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Voopoo Argus / Argus Pro Review

Voopoo Argus Series Review

Voopoo return with a brand new take on versatile pod systems!

Welcome back for another MIST review! Today we’ll be reviewing the the Voopoo Argus series, pod vapes which both hark back to a previous line while also demonstrating some serious progression in power capacity and output.

Their previous pod excursion, the DRAG S and DRAG X, left us all surprised and wondering what else we could expect from a pod system, which previously we’d thought of as a backup device.

Having already spoiled us with the exceptional DRAG S, Voopoo have been very pleased to announce the release of the Voopoo Argus and Argus Pro, both of which have a few surprises hidden away!

Voopoo Argus in depth video review:

Voopoo Argus review breakdown:

  1. Box Contents
  2. Specifications
  3. Design & Build Quality
  4. Features and Functions
  5. How to Use
  6. Pods & Coils
  7. Battery Life & Charging
  8. Performance
  9. Verdict

Box contents

Argus Pod Vape System

  • ARGUS Pod Vape
  • PnP Pod (2ml)
  • PnP MTL Pod (2ml)
  • PnP-VM1 Coil (0.3ohm)
  • PnP-R2 Coil (1.0ohm)
  • USB Type C Charger

Argus Pro Pod Vape System

  • ARGUS Pro Pod Vape
  • PnP Pod (2ml)
  • PnP-VM6 Coil (0.15ohm)
  • PnP-VM1 Coil (0.3ohm)
  • USB Type C Charger
  • Protective carry case


Argus Pod Vape System

  • Pod capacity: 2ml
  • Pod material: PCTG
  • Vape material: Alloy & leather
  • Output range: 5 – 40W
  • Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Argus Pro Pod Vape System

  • Pod capacity: 2ml
  • Pod material: PCTG
  • Vape material: Alloy & leather
  • Output range: 5 – 80W
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh

Design & build quality

The Argus and Argus Pro take a great deal of inspiration from the excellent DRAG series.

The new Argus line from Voopoo reveals a number of design concepts retained from the excellent DRAG S and DRAG X.

The exterior mod being very similar in appearance, built from the same metal alloy as previously used and featuring the same innovative pod system and fetching leather grip.

The PnP Pods are held in place via a powerful magnet ring, under which lies the sensor for the draw-activation tech!

The Argus series sees the return of puff-activated pod vaping, though there is a firing button for those who prefer an old school analogue approach.

The charging port for the Argus series is kept safely beneath a thick rubber hatch, ensuring moisture and lint won’t cause charging issues.

Both the Argus regular and Argus Pro feature a lanyard ring for ease of portability.

Features & functions

Sub-ohm, MTL and RBA use in a pod vape system? Whoa!

The smaller Argus is intended as a versatile vaping device which can handle both MTL and DTL use, coming with two PnP pods for each respective function.

With three taps of the firing button the Argus can switch between ‘button’ and ‘breath’ mode, depending on which you prefer.

The small Argus has a wattage range of 5 – 40W, giving you plenty of power for sub-ohm use and easily powered by its hefty 1500mAh battery.

The Argus Pro is intended as a fully sub-ohm device, with a vast wattage range of 5 – 80W and a mindblowing 3000mAh battery capacity.

If you wish to use the Argus Pro as an MTL vape then it’s simply a matter of purchasing the fully compatible Voopoo PnP MTL Pod which comes included with the smaller Argus pod unit.

The Argus Pro also features an optional RBA (Re-Buidable Atomiser) mode for those who wish to build their own coils using Voopoo’s PnP RBA Pod.

Simply tap the firing button three times to switch between four modes of use – draw activation and button firing, in either standard pod or RBA modes.

The onboard GENE Chip, a long celebrated feature of Voopoo devices, grants the Argus series the fastest ramp-up time possible, meaning you’ll receive your lungful of vape the very moment you begin to inhale.

The draw-activation technology shuts off the second you stop breathing in, ensuring the longest coil life possible.

The Argus Pro also comes with a sturdy plastic carry case with a strong snap lock to protect your vape and ensure it’s safe to travel with.

Voopoo Argus – How To Use

The Argus and Argus Pro take quite a bit of inspiration from the past Voopoo DRAG series of high power pod vape systems.

The devices both feature optional draw-activation modes, in which the vaping process is begun by inhaling through the device. It’s a very popular mode of use with recent smokers as it helps to replicate the act of taking a drag from a cigarette.

Both devices are easily switched off and on with five rapid taps of the firing button. 

If you prefer to push or like to give your vape a moment to ‘cook’ before inhaling it’s simply a matter of tapping the firing button three times on either device to switch between button and breath modes.

Voopoo Argus PnP pods/coils

The PnP Coils return, with unparalleled ease of installation and great flavour.

The Voopoo PnP Pod system makes a very welcome return! The pods are constructed from a PCTG acrylic and give full transparency so as to accurately gauge your vape juice levels at all times.

The pods are easily filled; just lift the sturdy rubber hatch on the underside and fill.

Changing the coils is simple too – just pull out the old one, push in a new unit and you’re ready to go, no awkward unscrewing or disassembly required.

The PnP coils themselves are a marvel, coming in over 10 varieties of resistance, from 1.2ohm to 0.15ohm, meaning there’s a coil for whatever mood takes you today, ready to deliver intense flavours and impressive clouds.

Battery life & charging

With USB Type C you’ll never be left without power for long.

The smaller Argus pod vape has an onboard battery of 1500mAh, very substantial and easily enough to power both MTL and DTL use for the whole day.

The Argus Pro is equipped with a whopping 3000mAh, a frankly astonishing amount of power for what is ostensibly a pod vape.

Both devices feature USB Type C charging ports tucked beneath protective rubber hatches, meaning that even in the event of unexpected run downs you’ll have your Argus vape back up and running in no time.


The Argus and Argus Pro can do it all; big clouds, moderate puffs – no matter what your vaping needs!

Both the Argus and Argus Pro give off powerful and flavoursome plumes, with the different coils making short work of whichever kind of vaping you prefer.

The PnP MTL Pod delivers clear flavour without clouding out the whole room, the tapered mouthpiece perfect for a more focussed and intense stream of vapour.

The sub-ohm line of VM coils are incredibly cloudy, generating thick and corporeal clouds with each puff.

It should be noted that you need to draw on the MTL Pod mouthpiece fairly hard, as it isn’t quite as sensitive as some other devices like the Uwell Caliburn G and Vaptio AirGo.

The verdict

The Voopoo Argus and Argus Pro are perhaps the most sophisticated pod vape systems we’ve yet to encounter!

The Voopoo Argus and Argus Pro are excellent successors to the DRAG series, bringing much larger batteries and increased versatility to both units.

While the Argus Pro is certainly more powerful, those wishing for a device which is immediately equipped for both MTL and DTL use may wish to opt for the smaller unit, though the PnP-MTL Pod is available and compatible with both devices.

Voopoo continue to impress us not only with their technological prowess but also their keen eye for stylish and portable design, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Thank you for reading this MIST review of the Voopoo Argus pod series. If you’d like to chat more about pod vapes and other devices that might suit you better don’t hesitate to visit one of our stores, or feel free to browse our range online.

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