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Golisi G30 18650 3000mAh Battery X2

Keeping enjoying your favourite vape box mod by fitting it these Golisi G30 18650 3000mAh Battery X2.
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Power, performance and safety in one supercharged vape battery! The Golisi G30 is a high-performance 18650 rechargeable lithium battery designed for high wattage vaping. With a 3000mAh capacity, 3.7V voltage and 20V of stable continuous discharge, it can power up even the most demanding, high drainage vape devices! 

The Golisi G30 also scores high on durability, capable of being recharged up to 800 times. Finally, this pocket-friendly battery also comes with multiple safety protections - protecting your box mod by avoiding short-circuit, overcharging, and overheating.


Rechargeable 18650 battery
Can be recharged up to 800 times
Best for external battery charging
3000mAh battery capacity
Constant 20A current
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Multiple safety protections, including overcharging, short circuit, and high temperature


1x Golisi G30 18650 3000mAh Battery (2 pack)

Founded in 2019, being a relatively young company hasn’t stopped Golisi establishing themselves as a premium manufacturer of smart chargers and Li-on batteries. Headquartered in the vaping capital of the world, Shenzhen, China, Golisi is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products, from 18650, 21700, 20700, 26650 batteries to smart chargers. Having seen rapid growth and use in e-cigarettes, their batteries are designed for high drain discharging purposes, and are guaranteed to be durable and high-performing. 

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