7 Best Sub-Ohm Vape Kits For 2022

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Hello and welcome back to another MIST roundup of technological excellence, a veritable smorgasbord of the very best sub ohm vape kits on offer from the flagship manufacturers of vaping.

Now, here at MIST, most of our customers are people who’ve recently quit smoking, and, as such, we usually steer them towards a simple, user-friendly mouth-to-lung kit like the Innokin T22 Pro or the Geekvape Wenax K1.

However, this is not to say we overlook the needs of the more cloud-inclined. While vaping’s rise in popularity definitely comes down to its unprecedented usefulness in giving up smoking, it’s the sub-ohm vape fans whose phat clouds have brought vaping to people’s attention over the years. We’d be fools to ignore the other side of the vaping equation, and here at MIST, we ensure that we’ve always got a good stock of cutting-edge sub-ohm vape tech on hand for those with cloud chasing on the mind.

We recently took a look at some of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market, a list which was so well received that we felt it appropriate to take a deeper dive into sub-ohm kits.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the MIST best sub-ohm vape kits! As usual, these kits and mods are necessarily listed in order of greatness but instead included to showcase the specific brilliance of a given kit and to who it can appeal. Vaping is a personal journey, and no two people’s requirements are ever quite the same, so it doesn’t make sense to say there’s a kit that’s the best choice for everyone.

Best Sub-Ohm Vape Kit Overall: Voopoo Drag 3

The Voopoo Drag 3 just pips it ahead of the Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro 

The 7 Best Sub-Ohm Vape Kits are:

  1. Geekvape Aegis M100 Aegis Mini 2
  2. SMOK Nord 4
  3. Aspire PockeX
  4. Voopoo DRAG 3
  5. Voopoo DRAG S
  6. Voopoo Argus
  7. Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro

Note: The best sub-ohm vape kits are listed in no particular order

1. Voopoo DRAG 3 – Best All Round Sub Ohm Kit

Score – 9.2/10

Voopoo is a relative newcomer to the scene, at least when compared to some other companies like SMOK and Aspire. Their Argus releases have shown a lot of pod confidence, but in the original DRAG series, they really let the beast loose.


  • Incredible cloud production
  • Brilliant Pod/Tank hybrid


  • Bulky
  • Not for every occasion

The Voopoo DRAG 3 is a titan of power and cloud output, able to achieve a maximum wattage of 177, a frankly shocking degree of power that very few but the hardiest of cloud masters will even approach the limit of.

The Voopoo DRAG 3 kit is one of the best sub-ohm vape kits available in the market. It comes with Voopoo’s TPP pod/tank hybrid. Though technically a pod, the TPP is held magnetically in place within an included 510 adaptor featuring airflow control. This means you can attach the TPP pod to other Voopoo pod devices or simply unscrew the 510 adaptor and attach any other sub-ohm tank you’d rather use. Many DRAG fans are keen on RDAs, with the DRAG 3 providing more than enough power to use effectively.

The DRAG 3 also comes loaded with Voopoo’s patented GENE chip. It provides a host of power protection to your device as well as ultra-fast coil activation tech, meaning every puff from the DRAG 3 will lead to an immediate deluge of thick and tasty clouds to impress and satisfy.

The Voopoo DRAG 3 requires two 18650 batteries to activate, which can be charged within the unit very quickly thanks to the Type C charging port.

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2. Geekvape M100 Aegis Mini 2 – Most Durable Sub-Ohm Vape Kit

Score – 8.5/10

The Geekvape M100 Aegis Mini 2 is a relatively small and compact sub-ohm vape with a truly winning feature: insane durability.

m100 aegis mini 2 kit


  • Durability, built for all weathers and environments


  • None!

Starting our best sub-ohm vape kits is the Geekvape M100 Aegis Mini 2 Kit. When our sales team first encountered the M100 Aegis Mini, we heard the rumors about their toughness, and we tested them the only way we knew how; by whipping a couple of them as hard as we could at the floor a few times and seeing if they still fired up. We found they could take a sound beating without missing a beat!

The Geekvape M100 Aegis Mini 2 Kit is shockproof, particle proof, and waterproof, within reason. Designed to withstand hard knocks and drops, dusty atmospheres, and outdoor use during rain, it’s a sturdy little unit with an impressive amount of power behind its armored, rubbered casing.

With an internal battery capacity of 2500mAh and a maximum power output of 100W, it’s an all-day cloud machine that won’t let you down, no matter how rough and tumble your lifestyle or line of work. An absolute favourite of tradesmen the world over.

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3. SMOK Nord 4 – Best Pocket-Friendly Sub-Ohm Vape

Score – 8/10

SMOK are industry mainstays, having long ago introduced many of us to powerful, chunky sub-ohm kits like the AL85 and the Alien 220. However, never let it be said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks.


  • Compact and portable


  • Lacks versatility of other Nord devices

The SMOK Nord pod vape series blew us all away with its design innovations, revealing that SMOK had a lot more up their sleeve than chunky mods.

The SMOK Nord 4 is the latest iteration in their pod series, and it’s a veritable powerhouse of sub-ohm joy. Unlike the previous Nord units that showcased versatility in MTL and DTL use, Nord 4 is very much a cloud chasing device.

With an internal battery of 2000mAh packed into its tight frame and a maximum output of 80 watts, both included pods are designed to provide the thickest and most sumptuous clouds you can handle.

With new design aspects such as an airflow control ring and 8-second-cutoff protections, the SMOK Nord 4 is the vape of choice for the cloud chaser on the go, as pocket-size and ergonomic as it is powerful.

