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Nitecore New i4 IntelliCharger Battery Charger

Nitecore’s latest version of the i4 IntelliCharger boasts a design overhaul and five new features.
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Now that’s what we call a powerful upgrade! The New i4 IntelliCharger Battery Charger by Nitecore is packed with 5 intelligent new features over its predecessor to charge your batteries smartly, and safely while extending their life. With a 100% accelerated charging speed, ACD technology, wider battery compatibility, LED indicator and lots more, the New i4 is ready to charge your vape batteries faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before. 

100% Charging Acceleration - No More Waiting

One of the most impressive upgrades is its 100% charging acceleration, which means that each of its 4 battery slots can now charge at up to 1.5A, twice as fast as the old i4. The result? Your batteries charge in half the time! While the max output of the original i4 was 750mA, the New i4 battery charger boasts a whopping 1500mA capacity.

ACD Tech for Power Efficiency

Another feature we love on the New i4 is the ACD (Active Current Distribution) technology, This revolutionary new feature can automatically detect which batteries are fully charged and immediately stop supplying power to those slots. Instead, it reroutes that current to the next charging slots that need more power! This not only is a big step up for safety but also prevents overcharging and prolongs the life of your vape batteries. 

Wider Compatibility & Battery Recovery Feature

The new i4 is compatible with not just 3.7V batteries, but also 4.35V batteries! Simply use the V button to set the charging voltage for each individual battery slot as needed. Plus, its IMR battery recovery feature lets you bring an over-discharged or depleted battery back to life again. To do this, hold the C and V buttons simultaneously to initiate the recovery process!

Built For Safety, Smart Charging and Ease of Use

The moment a battery is fully charged on the new i4, its LED indicator will let you know at a glance! Its precise current distribution system automatically selects the voltage according to the capacity of the battery in the slot - that’s smart! For batteries with large capacities like 18650 and 26650, simply long-hold the C button to activate the charger’s 1500mA fast charging mode. Finally, this powerful charger is equally responsible in terms of safety - its built from fire-retardant materials and flame-resistant materials and has real-time temperature control to prevent over-heating and 


Max output: 1500mA
Active Current Distribution Technology
Supports 3.7V and 4.35V batteries
Four safety protection features
Precise Charging Current Distribution and IMR Battery Recovery
Compatible with flat-topped Batteries: 18700, 20700, 21700


1x Nitecore NEW i4 Intellicharger
1x Power Lead

Nitecore are primarily known as one of the flagship manufacturers of batteries, flashlights and lighting solutions, supplying sectors as varied as military, law enforcement and industrial construction and manufacturing.

Nitecore’s battery chargers are some of the very best in the business, and they’re certain to provide vapers who use external power supplies with endless satisfaction! MIST are proud to be able to supply our customers with such highly regarded power solutions which will deliver industrial-level quality and satisfaction to your vaping lifestyle.

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