Christmas Brainteaser

The Christmas period should be a relaxing and refreshing break from everyday life, but many Brits find the preparation for the holiday to be quite the opposite.

Between buying vape kit presents, preparing the home and organising plans, most people find Christmas to actually be quite stressful. That’s why we’ve released this festive brainteaser to remind our customers not to sweat the small stuff this December.

Hidden within Santa’s chaotic workshop is a singular elf who isn’t letting the stress dampen their Christmas spirit.

With only a few hours until midnight, the elves are in disarray. There are toys that need to be fixed, gifts that must be wrapped and the Christmas cheer is low in the workshop.

However one easy-going elf still has a smile on their face, working hard but not letting the pressure get to them.

Can you spot the one cheery elf in Santa’s stressful workshop in under 1 minute?

Commenting on the puzzle, Founder and CEO of MIST, Fred Cassman, said:

“This last year hasn’t been easy for anyone, with uncertainties and implications of the pandemic still very much at large. Lockdown meant that most people’s Christmas plans were disrupted last year, so we want to encourage everyone to take Christmas as a time to unwind this year – and to not sweat the small stuff!”

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