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Vaporesso Veco Coils x5

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  • £9.99

Vaporesso’s pioneering EUC system looks to revolutionise the way you look at replaceable coils. The EUC, or ECO Universal Coil, is designed for the user to retain the metal casing the coil materials, leading to the disposal of less matter and inexpensive resupplies of internal matter. Available in both traditional cotton/kanthal and unique ceramic/stainless-steel components, EUC’s look set to change the way people go about purchasing new coils and how much they spend.

We are pleased to offer the EUC in 0.2ohm, 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm variants.



  • For the EUC 0.2 ohm coils we recommend a wattage range of 50W - 70W
  • For the EUC 0.4 ohm coils we recommend a wattage range of 40W - 50W
  • For the EUC 0.5 ohm coils we recommend a wattage range of 35W - 40W



  • 5x Vaporesso Veco Coils



Are the Vaporesso EUC Coils for sub-ohm or mouth to lung vaping?

Technically, with low resistances of 0.2ohm, 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm, the Vaporesso EUC Coil is intended for a sub-ohm battery. However; the EUC Coils series is designed specifically for use with the Vaporesso Veco Tank, which features an airflow vent near the top of the tank. This raised vent prevents the traditional problem of thinner e-liquids seeping out of high-VG tanks. So to summarise, while the EUC Coils are intended for sub-ohm high-VG vaping, you can absolutely use thinner high-PG e-liquids without worrying about any spills.

What are the benefits of the Vaporesso EUC Coils?

Price and ease of use! The Vaporesso EUC Coil series is a notably affordable choice, as they utilise a minimal number of materials in their construction while still delivering top quality flavour and longevity. Changing an EUC Coil in a Vaporesso Veco tank is simplicity itself, no need for awkward, messy unscrewings and decouplings; just remove the base, pull the coil, place a new one, done.

Which of the EUC ohm options will result in the longest lasting coil?

You may find that the 0.5ohm EUC Coils last somewhat longer, though this is mostly because you will likely be running less power through them. If longevity is a vital point for you, you may wish to investigate an alternative range - the EUC Ceramic Coils line. Using a porous ceramic, the EUC Ceramic Coils generally provide a few days more use than the traditional EUC Coils. The EUC Ceramic Coils are available in 0.3ohm and 0.5ohm resistances.


Vaporesso is one of the world’s leading vape brands, and for good reason. They’ve perfected the art of making high-quality vape products such as coils, tanks and vape devices at impressively budget-friendly prices. Headquartered in China, Vaporesso boasts of a robust, 500-member research division that has raked in more than 300 patents while developing cutting-edge electronics for their mods and vape kits. 

Even though the brand launched in 2015, they’ve had a meteoric rise to the top, thanks to their commitment to offering the best. Vaporesso is fully devoted to ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance when manufacturing each of their products.

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