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Vaptio AirGo Review

Today in our Vaptio AirGo review, we’ll be taking a look at a revolutionary new pod vape.

The Vaptio AirGo is a unique and ground-breaking new portable pod vape with a rather familiar design we’re sure you’ll recognise at first glance.

The world of pod vapes is vast, with each company seeking to be the one to break ground on the new must-have feature.

With the AirGo, Vaptio have done something which we believe is going to have a lasting impact on the industry, and may just change the way we all look at vapes the same way the JUUL did years ago.

Vaptio AirGo review breakdown:

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  • Box Contents
  • Specifications
  • Design & Build Quality
  • Features and Functions
  • How to Use
  • Pods & Coils
  • Battery Life & Charging
  • Performance
  • Verdict

In-depth video review

Box contents

  • 1 x Vaptio AirGo Battery
  • 1 x Vaptio AirGo Vape
  • 2 x Vaptio AirGo Pods
  • Type C charger
  • User manual


  • 700mAh AirGo Charging Case Capacity
  • 80mAh AirGo Vape Capacity
  • 1.5ml E liquid Capacity
  • 1.0ohm Pre-installed Coil Resistance
  • Approximately 11W Power Output
  • LED Power Indication

Design & build quality

The Vaptio AirGo has a ground-breaking yet familiar design.

The Vaptio AirGo is a frankly beautiful pod vape. While it may take visual and technical inspiration from another source, it’s a design which perfectly suits a small-scale vaping device.

First and foremost, the Vaptio AirGo does not look like an e-cigarette. This is a trend with pod vapes; they tend to eschew traditional designs in the pursuit of discretion.

The Vaptio AirGo looks like any number of electronic accessories you might have in your laptop bag, on your desktop or in your purse. Compact, with a smooth and slightly reflective matte surface, the AirGo could be a flip-phone or earphone case, right up until you lift the lid.

Neatly arranged LED lights come to life displaying the respective power levels of the vape itself and the carry case.

The lid on the Vaptio AirGo snaps open and closed satisfyingly, though you may wish to treat it somewhat gently, as without closing the lid the charging process cannot begin.

The case features a small side section for the safe storage of your second alternate pod along with the vape itself, which can fit neatly in its dock with a pod attached. 

The AirGo vape stick is small and ergonomic, roughly the size of a mini cigarette lighter. A small LED at the stick’s base lights up when the unit is used.

Features & functions

Button-free vape satisfaction in a stylish and ergonomic carry case.

The Vaptio AirGo’s carry case is also it’s charger! Closing the lid on the case activates the charge function, helpfully signalled with the coloured LED just beneath the seam.

There’s no need to fit or screw the vape into place; it begins charging once it has made a magnetic connection to the base and the lid has been closed.

The pods themselves are held tightly in place within the vape device via magnets. Easily removed but never so loose as for you to worry about them slipping out on their own.

The small section in which you store your spare pod does not have a magnet in it, so you may want to keep your eye on that one. However, the alcove is deep enough for the pod to sit snugly without popping out.

Vaptio AirGo – how to use/button functionality

The AirGo vape stick features no buttons; instead it is designed with draw-activation in mind. Just place the AirGo in your mouth and inhale to begin the vaping process.

When gripping the AirGo vape, be sure to note that your fingers are not covering the small air vents placed on the side, without which you’ll be unable to maintain a good airflow.

The AirGo is very much designed for thinner, PG-centric e-liquids. With a coil resistance of 1.0ohms and tight wicking ports, the device will definitely struggle with thicker, high-VG e-liquids.

Of great note, and something we’ll look at in greater detail in our verdict at the end, is that the Vaptio AirGo is not necessarily used the same way you might use other vapes.

The AirGo vape requires fairly frequent charging, and while this may seem like a downside we think that by the end of this review you’ll understand that for some vapers, less is most definitely more.

Vaptio AirGo pods/coils

Pre-fitted 1.0ohm coils provide long-lasting deep flavours and moderate clouds.

The Vaptio AirGo Pods are disposable, and feature a pre-installed coil which clocks in at 1.0ohm resistance, ensuring a powerful but never too cloudy puff.

The AirGo pods refill via side-hatch. Simply pull it out of it’s held position and fill with your favourite e-liquid. Turning the pod on it’s side will help you maximise your refill.

The AirGo pods are durable and should each last at least 2 – 3 weeks. They vaporise e-liquid at a very moderate rate, so with a full pod in the morning you’ll likely have enough juice to get you through the day.

New AirGo pods can be purchased in packs of 3.

Battery life & charging

The secret wisdom behind Vaptio’s 80mAh / 700mAh double team.

The Vaptio AirGo features two respective battery capacities; one for the AirGo stick itself, another for the charging carry case.

The stick has a fairly small 80mAh battery, while the case has a potential capacity of 700mAh.

You may find that the stick tends to run down fairly quickly, usually granting about 10 – 15 minutes of activity before it begins to run down. While this may seem like a downside, the battery pack charges it back to life in approximately 5 -10 minutes and features a type c charger, which ensures extremely rapid recharging of the battery pack.


The Vaptio AirGo delivers strong hits of flavoursome vape.

The AirGo delivers a surprisingly powerful hit, the 1.0ohm coils producing vapour that lingers on the edge of sub-ohm. The device does a great job of detecting airflow, with the unit activating rapidly and ceasing to fire the very moment you stop inhaling.

The amount of vapour produced is fairly moderate; a noticeable cloud which very quickly dissipates, never firing off enough steam to seem anti-social. The AirGo is not the kind of vape which draws dirty looks, but rather intrigued glances

We don’t hesitate to call the Vaptio AirGo a revolutionary pod vape, one which we think will change the way people view vaping devices in general much the way the JUUL did years ago.

It may seem strange, but the low battery capacity on the AirGo vape is one of its most interesting selling points. Indulge us for a moment: when smoking a cigarette, you inevitably reach the end when it burns to the filter.

It triggers a mental alert which signifies ‘end of cigarette.’ Vapes have, until now, been unable to replicate this effect.

It’s easy to make allowances with a vape that you wouldn’t before. You might vape in the house, where you wouldn’t have smoked. You might vape in the car.

Your vape sits on your desk, always within reach. This isn’t negative per se, but those who began vaping with the goal of quitting nicotine outright may find doing so difficult with all the risk-free convenience of an e-cigarette.

But the Vaptio AirGo instills a discipline that we’ve not encountered with other vapes. You cannot always have it clutched in your hand; inevitably it has to go back in the case after a while with the lid closed, if only for a few minutes.

And when you reach for it again, you find that the miniscule step of having to open the case, which feels rather like opening a packet of cigarettes, gives you a second to question if you need a hit of nicotine, or whether you’re just vaping out of boredom.

The Vaptio AirGo is the perfect pod vape for a vast number of people. People determined to give up nicotine, professionals, people who travel frequently and need a neat and compact vape device that has a professional and elegant design.

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