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On all domestic orders over £40

Vaping at Work
Smoke-free vs. Vape-free in the Workplace

25th July 2016

As all ex- or current smokers know, the UK is quite strict on its smoke-free laws and policies. We’re all familiar with these rules – pubs are no longer the stuffy, stale-smelling smoke pits that they were once upon a time, and gone are the days when under-18s could easily charm their way into buying cigs from their local offy. Smoking is more of a nuisance than ever before, with good reason. Passive smoking is a real health risk and ….

Smokey Side Effects

20th July 2016

Some smokey side effects are talked about less than others. We all know that smoking is a massive factor when it comes to the big ‘C’ and that breathing difficulties are commonly attributed to smoking cigarettes, but there are a tonne of often overlooked side effects to smoking that are well worth noting if you’re looking for more motivation to put the nasty things away for good. It’s not that these are unknown consequences to smoking – a quick internet ….

Vapers are criminals
Fighting the Right to Choose

13th July 2016

  Sometimes I feel that the world has gone absolutely mad and I’m not talking about the EU Referendum and the political fallout that followed. The circus that is UK politics pales into insignificance compared to decisions that literally could mean life or death. The levels of restraint that our so called leaders and legislators enforce on us as citizens is like being back in the middle ages. Today I happened to see this tweet:     Surely it’s a ….

E-dating, e-smoking

11th July 2016

Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, Bumble, Grindr… Welcome to the twenty-first century, where the drinks are expensive but a date is just a digital swipe away. The glory of dating apps is that you can present your best self and pick a potential partner with as little or as much thought as you decide you can be bothered with. Really, who wants to wade through the bar scene, to approach people in coffee shops? No one, that’s who, myself included. Tinder has ….

How much harm
Slip ups happen…

5th July 2016

It’s 11am on a Sunday morning. There is no way I’m getting out of bed today, my head is pounding, my throat is dry and my mouth is fuzzy. How much did I have to drink last night? I think to myself, a living embodiment of every student/youth/British cliché. Why did we go to [insert lame club name here]? Who’s this text from? Did I yell at Marshall over the latest Game of Thrones reveal? Then, a sudden realisation: Ughh. ….

The Do’s & Don’ts of Travelling with your Ecig

20th June 2016

Throw your coat in the back of the cupboard, discard your thick woolly hats and hide your ugly, lumpy jumpers in the depths of your wardrobe, because glory-be, hold your hands high and praise the weather gods: the great British summer’s here!… Apparently… via GIPHY And, once everyone’s had their fill of the mediocre, but still inexplicably glorious, English sunshine, several of us might find ourselves speeding to the airport in search of greener pastures…I’m lucky enough to be ….

(Whether You Like it or Not)

9th June 2016

Hipsters. If you live in Brighton or east London, you’re bound to have run into a few and if you live on planet Earth, you’re bound to have at least overheard a conversation about them. Man buns, thick rimmed glasses, plaid shirts, asymmetric haircuts… They’re all symptoms of the new hipster culture. Ever been to Shoreditch and played that ever-popular new contemporary classic; Hobo or Hipster? It’s a lot of fun – is that guy chilling on a bench with ….


8th June 2016

We’ve heard “taking back control” a great deal over the past week. The EU referendum rallying call as highlighted by Michael Gove on TV was “take back control”. Of course he was referring to the EU referendum and the UK people taking back democratic control of their everyday life and money. The strange process of the UK (via our own taxes) paying the EU £350 million pounds each week, who then return £180 million pounds to the UK, but then ….

We’re Hiring!

27th May 2016

We’ve got an exciting new opportunity for bloggers/writers/reviewers who can start asap! You should ideally be UK based although this is not essential, and have a broad knowledge and passion for all things vape-related. Each blog post created should be comprehensive and well written, to discussed deadlines. Knowledge of WordPress is preferred but not essential. You will also be expected to share and promote these articles on your own networks. Pay negotiable. Incentive scheme in place – the more views/shares ….

E-cigs could transform the worlds health…

23rd May 2016

  A lifetime smoker will die between 11-14 years sooner than a non smoker, depending on whose statistics you use. The single biggest preventable cause of early death. Smoking isn’t good for your health, your longevity and also your pocket. But all smokers already know this, so for the past 40 years a whole industry has been created (tobacco control) to seemingly try and stem the harm and early death caused by smoking. Aided and abetted by Public Health the ….

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