Share Your Story

Join us on our mission to rid the world of smoking!
MIST are on a mission to raise awareness on vaping by sharing real stories from real people, on their experience with using an e-cigarette as a smoking alternative.
As a company, we have experienced the positive impact vaping has had on our own and customers lives, and we feel extremely inspired to know that we have played a part in helping them choose a healthier habit.
We'd love for you to share your story, and help inspire even more smokers to make the switch to vapour.
Why are we doing this?
Every year, more than 120,000 people in the UK die from smoking related diseases, making it the biggest PREVENTABLE cause of death in the world.
Vaping has already had a huge impact on reducing this number, but there is still more to be done...
How your story can help...
Despite "E-Cigarettes being 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes" 1 , 31% of British Smokers still believe vaping has the same impact on your health as smoking, 5% think vaping is worse for your health, and a whopping 21% still don't even know 2!
We would love to hear how vaping has impacted your life, and we're sure others would too...
To submit your story and to be in for a chance to win a years supply of MIST E-Liquid, simply click the link above to complete our short survey.
Winner will be announced: July 31st 2019
1: Duncan Selbie, Public Health England
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