Harsh Vape Fix – How to Get a Smooth Vape

In this video, we explain how to fix a harsh vape and get a smoother vape. We often get asked questions about how to fix a harsh vape and there are plenty tips and tricks online to help you achieve a smoother vape. But we decided to make you an informative video giving our advice. We hope you find it useful!

Why is my E-Cigarette Too Harsh?

There are four main reasons why your e-cigarette can be too harsh. And, here at Mist, we know how to fix them. The four most common problems are:

1. The nicotine content of your liquid is too high
2. The PG and VG ratio is wrong
3. Your variable voltage device has a voltage which is too high
4. You have the airflow closed off.

How to Fix the Problem

1 If you have a vape pen with a high nicotine content, it could be too high, try reducing the nicotine content to 6mg because the less nicotine you have in your e-liquid, the smoother it will be.

2 Correcting the ratios of your PG and VG can have a significant impact on the smoothness of your vaping experience. The PG is what makes the flavour and creates the vape hit, while the VG is the vapour production. We would suggest trying an e-liquid with a higher VG to make your harsh vape smoother. Read more about PG & VG in our guide.

3 If you are using a variable voltage device, the higher the voltage the more vapour that is produced which means you are inhaling more nicotine. Try turning down the voltage to create less vapour and enjoy a smoother vape.

4 If you have a tank with an adjustable airflow, closing off the airflow will help you get a more concentrated vapour with more nicotine. If you find it too harsh, try to open the airflow more for a smoother vape.

Happy Vaping!

We hope you have found our tips and tricks useful and that they have allowed you to achieve a smoother vape. For more tips and tricks, check out our other videos and our numerous blog posts on all things vaping!

Stay tuned for more videos coming soon!

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