How to Fix E-Cigarette Leaking

Welcome to another instalment of the Mist E Liquid video blog. Today we're looking at something that annoys all vapers at some point. E cigarette leaking. It's a common problem and we looked at a few of the main reasons for this bane of the vaping world.

The first reason your e cig could be leaking is because you haven't put it together properly. If you find it leaking then it's a good idea to take apart your kit. That means unscrewing the battery and atomiser, then checking for dust or grime in the components. If it all looks clean you can carefully put it all back together, ensuring everything is tight and well connected.

Another common cause of e cigarettes leaking is you may have a fine crack in your tank, or atomiser. Examine the tank carefully and see if you can spot where the e liquid is leaking from. Tanks are generally made of Pyrex or plastic and can be fairly fragile. So if you drop your e cig on the floor there's a good chance it can crack the tank. If you find your e cig is leaking because of a cracked tank, then you can cover it in tape to stop the leak, but the best thing to do is just buy a new one. We have a range of atomisers here.

Another reason an e cigarette could leak is if the battery needs recharging. A lot of vapers don't realise but the lower charge your battery has, the less voltage it can send to the atomiser. This can cause a build up of e liquid which causes it to leak out of the atomiser. A simple way to fix this is to ensure your battery is well charged at all times.

Another common complaint we hear is when people get e liquid in their mouth when inhaling. This can happen when you spill e liquid into the chimney of your atomiser. When filling an atomiser you need to ensure that the e liquid is dripped around the outside of the chimney, otherwise it can get into the chimney and block the airway, resulting in e liquid entering your mouth when you vape.

So, these are the most common causes of e cigarette leakage. We're sure there are others, so if you know of any please just us a comment below.

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