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a-z vaping terminology
A To Z Of Vaping Terminology

24th July 2018

E-cigarettes have been around for decades, and even though they started being sold in the early 2000s, the revolution of the vaping industry came only a few years later, and the community of vapers grew exponentially worldwide. In 2017, the UK had an estimated 2.9 million people vaping and 2,000 vape shops – these numbers have certainly increased by now. So, with a community of millions of vapers, and constant research and studies being released on the subject, it’s only ….

tpd regulations
How To Work Around The TPD Regulations

10th July 2018

The ‘Tobacco Products Directive’ came into effect in the UK in 2016, bringing with it a vast amount of legislation aimed at nicotine products. Suddenly, rolling tobacco could only be purchased in large quantities, 30g minimum, and cigarettes could only be sold in packs of 20, with any and all distinctive branding stripped away to make way for health warnings and unappealing packaging. Any product which contained nicotine was subject to the new laws, which included not ….

how to steep e liquid
How To Steep E Liquid

5th July 2018

For some people, electronic cigarettes are about managing their nicotine in-take. For others, it’s all about the e liquid flavours. E liquid is similar to jelly beans – you get to experience the flavour profile of your favourite treats without actually consuming them. So, for those seeking deeper and stronger flavours, there is a simple trick known as ‘steeping’ with which you can increase the intensity of your e liquid’s flavour. Steeping e liquid is much the same as steeping a cup of ….

cbd e liquid calculator
CBD E Liquid Calculator

27th June 2018

We have a new range of CBD e-liquids and booster shots, and several customers have already attested to us about the benefits they’ve experienced from their use, relieving muscular and joint pains rapidly and without the potentially unnerving psychoactive effects found in the cannabis plant. While the pre-mixed CBD e-liquids have proven very popular, many are interested in the ability to infuse their current favourite e-liquid with CBD with the use of booster shots. These boosters are far more powerful than the pre-mixed liquids, so it can be useful to know exactly how much you should add to your juice. First, you should decide on your daily CBD dosage. 5-10mg of CBD is considered a comfortable, low amount that is a good starting point. But users can increase the dose slightly if they find their pain persists. Now, let us assume that you will be using a 2ml capacity tank for CBD use. Using a specified dose is the only way to accurately determine your dosage requirements, so let’s get as accurate as we can.

e-liquid flavour pairings
Flavour Chart: DIY E-liquid Flavour Pairing Guide

21st June 2018

One of the benefits of vaping is the opportunity to have a DIY experience with e-liquids. DIY e-liquids are definitely a trend in the vaping industry – you can save money, control the flavour strength and nicotine ratio, and be creative by playing with different flavour combinations to make your own e-liquid. Perhaps you can even invent a new taste! Flavour is a valuable experience for foodies and vapers alike – that’s why the most important step in ….

how does an rda work
How Does an RDA Work?

20th June 2018

An RDA – ‘Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser’ – is an advanced piece of vaping gear. If you’re a fan of electronic cigarettes you may already know about coils and how to swap the old ones for new. A vaping RDA is quite a simple item, really: it’s a tank for which you construct your own coils out of cotton and wire. A lot of users, while expressing interest, are rather apprehensive about engaging with rebuilds. If you’re not familiar with constructing ….

vaping tricks
Top Vaping Tricks and How To Do Them

13th June 2018

Electronic cigarettes have provided a great number of smokers with an option to manage their nicotine addiction in a way which is not harmful to them or those around them. While smoke reduction is obviously the most important aspect of vaping, it has presented its user-base with a whole new avenue for creative expression: vaping tricks! Check out our list below of some of our favourite vape tricks and how to do them. Top 6 Vaping Tricks: 1. Ghosting While ….

us e-cigarette regulations
Trouble Across The Pond: U.S. E-Cigarette Regulations

12th June 2018

We’re several years into the vape revolution now, and studies are confirming what we’ve been saying all along; smokers are having greater success than ever before in reducing their smoke intake and managing their nicotine addictions with the use of electronic cigarettes. The UK in particular has adapted very well to this new technology, with vape enthusiasm at an all time high on this side of the Atlantic. Sadly, our neighbours across the pond still appear unsure about ….

What is CBD E-Liquid and Can It Help?

30th May 2018

For years legal battles have been fought over researching the cannabis plant in order to produce medicines and relief to common ailments. While years of study have supported a myriad of health benefits to cannabis, the plant’s legal status has proved something of a roadblock to researchers, and on top of this, whilst many patients have enjoyed the varied anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of cannabis, some have found the psychoactive effects of the substance to be discomforting and a source ….

a woman vaping
A Guide to Vaping Indoors

23rd May 2018

Where (and when) can people can vape? As more and more people take up vaping, the need for clearer guidelines on vaping indoors increases. Although the vast majority of vapers are considerate of company policies, having official regulations and clear & universal guidelines will help to ensure that everyone knows exactly where they stand. In the meantime, it’s up to e-cigarette users themselves to get their heads around the often confusing rules and regulations that govern vaping in offices, pubs, ….

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