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On all domestic orders over £40

A New Release from Aspire

10th February 2017

Aspire, one of the bigger names in the vaping industry, have announced an update to the very popular Nautilus tanks, with the tagline “the legend never ends”. The original Nautilus was one of Aspire’s most successful products to date, and very widely regarded as the best mouth to lung tank on the market. While the design itself was never a favourite of mine personally (that bell shaped tank was quite exposed), the performance earned it that justified title of legend. ….

The Fake News Epidemic

9th February 2017

  It may surprise most vapers but in the US half of the population still believe that vaping is as bad as smoking. In the UK from my own experiences I expect that the ratio is probably very similar, especially among non smokers. In fact last year The Office of National Statistics published smoking and vaping statistics for 2014 which showed that 24% of all current and ex smokers believed that vaping was about as harmful as smoking and even ….

5 Ways Vaping Can Help You Beat the January Blues

18th January 2017

So, this week it’s been widely reported that Monday 16th January is the most depressing day of the year. Experts claim that the third Monday in January is when the majority of us well and truly dip into the January blues, i.e. we’re well back into the swing of it at the office, the festive parties are well and truly over and we’re all getting a bit glum about it. I think I know the feeling – the guilt of ….

A Taxing time for All!

3rd January 2017

  Everyone struggles to find the right Christmas present for that elderly relative. I know that I do and as a last resort I revert to the questions “What will they enjoy?” “What do they like to drink or eat?” In day’s gone past, even a pack of decent cigars may have been considered a perfect gift for someone difficult? So has anyone noticed how the popular Christmas gifts we have historically bought for friends and family, because we know that ….

A Very Merry Christmas Vape

23rd November 2016

With eLiquid choices being seemingly endless, you’re spoilt for choice this winter season for cosy flavours to vape by the fire. One of the joys of vaping is that you can switch your taste whenever you fancy, so when the colder months roll around, you can top up with wintry warmers. One of the other joys is that when you’re feeling creative, you’re completely free to exercise your ingenuity and make your very own flavour combinations. There can be a ….

Guest Review: Eleaf iPower

21st November 2016

Behemoth battery Eleaf have been around in the vaping world for quite a while, and are known for making good and inexpensive devices. Their mods have been praised and recommended by many, usually in the lower power end of the market. Many of my vaping friends started with eleaf mods, and I began to associate the name with inexpensive but good value mods. So when I heard they were making a small mod capable of 80 watts with an incredible ….

Winter is coming…

17th November 2016

Winter is coming. That means it’s time to save up for Christmas gifts, prepare for the school holidays and try to remember (again) how the timer on the central heating even works and have inevitable arguments with your housemates about what temperature setting is the right one (a great TV show once recommended setting it to 29 degrees to “give it something to aim for”). Scarves and gloves and hats galore come with this time of year, and whilst it ….

Put Those Smoking Jackets Away: How Smoking Damages Men’s Health

15th November 2016

Throughout recent history, smoking has been seen as a man’s habit. From the Marlboro man’s rugged, cowboy cigarettes, Sherlock Holmes’ infamous, sophisticated pipe all the way through to Hugh Jackman’s macho cigars, if you look for examples of smokers in the media, you’ll find a lot of men taking long, seemingly masculine, drags from all manner of tobacco products. With Movember well under way, we thought now would be a good time to focus on just how men are affected ….

Smoking, Ecigs & Nicotine: Fact vs Fiction

18th October 2016

Nicotine is a pretty powerful substance, there’s no denying that. It’s found naturally in tobacco, but also (in smaller quantities) in the potato, tomato, aubergine and green pepper plants. When people talk about quitting smoking, they – not incorrectly – mainly think about quitting nicotine, because that’s the part you become addicted to and thus need to ‘kick’. However, the focus on nicotine has made for some misconceptions about it. Somewhere, in the message of ‘quit smoking’, the idea that ….

Rude Oil – A Guest Review

13th October 2016

Rude Oil are another UK manufacturer of eliquids, and currently have three flavours in their range. The packaging is quite unique, their bottles ship inside a can with a ring pull top, which in my opinion is a great idea and looks fantastic. As each bottle inside is 10ml, this complies with the TPD regulations of 10ml max per bottle and is a much nicer way of packaging to give you a total of 30ml with these regulations. There’s a ….

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