Top Vaping Tricks and How To Do Them

Electronic cigarettes have provided a great number of smokers with an option to manage their nicotine addiction in a way which is not harmful to them or those around them. While smoke reduction is obviously the most important aspect of vaping, it has presented its user-base with a whole new avenue for creative expression: vaping tricks! Check out our list below of some of our favourite vape tricks and how to do them.

Top 6 Vaping Tricks:

1. Ghosting

While it may look impressive, ghosting is actually one of the easier tricks to pull off, requiring only a bit of breath control. Simply draw some vapour into your mouth to begin. It’s best to have a solid concentration of vape to perform with, so try to avoid inhaling and simply draw it into your mouth the way you would drink from a straw. Once the vape is locked into your mouth, simply decrease the space in your oral cavity by gently moving your tongue upwards and pursing your lips, which will cause your cheeks to tighten. Avoid a proper exhale; this will send your vape flying off in ragged clouds, so instead simply imagine you have a mouth full of water and gently ‘spit’ it out. A solid, thick little ‘ghost’ of vapour will appear before you! Now simply inhale hard and fast, and the ghost will shoot quickly back into your mouth. For a little visual instruction, check out the tutorial for beginners below.

2. French Inhale

The French inhale is another super simple technique – one which most people can pull off the very first time they use an e-cig! Just pull a good amount of vapour into your lungs and keep it there. Then, slowly and gently decrease the space in your mouth, all the while inhaling through your nose, sort of like checking how your breath smells.

3. Dragon

With this one you’re going to need a whole lot of lung, so take a deep, deep drag of your vape – preferably a high-VG liquid. Next, close your mouth and stretch it as wide as you can. You’ll find that while the centre of your lips stay clamped shut, the corners of your mouth open slightly. Once you feel this, exhale as hard as you can. The result is a four-way maelstrom of vapourising power!

4. Tornado

Now it’s time to get ‘hands-on’ for this next vape trick. So far, it’s all just been oral trickery, but this well-known move requires a little more work and an ideal environment. Get a smooth surface; table or countertop will work fine but fabrics are going to absorb some of the vapour, so the carpet’s not a great choice. Try to reduce the airflow in the room by closing any windows and doors, because you’re going to need a stable environment to do this trick. Next up, take as big a lungful as you can without experiencing discomfort. Inhale as much as you can, but bear in mind you’re going to need to exhale very slowly. With the lungs full of vapour, lean down as close to the flat surface as you can and start exhaling very, very gently. You basically want the vapour to spill out of your mouth and pool onto the surface; breathing out too hard will scatter the pool and ruin the trick, so try to exhale as weakly as you can. Once you’re done, you should have a big pool of shifting, white steam laid out in front of you like ectoplasm. Finally, for the trick itself – this may need a little practice – in one smooth, fluid movement you need to move a hand pressed face-down on the surface to move into the pool of steam, turn your hand over and raise it high. The result is an extremely impressive spout of vapour which is sure to turn heads! Check out the helpful video below for tips on how to get your tornados going!

5. Potion

This one’s a bit of a twist on the Tornado, but with a scientific angle! Just get a chilled glass, or a cup that still has some liquid in it. Take a big hit of your vape and hold it in. Now just perch your mouth over the edge of the cup and begin to slowly exhale into it. You’ll find that the vapour clings to the edges of the cup and settles comfortably on top of the liquid. This is an easy party trick and one that’ll really add something special to a number of Halloween costumes!

6. Vape Rings

Vape rings are the most iconic of vaping tricks, and what people are most likely to ask you to perform! There are a few different views on how to produce the most substantial, distance-travelling vape rings. Some say to simply fill your mouth with vape, purse your lips and decrease the space in your mouth in small, rapid movements. Still, others believe you’ll get the best rings by completely filling your lungs, exhaling a small amount, then pursing your lips and ‘coughing’ as gently as you can over and over. You can always try this vaping trick both ways, and see which one works best for you. Check out the video below for more tips on blowing vape rings!

Once you’ve mastered vape rings there’s a wide array of vaping tricks that utilise the principles of vape rings as a foundation. Before you know it, you’ll be blowing a jellyfish, and maybe one day, with enough practice, you’ll achieve the dream of vaping tricks: the vape triangles!

If you want to go from vaping tricks to a vaping sport, make sure you also check our expert guide to cloud chasing here. We wish you luck in your vape-bending journey!

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