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Poke Freeze Mint Nicotine Pouches

Brand: Poke
Experience frosty mint freshness in every Freeze Mint nicotine pouch by Poke.
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Freeze Mint by Poke lets you enjoy a cool mint bliss paired with the icy touch of menthol and a hint of herbal leaf for an unbeatable chilly refreshment. Moreover, this product offers a convenient and discreet way to enjoy your nicotine fix without smoke or vapour. Every tin can consist of 20 pouches. There are nic strength options (9mg, 12mg, and 16mg) to match your preference.


Made In
Nicotine Strengths
9mg, 12mg, 16mg
Nicotine Type
Nicotine Pouches
20 pouches
Nicotine Pouches

Flavour Notes

  • Mint
  • Menthol
  • Ice


1x Poke Freeze Mint Nicotine Pouches (20 pouches per can)

Poke Nicotine Pouches offers a Swedish solution for those seeking alternatives to cigarette smoking. These discreet and smokeless pouches deliver a clean nicotine experience without the harmful effects of tobacco smoking. Poke Nicotine Pouches fit seamlessly into any lifestyle, providing a satisfying dose of nicotine without the lingering smell or health risks associated with cigarettes.

MIST are pleased to offer Poke Nicotine Pouches to any who are seeking to move away from both smoking and vaping or those simply seeking a nicotine solution for times when vaping isn’t appropriate.

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