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8/8 Could cause more premature deaths than any terrorist atrocity…

18th August 2016

My sister in law has breast cancer. She’s currently undergoing chemotherapy. They caught it early so the prognosis is favourable, but for anyone who has either experienced such an event personally or with family or friends it epitomises just how fragile life can be. I’m no expert on cancer or the causes so I googled “what causes cancer?” Cancer research UK provided me with the following information: 4 in 10 cancer causes could be prevented Smoking is the most preventable ….

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The all new Innokin iTaste EZ.TC

15th August 2016

Easy temperature control for beginners Innokin have established themselves in the ecig market over the last few years as a manufacturer who makes reliable and well-built vaping devices. Although some of their earlier products looked quite strange (have you seen the Coolfire II?), they were well made and the design improved over the years. They make products to suit a range of different users, from the incredibly simple to use Endura series which is one of the absolute best options ….

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Butt Out, Butts

8th August 2016

Friday night. A group of smokers are stood outside a pub, puffing, chatting, laughing. They exchange stories about the week’s most hilarious moments and dangle their cigarettes from their fingers, barely noticing their existence. After a parting drag, one by one, they toss the ends of their cigarettes downwards, into the gutter. Wednesday afternoon. Sally’s got two minutes left on her lunch break and she’s speed-walking back to the office, out of breath with lungs full of smoke. Twenty feet ….

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All new coil design: The Aspire Cleito

8th August 2016

A compact tank from Aspire with an all new coil design Aspire are well known in the world of ecigs for their brilliantly performing devices, from the King of mouth-to-lung Nautilus series, to the enormous Atlantis Mega sub ohm tank. They’ve made a name for themselves over the last few years for making quality devices that are reasonably priced and perform well. One of the latest of these devices is called the Cleito, and it’s a fantastic little sub ohm tank ….

The Secret

3rd August 2016

    Who’s going on holiday this month? Will it be the Italian Lakes or St Lucia or perhaps money is a bit tight and you’re having to make do with Butlins or a cheap weekend away camping? For almost four years now Her Majesty’s Government have indirectly paid for all my holidays! I found the secret by accident. For the past 3 years I’ve been sharing this secret to all who will listen. I want everyone to go on ….

Vaping at Work
Smoke-free vs. Vape-free in the Workplace

25th July 2016

As all ex- or current smokers know, the UK is quite strict on its smoke-free laws and policies. We’re all familiar with these rules – pubs are no longer the stuffy, stale-smelling smoke pits that they were once upon a time, and gone are the days when under-18s could easily charm their way into buying cigs from their local offy. Smoking is more of a nuisance than ever before, with good reason. Passive smoking is a real health risk and ….

Smokey Side Effects

20th July 2016

Some smokey side effects are talked about less than others. We all know that smoking is a massive factor when it comes to the big ‘C’ and that breathing difficulties are commonly attributed to smoking cigarettes, but there are a tonne of often overlooked side effects to smoking that are well worth noting if you’re looking for more motivation to put the nasty things away for good. It’s not that these are unknown consequences to smoking – a quick internet ….

Vapers are criminals
Fighting the Right to Choose

13th July 2016

  Sometimes I feel that the world has gone absolutely mad and I’m not talking about the EU Referendum and the political fallout that followed. The circus that is UK politics pales into insignificance compared to decisions that literally could mean life or death. The levels of restraint that our so called leaders and legislators enforce on us as citizens is like being back in the middle ages. Today I happened to see this tweet:     Surely it’s a ….

E-dating, e-smoking

11th July 2016

Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, Bumble, Grindr… Welcome to the twenty-first century, where the drinks are expensive but a date is just a digital swipe away. The glory of dating apps is that you can present your best self and pick a potential partner with as little or as much thought as you decide you can be bothered with. Really, who wants to wade through the bar scene, to approach people in coffee shops? No one, that’s who, myself included. Tinder has ….

How much harm
Slip ups happen…

5th July 2016

It’s 11am on a Sunday morning. There is no way I’m getting out of bed today, my head is pounding, my throat is dry and my mouth is fuzzy. How much did I have to drink last night? I think to myself, a living embodiment of every student/youth/British cliché. Why did we go to [insert lame club name here]? Who’s this text from? Did I yell at Marshall over the latest Game of Thrones reveal? Then, a sudden realisation: Ughh. ….

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