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Pineapple Vape Juice

Whether crushed, sliced, or in chunks, pineapple’s sweet and tart taste brings a layer of tropical flavour to drinks and dinner recipes. It’s no wonder that it’s one of our best-selling fruity vape juice flavours. 

Pineapple vape juice is available as a standalone fruit vape, a part of a fruit candy blend, or mixed into a delectable pina colada vape, making it one of the most versatile vape juice flavours. Browse our wide selection of pineapple vapes below!

Pineapple Shortfills 

Pineapple shortfills are bursting with the irresistible sweetness of juicy pineapples! They deliver a burst of exotic flavour with every puff, whether enjoyed on its own or combined with other fruits like mango and peach! But that's not the only flavour option available because there is also pineapple ice, pineapple rum, and pineapple coconut! 

Like other shortfills, pineapple-flavoured shortfills arrive without nicotine. But worry not! Shortfills have enough room for nic shots. 


Pineapple Nic Salts 

Whether you prefer the taste of pineapples or are seeking a faster and smoother way to satisfy your nicotine cravings, you can't go wrong with pineapple nic salts. These vape juices deliver an authentic sweet and tangy flavour! They are also often mixed with other fruits like zesty lime, succulent peach, luscious mango, and creamy coconut, creating a symphony of tropical flavours with every puff. 


Pineapple Disposable Vapes 

Longing for the sweet and tangy taste of pineapples but hate the hassle of refilling vape kits? Pineapple disposable vapes are for you! Prefilled and ready to use out of the box, disposable vapes are convenient to use. Plus, there's a variety of exciting flavour combinations available, including a refreshing and invigorating pineapple ice flavour