Photo of a Dinner Lady Prefilled FUYL pod vape kit together with different flavour pods.

Dinner Lady FUYL Vape Pod Kit Review – Fuelling Your Smoke-Free Lifestyle

With the upcoming ban on disposables looming, Dinner Lady has gotten ahead of this by releasing a prefilled and rechargeable alternative version of their FUYL disposable vapes, aptly named the FUYL Vape Pod Starter Kit. The kit uses prefilled pods containing 2mls of the same Dinner Lady e-liquid used in the original FUYL disposables.

MIST is keen to see if the rechargeable FUYL is up to the job and has tasked me, Aiden, with putting it through its paces.

Fuyl Pod vape with a score

MIST’s Verdict

Value for money5
Flavour options4
Ease of use5

Review Summary: Dinner Lady has done a superb job of converting their disposable flavours into a less wasteful and more cost-effective format.

Review Disclosure: Dinner Lady supplied MIST with the FUYL vape pod kit and prefilled pods in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. 

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Kit Contents 

Photo showing the kit content of Dinner Lady FUYL prefilled pod vape

The kit comes with everything you need to start using it immediately, including the device itself and a 2ml prefilled e-liquid pod. The kit doesn’t come with a USB-C charger, though these are commonplace, and you likely own several already. 

Design and Build 

Score: 4/5 

Photo showing the Dinner Lady prefilled pod vape's charging port and magnetic base for the prefilled pod

The FUYL Pod Vape Kit is almost completely identical in design to the original FUYL disposable vapes. Built with a clear plastic casing with a ‘cut-crystal’ aesthetic, it nestles comfortably in the palm due to its multi-faceted casing. The plastic used isn’t creaky or cheap-feeling, but I get the sense that it wouldn’t survive a tumble down a stone staircase.

The pods fit snugly and are held in place securely by magnets, though removing them just requires a gentle pull. The charge port is placed on the base, which means the unit can’t be charged while standing upright.

The pods also have comfortable mouthpieces built like a small lozenge. You may wish to hold onto the rubber stopper after you’ve removed it, as the airway is wide enough for pocket lint to get into.


Score: 5/5 

Photo showing the design difference of a prefilled FUYL vape versus a disposable FUYL vape from Dinner Lady

The FUYL prefilled pod kit contains a 500mAh battery that can be recharged through a USB-C port at the unit’s base. The kit has the exact dimensions of the original disposable and a ‘crystal-cut’ appearance.

There are no buttons to press, as the kit is breath-activated. The device features a coloured LED on the base, which informs you of the current battery charge level. Like all vape kits with internal batteries, the cell cannot be replaced in the case of a hardware fault.

Photo showing how to use the Dinner Lady FUYL Prefilled Pod vape

The pods are built to be easily inserted and used by removing the sticker from the base connector points and the rubber stopper from the mouthpiece. Each pod features a coloured base, so it’s easy to know which is which if you’re switching between two or more.

Each pod provides approximately 600 puffs, which is what 99% of disposable vapes offer but FUYL pods provide the same at a much lower price. The pods contain 2mls of 20mg e-liquid, just like in the disposable version of the FUYL.

Flavour Options 

Score: 4/5 

Photo of a Dinner Lady Prefilled FUYL pod vape kit together with different flavour pods.

There are 9 flavour options that you can get from Dinner Lady. But for this review, we received 8 flavours to sample which are listed below.

The range is primarily fruit-based, with some beverage and mentholated options also included. There is less of a focus on ‘creamy’ or dessert-based flavour blends, which is a bit disappointing when considering the pudding e-liquids which made Dinner Lady famous.

Still, there should be a few flavours that any vaper is likely to enjoy using.

  1. Apple Peach
  2. Strawberry Dragonfruit
  3. Raspberry Cola
  4. Kiwi Passion Guava
  5. Banana Ice
  6. Blood Orange Pineapple
  7. Blueberry Ice
  8. Pineapple Peach Mango

Apple Peach

Score: 9/10

Aiden from MIST UK holding a pox of FUYL Apple Peach prefilled pod box for a review

A lovely sour apple note immediately, with the peach juice sugars providing a zesty backnote. It almost has a touch of cool, always lovely with sour fruits. Definitely a bit more sour than I expected, and that’s a good thing! The peach is admittedly a bit quiet in the duo, but it adds a good contrast of sweetness when put next to the apple flavour.

