Switch Success Stories – The Results Are In!

Every day we experience the positive impact vaping has had on our own and customers lives, and we feel extremely inspired to know that we have played a part in helping them choose a healthier habit.

During the months of May-July 2019 MIST we asked our customers about their “Vaping Journey

Below you can view the results, and see for yourself how vaping is helping people make a positive impact on their lives.

Key Findings

Vape Stats Infographics by Fred Cassman

Main reasons for switching:

  1. Health (66%)
  2. Family (12%)
  3. Cost (9%)
  4. Beauty (4%)
  5. Other (9%)

People who reported health benefits:

95% of people

People who reported financial savings:

92.86% of people

Cigarettes smoked per day:

  1. 5-10 (3.57%)
  2. 10-15 (26.43%)
  3. 15-20 (38.57%)
  4. 20-40 (29.29%)
  5. 40+ (2.14%)

Pre-rolled vs roll-your-owns (RYO): 

53% Pre Rolled vs  47% (RYO)

Average years smoking before switching to vape:

26 Years

Tried other methods to quit that didn’t work:

80% of people 

Discovered vaping through a friend of colleague: 

65% of people

Vaping for 2 or more years:

76% of people

Intend to quit vaping:

37% intend

Intent to carry on vaping:

63% intend

How easy did people find switching to vape:

8/10 (10 being very easy)

Importance of flavour:

7.5/10 (10 being most important)

All in all we are very pleased with how the survey turned out, and we think it speaks for itself. To have a look at the responses in more detail, flick through the below for all of the results.

If you are thinking about making the switch from smoke to vape, why not get in touch via live chat, email, or phone, and we can run you through the basics!

Many thanks to all who got involved.



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