1 in 3 cigarette smokers report that their pet has become ill due to second-hand smoke

Most of us are aware of the negative implications of smoking cigarettes; the risk of cancer, the cost and the implications for our friends and family.  But have you ever thought about the effect that smoking could have on your pet? 

We conducted a survey of 1,000 British smokers to investigate how many pets are being harmed by second-hand smoke – and whether owners are aware of the dangers.

The data discovered that a third of smokers have seen their pets suffer from health implications as a result of their second-hand smoke.

With an estimated 4 million pets living in smoking homes in the UK (Sources: ONS, Statista), this suggests that there are over one MILLION (1,356,864) animals who are currently ill as a result of their owner’s tobacco smoke. 

When it comes to pet pooches, 38% of smokers with dogs have seen their pet suffer with health issues caused by smoke…This equates to 642,960 poorly pups across the UK. Figures for cat owners are similar, with 40% of them also saying their feline friends have been ill from their second hand smoke. This works out at around 676,800 cats facing health problems from smoke inhalation.

Tobacco smoke is highly damaging to animals. When exposed pets are more at risk of certain types of cancer including lung, nose and mouth cancers. These diseases can be deadly and highlight how serious the effects of second-hand smoke can be.   

Worryingly, the data also discovered that a quarter of smokers are completely unaware of how smoking can harm their pet.

Yet it is reassuring to note that  3 in 5 smokers reported they would give up smoking if they thought it was harming their pet. With the survey data suggesting that there is a good chance it is, it’s clear that there needs to be more awareness around this worrying issue.

Sadly, 1 in 5 pet owners admit that they would refuse to quit smoking, even if they could see that the habit was making their pet ill.

With January on the horizon, we want to encourage smokers across the country to try kicking the habit as a New Year’s resolution for 2022. 

Quitting will not only benefit your pet, but your finances too. 2 in 5 smokers confessed to spending more money on cigarettes per month than on their pet. The savings would soon add up so think of what you could afford if you are able to ditch smoking for good, and how much healthier you, and your pets, would feel

Commenting on the data, Founder and CEO of MIST, Fred Cassman, said:

“It’s astounding and upsetting to see the number of animals across the country who are adversely affected by their owners’ second-hand smoke, and even more so when you consider it can lead to certain cancers ”

“Judging from the survey data, there is a clear lack of awareness on this issue. We want to share the findings so we can encourage Brits to ditch cigarettes in 2022, and to learn more about the damage tobacco smoke causes not only to ourselves, but to our loyal and beloved pets.”

Methodology and data

The survey was conducted with 1,000 nationally representative respondents, all of whom were smokers with pets.

Estimates of the number of pets across the UK who are currently suffering as a result of second-hand smoke were calculated using the survey data and a number of data sources. 

33% of participants reported that their pet has suffered from health issues as a result of second hand smoke.

It is estimated that there are 6.9 million smokers in the UK (Source: ONS). 59% of Brits own pets in 2021 (Source: Statista) meaning we can estimate that there are roughly 4,071,000 pets in smoking households in the UK

If 33% have seen their pets get ill as a result of their smoke, we can estimate there are 1,356,864 (over 1 MILLION) pets in the UK suffering from second hand smoke. 

It’s predicted that there are 12 million dogs and 12 million cats in the UK (Source: Statista). 14.1% of UK residents smoke (Source: ONS), meaning there will be 1,692,000 dogs and 1,692,000 cats in smoking homes. 38% of dog owners have seen health implications so we can infer there are 642,960 affected dogs, and 40% of cat owners have too so we can predict there are 676,800 ill cats. 

The takeaway? Secondhand smoke is also harmful to pets So, making the switch to a vape kit is not only good for you but also for your furry companions.

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