Strawberry Dragonfruit

Score: 7/10

Aiden from MIST UK holding a pox of FUYL Strawberry Dragonfruit prefilled pod box for a review

The strawberry flavour is strong and vibrant, with the dragonfruit equally present but willing to let the juicy berry do most of the talking. The dragonfruit adds a rounded, watery and somewhat perfumed quality, elevating what would otherwise be a simple berry puff. The initial hit of flavour is noticeably light, but it builds as you continue to puff.

Raspberry Cola

Score: 10/10

Aiden from MIST UK holding a pox of FUYL Raspberry Cola prefilled pod box for a review

Now THIS is pod vaping! Cola vapes are a personal passion of mine, and Dinner Lady’s Raspberry Cola Fuyl Pods perfectly blend the tangy, sparkly and ever-so-slightly botanical profile of a cola beverage with the lusciously zesty tang of raspberries. The sourness is noticeable but holds back, allowing the cola to take centre stage. This is excellent, and I could happily vape this all day long.

Kiwi Passion Guava

Score: 7/10

Aiden from MIST UK holding a pox of FUYL Kiwi Passion Guava prefilled pod box for a review

Dinner Lady’s take on this classic tropical trio stands apart from other efforts. The kiwi and passion fruit burst forth with a lot of intensity, while the guava offers a soft landing of rounded sweetness. The guava also prevents the sourness of the passion fruit from becoming overwhelming, while the overall flavour also has a hint of coolness, preventing lingering sugars on your palate.

Banana Ice 6/10

Score: 6/10

Aiden from MIST UK holding a pox of FUYL Banana Ice prefilled pod box for a review

This is one of the colder examples of banana ice I’ve tried, with the icy element standing very proud at the forefront. The banana taste is quite candied, reminiscent of foam banana pick & mix sweets rather than the natural mellow fruit taste. This flavour feels like a cool dose of refreshment, with a sweet fruit flavour added as an afterthought. Perhaps not the best tried today, but still delectably sweet and cool.

Blood Orange Pineapple

Score: 10/10

Aiden from MIST UK holding a pox of FUYL Blood Orange Pineapple prefilled pod box for a review

This is a lovely citrus slice! The blood orange taste is strong and potent, with a gorgeous tang that stays with you. The pineapple is a bit more restrained, which is rare for pineapple, but a good move on Dinner Lady’s part, as the syrupy quality of pineapple can overwhelm other tastes easily. The result is a delectable tangy orange puff with just a touch of paradise sweetness to round things out. Delicious.

Blueberry Ice

Score: 5/10

Aiden from MIST UK holding a pox of FUYL Blueberry Ice prefilled pod box for a review

Blueberry is ordinarily quite a gentle flavour in vape juice, but Blueberry Ice from the FUYL range packs a much more potent punch. The berry flavour is perfumed and aromatic, lingering on the tongue for quite a while. The ice element is noticeably gentle compared to other cool flavours tried today, allowing the strong berry flavour to unfurl proudly. It’s not my favourite, but it’s a unique take on blueberry vape flavour that’s definitely memorable.

Pineapple Peach Mango

Score: 9/10

Aiden from MIST UK holding a pox of FUYL Pineapple Peach Mango prefilled pod box for a review

Ah, now THERE’S that strong peach flavour! While it was gentle in the Apple Peach, here it stands loud and proud at the forefront of the flavour frontier. The pineapple provides an edge of sugary pleasure while the mango takes an uncharacteristic backseat. I respect the choice to clip the wings of the pineapple and mango to let the sumptuous and delicate peach juice act as the main attraction. There’s also an excellent cooling edge to stop too much sugar buildup from annoying you.


I feel that Dinner Lady has done a superb job of converting their disposable flavours into a less wasteful and more cost-effective format. The sensation of using the kit is identical to using the disposable FUYL devices, and it will serve as a brilliant means for moving away from disposable vapes in the leadup to the UK’s upcoming ban.

MIST Favourites:

  • Apple Peach – Deliciously sour and fruity, with a lovely touch of icy refreshment.
  • Raspberry Cola – A very accurate cola beverage flavour with a luscious berry vibrancy.
  • Blood Orange Pineapple – Distinctive citrus kick with a luscious and powerful orange taste.
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