What is a Dry Hit? How to Prevent Dry Hits when Vaping

No doubt many of you long-term vapers are familiar with dry hits when vaping, and, usually, you might have already had the solution. Occasionally however, even us veterans get stumped by the sudden occurrence of this unpleasant sensation.

For those of you starting out on your vape journey, knowing how to prevent a dry hit while vaping is one of the first things you should learn. But what actually is a dry hit?

In most cases, a dry hit is caused by the fact your e-liquid isn’t wicking properly, or that the coil is burning the vape juice too quickly. This is what unleashes that ungodly heat to blast the back of your throat.

Not only this, but too many dry hits can actually damage your vaping device. But have no fear fellow vaper! Below is a comprehensive list of ways you can prevent dry hits from occurring.

What is a dry hit when vaping?

Picture this: it’s the end of a long day, you’ve loaded up your brand new vape pen with your favourite juice, start to take that well earned puff when suddenly—your throat is cast into the fires of hell! This is a dry hit when vaping.

How to fix dry hits explained:

  1. Always Make Sure your Coil is Saturated With Vape Juice
  2. You Might be Vaping too Frequently
  3. Try Updating your Vape Device
  4. The VG/PG Ratio of your Vape Juice Might be the Cause

1. Always Make Sure your Coil is Saturated

The first and most important step is to make sure that you follow our guide to vape coils, which involves properly saturating your coils with vape juice. An unsaturated coil is the most common cause of dry hits by a large margin.

But this isn’t always as simple as waiting for a minute or so after you’ve added your e-liquid. Make sure you have the right kind of coils to go with your device, and cycle your coils when you feel that dry hit looming on the horizon.

Or, if you’ve been used to a top-coil ,you could also try a bottom-coil device tank as the coil will almost always stay continually saturated.

2. You Might be Vaping too Frequently

Believe us, we know what it’s like: you’re working on the computer, watching a movie or at a social engagement, and you’re not even aware how much you’ve been vaping!

The problem is, chaining like this can increase the chance of dry hits because the coil dries out and becomes overheated. If this is happening to you frequently, you may want to change your vape habits.

Try to be more aware of when and how much you’re vaping. Alternatively, if you don’t want to change how frequently you vape, try a lower-strength e-liquid.

You could also be using a device that doesn’t accommodate your vape habits as efficiently as you’d like, so maybe it could be time for an update…

3. It may be Time to Update your Vaping Device

If you’re getting a lot of dry hits and still don’t know why, it could be time to chuck that outdated e-cig in the bin and get one of the best vape tanks. I know it can seem a bit daunting with so many different devices on the market, but don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Many devices offer the means to change the temperature and voltage which could be instrumental in lessening the chance of dry hits. You should also consider swapping or changing to a brand-new vape juice liquid.

Remember, don’t be afraid to explore and experiment! After all, if it means less chance of a dry hit, it’s totally worth it!

4. Your vape juice VG/PG Ratio Might be the Cause

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) are two of the main ingredients found in e-liquid. VG is thicker than PG, has a reportedly smoother hit and produces more vape, whereas PG produces less vape but a stronger and more flavour-packed hit.

However, as VG is thicker, it takes longer for the coil to become saturated and could be the reason why you’re experiencing a dry hit. This would also be compounded if you like to vape frequently.

So, if you have been experiencing dry hits with a high VG ratio, why not opt for PG? It could be the answer you’ve been searching for on how to prevent a sore throat from vaping and a harsh vape fix.

Hopefully, these recommendations will be all that you need to prevent your throat becoming the sahara desert! If in doubt, try turning your vape off for a bit so it can ‘reset’. Vapes need rest too!

But seriously, taking a break could be good for you and your vape. Also don’t forget that ‘primer puff’ (drawing the liquid when the battery is off) as it helps to keep the coil moist. Happy vaping!

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