25 Hilarious Vaping Memes That Prove Vapers Are Awesome


Memes have taken over the internet, being the modern form of cultural expression, with a viral purpose and high social media shareability. And as memes cover every topic there is, vaping isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, to be featured in these popular images. We put together the most hilarious vaping memes we could find, so vapers can have a laugh and non-vapers can think twice about criticising this fun e-cigarette club.

1. We are all electrical engineers


We now live in an era in which your housemate who studies Art Foundation can give you a better explanation of Ohm’s Law than the guy the landlord sent to fix your oven.

2. The most unpleasant flavour


Your friends don’t immediately understand why that lungful of vapour was less pleasant than the six or seven previous ones. You can either try to calm your lungs down and explain to them with a ragged voice about dry hits and the need to drip vigilantly, or you can just hand them the mod and see how they like it.

3. After all, we are a close-knit community


They used to say that you made the most unlikely friendships in smoking areas. Nowadays, you can watch bearded baristas, scaffolders and paramedics giving each other the a vaper’s nod. What began as a curious side-eye has become a full on hand check when you see someone pull out the vaping equivalent of an 80’s mobile phone.

4. Have you tried smoking?


Vaping, as a scene, is driven by enthusiasm. This is why it’s so funny when a vape hater dramatically waves your cloud away and starts telling you how bad vaping is. Vapers like to read about what they’re vaping, and vaping forums have become a dynamite resource for new medical findings and journal publishings. If someone ever starts lecturing you about popcorn lung, ask them to go into detail and watch them squirm.

5. You know the drill


Used to be that you had to learn to read smoke signals; these days you only need to smell them. Is that Dinner Lady’s Orange Tart? Ah, Gaz just got paid.

6. To all the cloud chasers out there


“I wandered lonely as a cloud,
Chaser that drips high VG juice,
When all at once I parted a crowd,
Who found my sub-ohming obtuse;
They fled the pub muttering about health,
And along with my vape I had the place to myself.”



“That’s a pretty sick setup, but check this out: mech mod, dangerously overcharged, covered in springs so I can hurl it at the floor and have it bounce back to me. Wrap is copper wiring, wick is asbestos, I only drip with nitroglycerine.”

And they say vaping has a problem with toxic masculinity.

8. Repeat after me: vaping is not smoking


(Aware of the old Bic in your pocket, weighing up whether to be helpful or give a lecture.)
“Actually, I don’t smoke. Furthermore…”

9. You know the feeling


When a vaper wakes up and sees a beautiful morning full of promise out their window, they know something’s wrong. Get huffing on that e-juice and let’s get those windows good and foggy!

10. Priorities


First they came for the smokers, and I did not speak out – because I was not a smoker.
Then they came for the mouth-to-lung vapers, and I did not speak out – because I was not a mouth-to-lung vaper.
Then they came for the sub-ohmers, and I did not speak out – because I drip.
Then they came for me, and they could not reach me – because I was surrounded by a vast barricade of twisted wires and sodden cottons.

11. The clouds are always in the way


In ancient Greece the Sibyls used to read prophecy within the swirling fumes of the temple braziers. These days we squint to read the news through our plumes. Nothing ever really changes.

12. The hills are alive with the taste of e-juice


On opening day, put your ear to the ground. Do you hear that? That’s an army of drippers, each sprinting down to be the first one to completely fog out the shop. It’s like a glycerine christening.

13. Better stock up on your e-juice here


You only need three things to vape: a mod, battery charge and e-liquid. Much like the Fire Triangle, if only one of these elements is absent you won’t be vaping! Always be sure to keep your e-liquid levels up – you don’t want to resort to going through your old bottles looking for drips to mix together. Menthol Custard Tobacco, anyone?

14. Please don’t


We get it, you’re a Snapchat addict and you need to charge your phone to get your fix. Us? We’re vaping addicts. The difference there is that when you have to go without Snapchat you get antsy and frustrated; when we have to go without vaping we destroy things. Now, shall we discuss the charging station pecking order again?

15. Cloud chasers will get this


Ninjas had it all wrong. Why waste time building smoke bombs when you can just exhale at people? Now they’re distracted not just by the clouds but also by the zesty lemon sherbet juice you’re vaping.

16. Worse than forgetting your phone


“Well, at least we all made it out before the whole house caught fire.”

“Hey, dad, I think I saw your X-Priv on the kitchen counter as we were running out. It was surrounded by oily rags and sat in a pool of gasoline. Dad? Why are you getting out of the car?”

17. Visit us on payday


Did you find yourself being weighed down by cash which is burning a hole in your pocket? Good thing it’s only that one. My mech mod alone has already burned a hole in both pockets. Now, let’s talk RTAs.

18. One of the perks of doing vaping tricks


“I’ve got a Masters in Pure Math, I started my first billion-pound company at 16, I’ve trekked across deserts and climbed Everest. I have seen the curvature of the Earth and have made peace with my own existence in a vast universe. But, I just can’t get those O’s right!”

19. It’s more like a full time job, really


True story: “I met up with a friend of mine recently who wondered out loud where they might get a pipette to feed their fish with. At some point in my life I became the guy who reached into his jacket and produced a fistful of pipettes. I asked if they needed any bottles to keep the food in. They declined. Been a while since I’ve heard from them.”

20. It’s called steeping


Examples of patience as a virtue:

  1. Let your steak sit for minute to trap the juices.
  2. Chilli and bolognese always taste better the next day.
  3. Let your pizza rest a bit and allow the molten cheese to settle.
  4. Give your tea at least three minutes to brew, unless you like drinking brown water.
  5. Put your e-juice in a dark cupboard for a week with the lid off. Trust me.

21. Score!


They all laughed at you when they saw your mod bound up in more rubber than the average sub in a Berlin basement club. Well, who’s laughing now? Drown out their mockery with a good lungful.

22. We feel you, fellow vaper


For want of some e-juice my temper was lost,
For want of my temper my job was lost,
For want of my job my pay cheque was lost,
For want of my paycheque my flat was lost,
For want of my flat my girlfriend was lost,
And all for the want of some high VG e-juice.

23. Yes, please tell us


I mean it makes sense when you think about it; if you’ll recall, once they started adding lemon scent to bleach you could stop kids from cleaning every surface they could get their hands on. Thank god that once you hit 18 your tastebuds irreversibly change and you can only enjoy the taste of ciggies, capers and cups of Bovril.

24. Got e-juice?


“Oh you vape then? What flavour you got there?”
Raspberries, macaroons and almonds.
“That’s stupid! Why don’t you just vape tobacco flavours?”
Here, give it a go.
“How much does one of these e-cigs cost, then?”

25. Sure, buy your last mod here


“Look, honey, I know you wanted to turn the study into a nursery, but think of it as an investment: given a few years half the mods I’ve got stacked floor-to-ceiling are gonna be collectables! No this is not just my Beanie Babies all over again!

Have you created hilarious vaping memes that you’d like us to add to this list? Share them in the comments! 

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