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Lemonade Vape Juice

Lemonade is a refreshing summery drink made from freshly squeezed lemons, water and sugar, and occasionally another fruity addition. Enjoyed cloudy in the US and sparkling in the UK, the sweet and sour taste of lemonade makes for a great beverage vape juice, with endless variations of berries and other fruits to make the citrus sing.

Take a look below at the available lemonade vape juice range that you can get from MIST. Pick up a bottle of sour refreshment, and be sure to peruse our many other vape juice flavours as well.

Lemonade Shortfills 

Lemonade shortfills deliver the perfect balance of zesty citrus and sweetness. And, since they come in a larger bottle size (50ml and 100ml), you can enjoy their zesty citrus flavour for days! Being a shortfill means that this e-liquid does not contain nicotine. The good news is that it isn't filled all the way top (that's why they are called "shortfills;" they are shortfilled!), giving you the chance to add nic shots! Don't want to vape e-liquid with nicotine? That's okay because lemonade shortfills are ready to vape even without adding nic shots!


Lemonade Nic Salts 

From pink lemonade and blue razz lemonade to cherry lemonade, there are lots of lemonade vape juice options at MIST! Lemonade nic salts are also ready to vape—no nicotine shots required. Moreover, these e-liquids have the right PG/VG ratio for MTL device use, delivering the maximum lemonade flavour possible with every puff! 


Lemonade Disposable Vapes 

The tantalising flavour of lemonade is also available in disposable vapes! Lemonade disposable vapes are already prefilled so you don't have to worry about refilling - just pure lemonade satisfaction from the moment you take out of the box and remove the protective seals!