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XTAR PB2S Charger

XTAR’s PB2S charger is a 2-bay battery charger that boasts advanced battery charging features.
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  • £21.99

A must-have for vapers on the go, the XTAR PB2S Charger is loaded with intelligent features for fast, safe charging. Compatible with 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries, it’s built from fire-proof material and three-stage charging technology for longer battery life. Plus, it also doubles up as a portable power bank that can last 2 days on a single charge!

Intelligent charging

Whether you’re using 18650, 20700 or 21700 external vape batteries, charge them all with the PB2S safely and accurately. Unlike regular chargers on the market, the PB2S utilises a three-stage charge system that has your battery’s best interests at heart. When you slide in a battery that’s low on power, instead of overloading it with current, it gently wakes the battery up with a low current and after the right level switches to constant voltage. There is also an intelligent 0V activation function built inside that safely revives fully drained batteries, thus improving their health. 

Patented Three-Stage Charging Technology

If you’re a vaper who’s concerned about the longevity of their batteries, the PB2S puts you at ease immediately. With its patented battery balancing technology, the charger makes optimum use of the capacity available while charging your batteries. 

Its three-stage tech provides ‘trickle current’ to protect batteries in low voltage, ‘constant current’ for charging at normal voltage, and ‘constant voltage’ to protect the battery when it approaches full charge. Along with this, the built-in protection circuit automatically cuts power when your batteries are fully charged - avoiding overcharging, short circuits and other unnecessary accidents.

Charger + Power Bank In One Package

The PB2S is an excellent battery charger, but it also doubles up as a power bank that you can safely use to charge all your portable devices. It gives you the option of two output ports (Type-C and USB-A) so you can simultaneously charge two devices at the same time!

While it boasts of 2 days worth of power, the PB2S uses QC3.0+PD3.0 Fast Charging so you can top it up quickly on the go. Along with all this, its convenient button-activated display, magnetic cover, dust-proof and drop-proof design and attractive colours make the XTAR PB2S Charger so much more than just a charger or a power bank.


Fire-proof PC material
Built-in intelligent detection system
Battery-balancing technology
Auto cut-off after fully charged
Display for real-time charging
Two output ports (1 Type C and 1 USB-A)
Compatible with 18650, 20700, and 21700


1x XTAR PB2S Charger
1x USB A to USB C Cable
1X User Manual

Founded all the way back in 2006, XTAR have been producing versatile battery and charging solutions for almost twenty years now. With multiple awards under their belts, XTAR’s entire focus is on manufacturing the very best batteries and chargers in the industry, and their Li-ion battery chargers are absolutely perfect for external vape batteries.

MIST are very happy to offer XTAR’s award-winning expertise to our customers and are certain that products like the XTAR PB2S Charger are exactly what you need in order to keep your batteries full and healthy.

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