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Uwell Caliburn G Review

Uwell Caliburn G Review

Uwell are back with a better pod vape system than ever before!

Today we’ll be taking a look at the prodigal return of one of the big stars of the pod vape system scene, the Uwell Caliburn G – a unit whose predecessor changed the way a lot of us looked at pod vape systems.

The Uwell Caliburn was a massive success on release, with thousands of vapers appreciating it’s slim build, draw activation and innovative pod vape system. While it wasn’t quite up to the task of delivering a whole day’s vape with it’s 520mAh battery, we felt that hadn’t heard the last from Uwell’s pod vape line.

We’re now very excited to announce the release of the latest upgrade, Uwell’s Caliburn G, which brings a host of new improvements to an already much beloved pod vape system with the hopes of turning it into the vape of choice for thousands. Let’s take a closer look!

Uwell Caliburn G review breakdown:

  • Box Contents
  • Specifications
  • Design & Build Quality
  • Features and Functions
  • How to Use
  • Pods & Coils
  • Battery Life & Charging
  • Performance
  • Verdict

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Box contents

  • Uwell Caliburn G
  • 1 x Caliburn G Pod
  • 2 x UN2 0.8ohm mesh coils
  • USB Type C charger
  • User manual


  • Wattage output: 18W
  • Battery capacity: 690mAh
  • Weight: 60g
  • Size: 108.3mm x 22.5mm x 12.6mm
  • Draw activated
  • Optional firing button
  • Coil resistance: 0.8ohm

Aiden showing the build quality of the Caliburn G

Design & build quality

The Caliburn G brings a new sense of style and grace to match the nicotine relief. It also has undergone something of a makeover since the last generation.

The previous model, though stylish in it’s own way, would occasionally draw comparisons to a USB data stick. Not an insult by any means, but considering that also describes the JUUL perfectly it may simply be the case that Uwell wanted to stand apart from the competition.

The Caliburn G features a new ridged design which provides excellent grip for a device you’ll be pinching between your fingers.

The firing button has also had a bit of a makeover, now displaying a stylish gold rim around the circumference.

In terms of size the Caliburn G hasn’t seen an increase from the previous unit, still presenting all it’s capability in a neat slim build that fits comfortably in any pocket and doesn’t stand out ostentatiously on a desktop.

Features & functions

Uwell are back with a better pod vape system than ever before!

The Caliburn G is a device of simplicity. The unit features no complex menus or digital displays, no series of buttons with which to adjust power levels.

The Caliburn G features a single button on it’s front which you use to turn it on and may or may not use to fire it. You see the key feature of the previous Caliburn returns with this device; draw activation technology!

Once the device is activated all you need to do is bring it to your mouth and puff; the moment the Caliburn G detects airflow it will begin atomising your vape juice.

Users may wish to use the firing button if they want to slightly cook the first big lungful, though most MTL users will likely find the draw-activated puff more than satisfying, thanks to the 18W power output.

Aiden holding the caliburn G pods with the coil attached.

Uwell Caliburn G pods/coils

Uwell are back with a better pod vape system than ever before!

The Caliburn G pods have undergone an upgrade since the last iteration. Now featuring replaceable coils, easily changed via a simple pull / push method.

The mouthpiece on the pod is built from a rigid plastic in a ‘clamshell’ design, snapping away from the pod with minimal pressure while never popping off on it’s own.

Filling the pod is simple, with the clear refill port on the top under the removable mouthpiece. The Caliburn G pod can hold up to 2ml of your favourite vape juice.

The coils themselves are built with mesh interiors to prevent early burnouts and equal heat distribution, clocking in with a resistance of 0.8ohms.

While technically sub-ohm, we do recommend that you utilise 50/50 or high-PG vape juice as the wicking ports are a little small for rapid VG absorption.

Aiden showing the USB type C port of the Caliburn G

Battery life & charging

USB Type C means that the 690mAh Caliburn G will never be low on power for long!

The Caliburn G has seen a significant improvement in it’s battery capacity, going up from 520mAh to a whopping 690mAh. This takes the Caliburn G into the go-to daily vape category, providing enough power for both a day at work and the evening after.

In the event you do find your Caliburn G running low on power you can always use the new and very welcome USB Type C charger, rapidly taking your unit from empty to full in approximately 45 minutes.

And with the help of the passthrough technology installed, you can continue to vape while it’s charging, meaning you’ll never be stranded without your trusted pod vape.

The Caliburn G has a small power indication light at the base with three colours; green means above 60% power, blue means between 60% and 30%, red means less than 30%. Ten red flashes in a row means it’s time for a quick charge with the USB Type C cable included in the kit.

picture of Aiden vaping


The Caliburn G delivers solid hits which provide relief without fogging out the room.

For such a compact and elegant device, the Caliburn G delivers a hefty and powerful hit – firing at 18W of power to deliver as solid an inhalation as an MTL device can reasonably deliver.

The coils rewick quickly, ensuring you’ll never have to wait long between puffs for even more satisfying hits from your Caliburn G.

Those who like a slightly more powerful hit will likely find they enjoy using the firing button, as pressing this just prior to inhalation will give the Caliburn G a few seconds to ‘cook’ and produce a larger initial puff.

Aiden vaping the Caliburn G

The verdict

The Caliburn G is a long awaited improvement on the already great Caliburn – simple, fuss-free and stylish.

The Caliburn G improves on almost every aspect of the original device, providing a significant power increase and much faster charging along with its innovated pods and classy new visual design.

The Caliburn G isn’t going to fill your living room with thick clouds of vapor, but it was never intended as a cloud chasing machine.

The Caliburn G is very much a casual pod vape with ease-of-use as it’s greatest virtue, designed to be picked up, puffed, and put back down once you’ve received a relieving blast of flavoursome vapour.

With it’s increases in battery and the addition of changeable coils, the Caliburn G has been upgraded in a confident primary vaping machine, rather than the backup status of the original Caliburn.

Order yours today and get to grips with one of the year’s most stylish, confident releases.

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