Can You Vape In A Pub? The Ultimate Guide To Vaping Indoors

Can I vape in the pub?

Technically there are currently no UK laws preventing someone from using a vape inside a pub or bar. However, you must ask the bar staff what the policy on vaping is before starting to puff away.

Venues like pubs still have the right to forbid items and behaviours that they feel are unwelcome, and sadly vapes are included in this more often than not.

But what about other indoor venues like restaurants, the workplace and more. The laws vary from place to place, that’s why we have created this ultimate guide to vaping indoors.

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  2. Vaping in pub smoking areas
  3. Discreet devices for pub vaping
  4. Can you vape at work?
  5. Can you vape in a restaurant?
  6. Indoor vaping etiquette

Vaping in pubs

The UK smoking ban of 2006 is still fresh in the minds of many a pub goer; some are pleased to be free of the haze and consider vapour an unpleasant reminder, while some smokers will resent those who are using a visible nicotine medium.

In 2013 pub chain JD Wetherspoon defended their decision to maintain a vaping ban on the basis that bar staff were having trouble serving customers in time because, due to the visible vapour that emits from electronic cigarettes, “[…] if a customer looks like they are smoking, barstaff have no other choice but to investigate.”

It may not seem fair, but pub owners are more likely to side with those who don’t wish to see vapes being used indoors; in the wake of the 2007 ban a lot of people began to see bars as being healthier for children, pregnant people, asthmatics and a number of others who had previously felt unwelcome or unsafe in a smoke-laden environment.

While second-hand vapour has never been shown to have a harmful effect, society generally asks that you reserve it for outdoor use.

Can You Vape In A Pub Smoking Area?

vape in a pub garden

Absolutely; it’s incredibly unlikely that any pub is going to ask you not to vape in their outdoor seating area or a bar’s designated smoking area.

There is still, of course, a case of general etiquette to consider. While you’re probably fine using your vape in the smoking area, even a sub-ohm one, you still want to be considerate of others around you.

If you’re using a high VG vape juice in a big cloud tank like the Uwell Crown IV, make an effort to exhale upward so that your vape cloud dissipates into the air above you; while vapour is infinitely less harmful than tobacco smoke it does have the tendency to linger and cling to surfaces and fabrics, which may irritate those sat close nearby.

Discreet devices for pub vaping

airgo vape in a pub

We’d generally recommend a smaller MTL device like the Innokin T18E-II or Aspire Vilter, which provide enough power to get you through those evening drinks without being so large as to weigh you down and won’t produce such a large cloud as to annoy the smokers around you, particularly if you’re all crammed in the same spot to avoid the rain.

Many people who only want to join in on the social smokes of the evening will find a pod vape system like the Uwell Caliburn or SMOK Nord 2 suit them perfectly, as these devices are discreet and unlikely to cause any offense or irritation to those around you.

The SMOK Nord 2 in particular has the advantage of having what is basically a pub mode; the MTL Nord pod provides moderate vapes while the RPM pod also included with the kit allows for more intensive sub-ohming puffs at a more appropriate time.

Can you vape at work?

In 2016, Public Health England (PHE) published a guide to help businesses and employers create clear and reasonable policies on vaping in the workplace.

Put together in response to the rapid rise of electronic cigarettes, the Government wanted to use the guide to help encourage employers to allow the use of e cigarettes on their premises.

As Kevin Fenton, national director of health and wellbeing at Public Health England says

The evidence is clear that vaping is much less harmful than smoking and that e-cigarettes are helping many smokers to quit

A consequence of this guide is that many companies, especially larger employers, now have their own vaping policies. Before getting your vape out at work, ask your bosses about the agreed vaping rules for your workplace and make sure you stick to them.

While some offices may allow employees to vape at their desks, others will confine e-cigarette use to common rooms. Some may even ask employees to go outside before using their vape pens.

If your workplace doesn’t yet have an indoor vaping policy, ask your bosses if you can work together to create one. By setting a few ground rules you can ensure that everyone is happy with you vaping at work and make it easier for other people to take up vaping as well.

Can you vape in a restaurant?

Just like workplaces, it’s up to pubs and restaurants to come up with their own rules when it comes to vaping indoors. According to the law, vaping in restaurants isn’t illegal in the UK.

Vaping isn’t affected by anti-smoking regulation like conventional cigarettes and other tobacco products, so in theory, you should be able to vape whenever you’re out for some food. In reality however, a lot of pubs and restaurants have banned vaping inside.

A lot of restaurants have created their own policies, so if you’re out for some food with your friends, make sure you ask before you start using your vape pen.

In general, restaurants, and pubs that serve food, don’t allow customers to vape indoors. Even though breathing in second hand vapour is incredibly safe, many establishments have found that diners prefer a completely smoke and vape free environment when they’re enjoying a meal out.

Indoor vaping etiquette

Rules and regulations can vary from office to office and pub to pub. So it’s always a good idea to check with bosses or staff before using your vape pen indoors. Especially if you are going to be vaping around non-smokers or young people.

If there are people sitting close to you, make sure that you check they’re happy for you to vape before you begin. Try to avoid vaping if someone near to you is enjoying a meal out.

By following these simple etiquette rules, and being aware of the people around you, you shouldn’t have any problems when vaping indoors. Take a look through the information on our site to find out more about vaping rules, etiquette and to help you become smoke-free.

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