3 Easy methods for steeping E liquid

For some people, electronic cigarettes are about managing their nicotine in-take. For others, it’s all about the e liquid flavours. E liquid is similar to jelly beans – you get to experience the flavour profile of your favourite treats without actually consuming them. So, for those seeking deeper and stronger flavours, there is a simple trick known as ‘steeping’ with which you can increase the intensity of your e liquid’s flavour.

Steeping e liquid is much the same as brewing a cup of tea, by allowing it to sit and breathe you allow more time for the VG and PG to infuse with the flavour concentrates, creating a much deeper vape juice.

There’s no difficulty when it comes to steeping, though there are several different methods. Let’s go through the steeping process.

What Does Steeping E Liquid Do?

You can improve the flavour of your e liquid by allowing it to ‘steep’ before you put it in your tank. Allowing the e liquid to sit will give the blend more time to congeal and mix, and hence become more flavoursome.

Additionally, Some flavour concentrates contain small quantities of alcohol, which can lend a certain harshness to your e liquid’s flavour profile. So, steeping e liquid gives it time to oxidize, killing off the alcohol content and resulting in a far smoother experience.

Is Steeping E Liquid A Long Process?

It can be. Patience is a virtue, and the path well-steeped will deliver you to a promised land of flavour, but you need to have faith. Basically, the longer you can wait, the better.

After a week of steeping, you will start to notice that your e liquid has taken on a slightly darker hue. Over time this dark colour will increase, with most people leaving e liquid to steep for 3-4 weeks at the longest. You can leave it longer if you like, but past four weeks you may start to see diminishing returns on your patience.

Note: flavour concentrates will take slightly different amounts of time to steep depending on their profile

E liquid Steeping Guide by Flavour Profile:

  • Fruity and minty flavours: 1-2 Weeks
  • Tobacco flavours: 2-3 weeks.
  • Creamy flavours: will take the longest to steep, usually about 3-4 weeks.

How to Steep Vape Juice

There are many different ways you can go about steeping e liquid, some require little to no oversight.

Here are our 3 easy methods for steeping e liquid:

Method 1: The Bag Method

  1. Take your bottles of e liquid & place them in a water-tight plastic bag
  2. Fill a sink with warm water and pop the bag in.
  3. Once the water has cooled, pop the bag out and remove the caps from the bottles, allowing the gases to escape and replenish.
  4. Re-cap and give them a shake to keep everything mixing and moving.

Method 2: The Bath

  1. Fill a dish with a couple inches of warm water.
  2. Half-submerge your e liquid bottles in the water with the lids off.
  3. Once the water has cooled remove the bottles, pop the caps on and give them a good shake, repeating as many times as you like until your e liquid has been steeped

Method 3: The Sit & Wait

There is another, absolutely-no-effort method for steeping e liquid; just pop them in a dark cupboard for a few weeks, occasionally opening the bottles to recycle the gas and speed up the oxidation process.

The key to steeping is simple patience; any steak fan will tell you to let the meat stand for a minute after cooking in order to retain the juices and flavour, doesn’t your e liquid deserve the same treatment?

You now know different methods for steeping e liquid, so why not give it a try? Just buy a couple of 10ml e liquids, pop one in your tank right away and toss the other into a dark drawer. Give it a try in a few weeks; we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the depth of flavour!

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