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Voopoo DRAG 3 Review

Voopoo DRAG 3 Review

Voopoo are ready to wow us all with the new DRAG 3 kit!

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Hello and welcome to another exciting MIST hardware review! Today we’d like to introduce our Voopoo DRAG 3 review. It’s a return of a classic design which also makes a claim to being the pinnacle of their pod-vape efforts over the past year with devices like the DRAG S/X and Argus series.

Voopoo’s DRAG mod line has seen a number of iterations now, from the classic big and chunky box mod of the DRAG 2 to the DRAG S, a sleek and portable sub-ohm pod vape.

Today Voopoo are keen to showcase a new device which manages to combine their respective disciplines of box power and pod portability. We’ll be taking a look at the brand new Voopoo DRAG 3.

Voopoo DRAG 3 review breakdown:

  • Box Contents
  • Specifications
  • Design & Build Quality
  • Features and Functions
  • How to Use
  • Pods & Coils
  • Battery Life & Charging
  • Performance
  • Verdict

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Box contents

  • DRAG 3 device
  • TPP Pod Tank
  • 1 x TPP-DM2 (0.2ohm)
  • 1 x TPP-DM1 (0.15ohm)
  • Type C USB
  • User manual


  • Materials used: Leather & zinc alloy
  • Wattage range: 5 – 177W
  • Battery capacity: 2 x 18650 batteries
  • Pod capacity: 2ml

Design & build quality

The Voopoo DRAG 3 combined design elements from both pod vapes and box mods.

The Voopoo DRAG 3 is easily the most sophisticated device from Voopoo in a long while, revealing that their time spent dabbling in excellent pod vapes wasn’t merely a flight of fancy. The design of the DRAG 3 reveals a number of improvements on previous iterations.

The mod bears a strong resemblance to previous DRAG models, featuring the hallmark vast casing and big removable battery panel. However a closer look will reveal new influences.

The mod is now wrapped in a luxurious leather padding, ensuring the mod is protected from falls and surface strikes. At the very top of the mod we also have the DRAG logo proudly displayed as a masthead.

The unit features USB Type C charging, which we’ll talk about in greater detail soon.

One of the biggest changes you’ll immediately notice with the DRAG 3 is its use of a pod vape system instead of the traditional sub-ohm tank you’d expect to find on a device like this. We’ll talk in greater detail about the fantastic new TPP Pod system down below.

The DRAG 3 features a simplified interface of three buttons – one large firing button and two smaller ones for wattage and menu navigation.

Features & functions

The Voopoo DRAG 3 has a veritable smorgasbord of modes and functions.

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The DRAG 3 boasts an update to its onboard systems in the form of the GENE.Fan 2.0 Chip installed in the unit’s hardware, ensuring the fastest firing time possible, alternate modes of function and a host of power protections including

  • Overtime protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Output over-current protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Balance charge with different batteries
  • Battery reverse protection

It’s an incredibly sophisticated suite of safety that’s guaranteed to ensure you get the most life out of the DRAG 3 as possible.

The Voopoo DRAG 3 has a huge wattage range of 5W – 177W, a gargantuan amount of power that permits you to indulge in the biggest vape clouds possible.

On top of the basic wattage mode it also has a suite of other useful functions.

The DRAG 3’s modes of use span the gamut, from the user-friendly ‘Smart’ beginners mode, which prevents your mod from exceeding the recommended wattage output for a given coil, and the more intermediate-focussed ‘RBA’ mode, which deactivates a number of protections in order to give you the most power possible!

Taking the DRAG 3 above 80W will automatically activate ‘Super’ mode, which increases the ramp up time and effectively moves the mod up a gear so as to keep up with your furious plumage.

The DRAG 3 also sees the welcome return of Temperature Control mode! A callback to an earlier generation of vaping, TC mode allows you to set a heat limit for the device on certain coils, ensuring consistent vapes without having to keep an eye on your usage.

Temperature Control mode isn’t included on the mod as standard but can be freely downloaded as a firmware update from the Voopoo website. This leaves us quite excited as to whether we can expect more modes and functions in the future!

Voopoo DRAG 3 – How To Use

Using the Voopoo DRAG 3 is extremely simple. Find your ideal wattage output with the two smaller buttons at the base.

Use Smart mode if unsure; the power protection won’t let you increase the power beyond the recommended range!

Then, simply press the larger firing button at the top of the mod to start producing vapour. The GENE chip ensures it’ll be immediate so no need to ‘cook’ before inhaling.

Voopoo have opted to remove the draw-activation tech from the DRAG 3 as it’s not a particularly popular mode among those seeking big chunky box mods.

Voopoo DRAG 3 TCC pods/coils

The TCC coils are an update on the already brilliant PnP coil series!

Picture of Drag 3 on a clear platform.

The DRAG 3 sees the introduction of a new pod by Voopoo, the TPP (Tank Pod Push) system. A revolutionary new variety of pod, it utilises two-way convection and “aerodynamic simulation” technology to produce the most efficient atomising process possible. 

Featuring a 510 connector, magnetic design elements and a 810 drip tip, the TPP is versatile yet primarily directed toward sub-ohm use.

Changing the coils on the TPP is as simple as on the old PnP Pod system; just pull out the old, put in the new and you’re ready to puff.

The TPP series increases the interior atomiser space and increases the heating speed, resulting in a highly streamlined experience. Both varieties of TPP coil feature mesh interiors and are distinctly sub-ohm, and should be used with high-VG vape juice.

The TPP pod tank is so versatile that you can simply pull off the magnetic 510 connection and attach the pod section directly onto another Voopoo pod system like the DRAG S and use it immediately!

Battery life & charging

Two batteries are charged surprisingly quickly via USB Type C.

photo showing different colors of the Drag 3 vape kit

The DRAG 3 takes two external 18650 batteries, which can be charged in the unit rapidly thanks to the Type C USB cable which comes included, much faster than the micro-USB which was industry standard until recently.

The GENE.Fan.2.0 chip also ensures that you can charge two batteries from different manufacturers at the same rate in the DRAG 3.

While the DRAG 3 is capable of extremely high power output, with two fully charged 18650 batteries you can expect a full day of big cloud action no matter how high you set the wattage


The Voopoo DRAG 3 is a cloud chaser’s dream. Only for those who plume!

The GENE Chip does not disappoint; from the moment you press the fire button the DRAG 3 delivers an incredible amount of thick and corporeal cloud.

The TCC coils are tremendously flavoursome, the expanded interior space and mesh materials helping to deliver fresh and tasty hits puff after puff.

The DRAG 3 is so powerful that it would stand up well to competition use, able to produce intense plumes of vapour that very quickly fog out a room.

Due to the intensity of the device, we recommend it for those who enjoy big cloud action and flavour exploration.

The verdict

The Voopoo DRAG 3 manages to combine the best of both worlds.

a person recommending the drag 3.

The Voopoo DRAG 3 is a titan, a magnificent machine of pure power that’s designed for the sub-ohm sophisticates out there who want a stylish and comfortable mod with a surprising amount of output and cloud power.

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend the Voopoo DRAG 3 for those whose main draw to vaping is to quit smoking, as a less robust and powerful machine would likely do a better job of fighting off cravings.

The TCC pod tank is nothing short of revolutionary, and the updatable firmware gives us a lot of hope that Voopoo are going to continue uploading new modes and functions, making this a truly future proof sub-ohm vape kit.

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