. The warranty period lasts for 90 days after purchase. Atomizer, atomizer coils, and drip are consumable products and not included under warranty, and neither is artificial damage caused by misuse.