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On all domestic orders over £40

We’re Hiring!

27th May 2016

We’ve got an exciting new opportunity for bloggers/writers/reviewers who can start asap! You should ideally be UK based although this is not essential, and have a broad knowledge and passion for all things vape-related. Each blog post created should be comprehensive and well written, to discussed deadlines. Knowledge of WordPress is preferred but not essential. You will also be expected to share and promote these articles on your own networks. Pay negotiable. Incentive scheme in place – the more views/shares ….

E-cigs could transform the worlds health…

23rd May 2016

  A lifetime smoker will die between 11-14 years sooner than a non smoker, depending on whose statistics you use. The single biggest preventable cause of early death. Smoking isn’t good for your health, your longevity and also your pocket. But all smokers already know this, so for the past 40 years a whole industry has been created (tobacco control) to seemingly try and stem the harm and early death caused by smoking. Aided and abetted by Public Health the ….

Blog May5th
Give E-cigs to Smokers

9th May 2016

HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF – BUT IS ANYONE NOW LISTENING?  1962, 70% of adult men and 43% of women in the UK smoked. It was normal, it was socially accepted. Non smokers were the minority. Then in 1962, The Royal College of Physicians published a key report – Smoking and Health. It highlighted the link between smoking and lung cancer amongst other diseases. It made a strong and overwhelming scientific case for the harm caused by smoking. It called on the ….

Simon Says
“You’re not allowed to smoke here, Sir”

19th April 2016

I’m sure that many of us remember playing the children’s game “Simon says” where the players had to obey the command given by the player designated as Simon. However, I’m beginning to wonder if most adult vapers still believe that they are playing Simon Says in the playground? Simon Says, Vaping is Smoking… Growing up: The Herd Mentality From children we are taught to obey rules and to do as we are told. This continues into adulthood as we become more aware ….

The end of Vaping? or A New Chapter?

5th April 2016

In under 3 months the UK will have transposed the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive into UK law and in particular Article 20 which affects the sale of e-cigs and liquid. Much has been written about how vaping would be affected and of the fears, some justified, others not so obvious, so what will be the affect for vapers and what do we now know for certain? Firstly however whilst on the subject of regulations last week on March 31st vapers around the ….

Cameron takes drugs
Cameron Takes Drugs? – Looking behind the Headlines

26th January 2016

                                    How many of us when reading a newspaper simply notice the headline and pay no interest to the content? I know that I do, more so if I have little interest in the subject, then the headline is all that I need or choose to read. Newspaper headlines are what we tend to remember. You may not fully read the article, but ….

A Billion Lives – The e-cig dilemma?

16th December 2015

I recently watched an e-cig debate online where the debate posed the question why is there a public health war against e-cigs when they succeed in reducing tobacco use and the harm from tobacco. Each speaker gave their take on the reasons why the so called war was occurring and whether they believed more or less regulations were in fact necessary for e-cigs. The smoker that had given up “giving up” I was particularly struck by one speaker namely the ….

Christmas Gift Ideas

10th December 2015

Left your Christmas shopping late again this year? Well check out our Christmas Gifts page to find the perfect gift for your Vaping friend or family member this Mistmas.   Know somebody who needs to stop their smokey habit? Well we have all types of beginners covered. Purchase one of our highly acclaimed starter kits here as the perfect gift this Christmas, they come with everything needed to get up and running in just a few clicks. Do you know

The real objective
The Real Reason for E Cigarette Regulation – Damage Limitation

4th November 2015

The real objective for Article 20 was never “how can we effectively regulate e-cigs so that they can continue to radically reduce tobacco consumption?” but “what are the financial implications if e-cigs replace tobacco smoking?” An outcome that was becoming more likely as millions shifted from highly taxed tobacco smoking to the hugely popular, and less harmful e-cigs. There are massive financial implications for the “Tobacco Economy”; from Government taxation, publicly funded Tobacco Control organisations, and big Pharmaceutical companies. Profit ….

success stories
Vapetober Success Stories

13th October 2015

With Vapetober launching this October we ran a competition asking for your vaping success stories. The stories below are just a pick of the many we received. We hope they give you the inspiration and confidence you need to take the Vapetober challenge yourself.   Neil’s Story   From the minute my first CE4’s dropped through my letterbox over 2 years ago, I’ve never looked back. I’ve since tried a real smoke after becoming curious and it was ….

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