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Guest Review: HS Mist E Liquid – Fruits

12th January 2015

For our latest edition in our guest review series we asked members of the UKVapers and Planet of the Vapes forums to review our own branded e liquid. First up we have ‘Joe Clay’ from Plant of the Vapes reviewing some of our top selling fruit flavours. Review: This review of MIST e-juice’s is true, honest and of my own opinion, I also have NO connection with the company ‘MIST’. I have been asked for a truthful and ….

atlantis review
Guest Review – Aspire Atlantis Kit

5th January 2015

Next up in our guest review series we have the much hyped Atlantis tank and CF Sub ohm battery from Aspire (Aspire Atlantis Kit) . Thanks to photographer and avid vaper Richard Hannam for handing in this extensive review that features tips and tricks for how to get the best out of this latest kit from Aspire. Review:   First of all, I have to say that this review is entirely my own opinion & has no commercial connection with ….

month xmas
The Month in Vaping News – Christmas 2014

22nd December 2014

Welcome back to the “The Month in Vaping News”. 2014 has certainly been a significant year in the short life of e-cigs. As we reach the end of the year, ever more respected scientific evidence is being disclosed showing that ecigs are effective and indeed safe. One study even showed ecigs to be less addictive than smoking. A mighty rumpus erupted when the media ran a totally false scaremongering story to discredit ecigs. The Office for National Statistics confirmed ….

Mini Protnak
Guest Review – Kanger Mini Protank 3

10th December 2014

Review: Next up in our guest review series we have  the fantastic Kanger Mini Protank 3. Thanks to Miss Pepper, an admin from the well known ‘Planet Of the Vapes’ forum for handing us this lovely little review.   WHATS IN THE BOX   The following comments are of my own opinion and not connected to POTV or MIST. What can I say that has not already been said a million times over? Quite a lot as it is me ….

Nicotine – Not as dangerous or addictive as we thought?

8th December 2014

If you’d asked me the above question 5 years ago when I was a tobacco smoker of over 30 years I would have answered “Of course – that’s why it’s so difficult to give up” Roll forward 5 years and ask me the same question and I would in all honesty answer Probably not, but maybe that’s what we’ve all been led to believe”. Now you may ask why this is important, but imagine being told that vitamin C is ….

november headlines
The Month in Vaping News – November 2014

28th November 2014

Welcome once again to the ‘The Month in Vaping News’. Here you’ll find all you need to keep up to date with all things vaping. There never seems a dull moment where ecigs are concerned. There’s ever more news items and questions being raised regarding advertising or even fire risks. Amongst this madness, the annual, highly informative E-cigarette summit took place in London. The Scottish Government (unlike UK parliament) exercised their ability to be truly democratic by taking part ….

Given up
I’ve given up smoking – why are you still hassling me?

10th November 2014

Vaping is being attacked from all corners – why? Imagine walking into a pub and ordering a vodka and tonic only to see the barman walk over to a tap, pour a little water into a glass and then fill the glass up with tonic. You’d be outraged and would quickly point out to him “that’s water not vodka” only for him to shrug his shoulders and reply with a smug “so what they both look the same!” Not only ….

month in vping oct
The Month in Vaping News – October 2014

20th October 2014

Welcome to the ‘The Month in Vaping News’. Here you’ll find all you need to keep up to date with all the latest vaping news. This month has been as controversial as ever, with questions about regulation on everyone’s mind there’s been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between the WHO, big pharma, the EU, big tobacco and the e cig industry. We take a look through the standout moments and hopefully help you to make some ….

mist news
#Swaptober at Mist – Our Biggest Month Yet

6th October 2014

Hi guys, as you may of noticed we’ve been making quite a lot of noise about #Swaptober recently and with good reason. We’ve been working hard on getting everything ready and we’re happy to say that we’re now all launched! #Swaptober is all about making the switch, ditching tobacco for the ecig and we want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for smokers to make a positive change. This #Swaptober (01/10/14 – 31/10/14) we’re offering our customers ….

Guest Review – Aspire Nautilus Mini

2nd October 2014

Review As part of a new series of posts on our blog, we’re asking members of the vaping community to deliver us a guest review of our latest products. Next up it’s the fantastic Aspire Nautilus Mini. Thanks to Daniel aka. dw1986 of UKVapers for handing in this detailed review! Overview The Aspire Mini Nautilus is the compact version of its bigger brother, the best-selling Aspire Nautilus, with a 2ml capacity, replaceable dual coil heads, airflow control and ….

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