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On all domestic orders over £40

Stoptober or Vapetober? – Why you’re Better off Vaping this October

7th October 2015

Stoptober or Vapetober?   It’s that time of year again. The Stoptober quit smoking campaign has arrived. As a smoker for over 35 years I gradually became totally immune to the above fear type “adverts” during the annual Stop Smoking campaigns now called ‘Stoptober’. The TV ads were wasted on me. Despite costing millions in advertising materials and celebrity endorsements (who probably didn’t even smoke), I already knew of the risks and dangers of smoking. I knew that smoking wasn’t ….

Why #Vapetober is so Important to us.

30th September 2015

Why #Vapetober is so Important to us.   Hello smokers and vapers of all shapes and sizes. You probably noticed we’ve been making quite a lot of noise about #Vapetober recently and you may be wondering what exactly it – this blog post is here to clear things up. There are still around 10 million adults in Great Britain smoking cigarettes: 22% of men and 17% of women and smoking is still the number one killer not just in our country but ….

5 Ways E Cigarettes Have Changed the World

23rd September 2015

This #Vapetober at Mist we’re aiming to help as many people as possible make the switch from smoke to vapour. With over 5 years experience in the vaping industry, we feel we’re well equipped to achieve our goal!  Vapers are popping up all over the place, with over 2.1million of them in the UK alone we feel strongly that vaping is here to stay. So here’s the reality, vaping is the future of smoking. Check out our top 5 ….

Guest Review – Sigelei 75w Review

2nd September 2015

Sigelei 75w Review from Stu @ Vaping UK For this edition in our Guest Review series we take a look at the Sigelei 75w Temperature Control MOD. Thank you to Stu from Vaping UK. It is well worth checking out their app for IOS and Android. It’s a great tool for finding your local vaping vedors, reviews and more. Highly recommended! Now let’s get started with the Sigelei 75w Review. Sigelei 75w Review   The phenomena that’s taken the ….

The EU TPD – Any room for flexibility in the UK?

10th August 2015

Good news folks! The Government has set up a public consultation to seek views on implementing the revised Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which if you were hibernating, comes into force next year in May. To be frank I’ve never even noticed any previous public consultations, but as the TPD now includes the controlled regulation of e-cigs, a subject very important to me – I felt that I’d better take a look. The TPD covers all things tobacco, however I’m primarily ….

Guest Review – Aspire Triton

30th July 2015

Aspire Triton Review from VaperUK Next up in our guest review series it’s the latest tank from Aspire. This piece of kit is pretty much the pinnacle of Sub ohming devices. It’s packed full of features and it’s hard to think of anything else they could have done to improve this one. A big thanks to Pete aka.Vaper UK for handing in this detailed review. All you need to know and more: Review:   Let’s look at the specifications ….

PG vs VG e liquid – all you need to know

20th July 2015

PG vs VG E Liquid – all you need to know When finding an e liquid that’s right for you, one of the most important factors alongside choosing a flavour is deciding on a PG  vs VG (Propylene glycol vs Vegetable glycerine) based e liquid. In this blog post we’re going to be taking you through all you need to know to make an informed decision. So let’s get started! What’s in my E liquid: The most common base fluid ….

Guest Review – Cosmic Fog E Liquid

17th July 2015

Guest Review – Cosmic Fog E Liquid Next up in our guest review series it’s Cosmic Fog’s famous e liquid. Thanks to RoboVaper from the UKvapers forum for doing this for us! Review:   I’ve wanted to try the Cosmic Fog juices for ages, but have never gotten around to doing it. I’ve mostly reviewed up and coming or lesser known juices to date (although I’ve tried many of the “big brands”). I’ll be using a combination of dripper ….

Regulation is coming – How will it affect Me?

10th July 2015

Regulation is coming – How will it affect me? “This time next year Rodney………we’ll be………regulated” You may recall before the General Election within our blog titled “The Purpose Of E-Cigarettes” we posed a number of questions in relation to the purpose of ecigs and the potential need for any regulatory controls. A great number of you responded (thank you) and the questions drew the following results:                           ….

Mist newsjuly
Mist News – July 2015

29th June 2015

Mist News – July 2015 June has been a busy month for everyone here at Mist HQ, we have expanded our team with two new members of staff, we have a wide range of new products, we’ve been growing our social media channels (Mist TV and our blog) and we’re getting ready to launch one of our biggest and best offers to date (starting July 1st). Everything will be revealed in this edition of Mist News! New members of ….

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