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4. Aspire PockeX – Best Starter Sub-Ohm Vape

Score – 7.5/10

Aspire has long provided us all with vapes that are as elegantly designed as they are effective and durable, and the Aspire PockeX is a longtime favourite of many.


  • Affordable
  • Widely available coils
  • Novel top-fill and top airflow design


  • No power adjustment
  • No special features

A simple stick vape, the Aspire Pockex is, in fact, an AIO (all in one), featuring no tank but rather a removable steel/glass sheath in which to store your vape juice.

While it may appear unremarkable initially, the Pockex has many brilliant innovations like the top-loaded coil. This feature makes refilling a breeze – no need for accuracy or messy fingers, just pour your juice into the large juice well to your heart’s content.

The unit also features top airflow, which may seem like a minor aspect but provides the user with a lot of freedom regarding which vape juice they want to use. You see, while the Aspire Pockex is undoubtedly designed as a sub-ohming vape, coming with 0.6ohm coils included, the lack of bottom airflow means that even if you were to use a thinner, more PG-centric vape juice, there’s nowhere for it to escape to!

Affordable, user-friendly, and with widely available coils, it’s no wonder this 1500mAh device has been a favourite of new vapers and seasoned pros for years, and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon!

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5. Voopoo DRAG S – Best Sub Ohm Pod Vape

Score – 8.8/10

Another number from Voopoo now with the DRAG S, a charming and pocket-friendly pod vape with a surprising amount of strength hidden beneath its stylish exterior.


  • Compact
  • Draw activation


  • None!

The Voopoo DRAG S bridges the gap between pod vape discretion and sub-ohm power. With a surprising internal battery capacity of 2500mAh, the DRAG S is more than capable of handling its 60W potential output for all-day vaping. If you do end up draining the battery, the included Type C charging cable will have your unit up and vaping in no time!

Like many other Voopoo vapes, it’s fitted with their patented GENE chip, meaning fast firing and a host of power protections that prevent you from firing at a wattage ill-suited for your fitted coil.

And unlike some pod vapes, which value ergonomics and portability above all, the DRAG S manages to retain these qualities while also showcasing a frankly gorgeous piece of kit. Matte alloy meets leather in this eye-catching vape that’s as sophisticated in aesthetics as it is in technical brilliance.

Extremely popular with cloud chasers, the Voopoo DRAG S is a great choice when you want to go sub-ohm but need to travel light. And for those plumeheads who are used to carrying spare 18650 batteries for their mods, the DRAG X offers the same functionality but allows for your own batteries, as well as an extra 20W of potential power output.

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6. Voopoo Argus – Most Versatile Sub-Ohm Vape

Score – 9/10

Another Voopoo device on our list is the Argus. It seems somewhat similar to the DRAG S but has a few tricks up its sleeve to stand apart.


  • Versatile
  • Draw activation


  • Smaller battery and wattage range than others

The Voopoo Argus is yet another fine pod vape from Voopoo, a company best known for its big and boxy mods. The Argus is a little smaller than the DRAG S, with slightly less battery due to the greater portability. So why feature this similar device?

In a word – versatility. The Voopoo Argus is intended to be used for both DTL and MTL use. The Argus comes with two distinct pods in the box; a regular PnP pod as used by the DRAG series and a unique variant as well, the PnP MTL. Designed with a tapered mouthpiece similar to the one which comes on old-school MTL clearomizers, the PnP MTL is fitted with a PnP-TR1 coil, clocking in at 1.2ohms and specifically designed to absorb and vape thinner vape juices.

With a wattage range of 1-40W, it’s easy as anything to switch between pods for situations where high-VG vape juices aren’t appropriate or if you’re simply craving the sharp hit which characterises 50/50 or PG-centric vape juices.

With a lighter weight and a fitted lanyard ring, the Voopoo Argus is an even more portable sub-ohm pod vape, one which gives you the freedom to switch between both kinds of vaping at a moment’s notice.

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7. Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro – Most Powerful Sub-Ohm Pod Vape

Score – 9/10

Finally, we wrap up our list of the best sub-ohm vape kit with a stunning new device from Geekvape.


  • Incredible power for pod vape
  • Wide range of pod options
  • Waterproof


  • None!

If there’s a single word I’d associate with Geekvape it’d be “durable”; the Aegis Mini and Aegis Solo were notoriously hardy bits of kit, able to withstand knocks, drops, dust, and rain without slowing down.

Well in keeping with the times, Geekvape has taken this design expertise and introduced portability and a host of new features!

In this unbelievably pocket-sized pod vape, you’ll find a range of mode functions, permitting use with Pro Pods, Plus Pods, an RDTA, and a 510 adaptor, opening greater vaping vistas than ever before! It is undoubtedly one of the best sub-ohm vape kits right now.

The Geekvape protections return, with the Aegis Boost Pro boasting military-grade proofing from shocks, dust, and even claiming it can withstand up to 30 minutes of underwater submersion down to a meter depth! No need to bashfully return to the vape shop after you drop this one in the toilet!

The Aegis Boost Pro takes a single 18650 battery and can handle a wattage output of up to 100W, unheard of in a vape this small and ergonomic.

Add to all this an updated customisable user interface and a brand new exclusive coil system. You’re looking at what we would say is the future of sub-ohm vaping – pocket-size, protected, powerful plumes.

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Need more advice?

Thanks for checking out our list of MIST’s best sub-ohm vape kits! If you’re curious about any of these vapes or wonder if sub-ohming is the way to go for you, don’t hesitate to come down to one of our stores or check out our comprehensive video guides. We’re sure to have the kit and juice you need to embark on a new smoke-free chapter.

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